Fury TV: The Devil Hates Scandal

Kid Fury April 8, 2013 Kid Fury TV 6 Comments

Lucifer has started a war against my love for ABC’s Scandal…and he’s a bald-headed ass liar. Here is the story of how I almost burned the block down (literally) and more importantly, almost missed Scandal.

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  • Georgie

    you can buy a no name charger off amazon for like $20 and save those 80 coins to buy copies of Beyonce’s next single for Keyshia Cole, Ciara, and Neffie’s baby daddies and kids… they need all the life they can get.

    • Just Sayin

      Yassssssss ! just send the ashes of those lessors into the jurassic period!

  • Shellbee

    Sis, time to spring for that DVR. I can’t go through all those changes having to get my Flo Jo on to try to catch a show. BTW, I want to be Oliva Pope when I grow up. On the real side: NEVER FUCK WITH FRAYED ELECTRICAL WIRING!!!! I don’t care if you have to peddle your ass on Lenox Ave, to get the $80, you need to replace that shit STAT. Being penny wise and pound foolish can be costly in so many ways. Bootleg chargers can be dicey as well, but if you feel that financially pressed, try it.

  • Just Sayin

    Scandal is everything but im going to need mrs.shonda to stop playing with my emotions. this three week break until april 25th is giving me farrrr too much time to think i mean did you peep that whole 50 minutes of EVERYTHING?! *fury voice* i jus… JESUS! *throws book*

  • YaVyBnMe

    Get an Apple TV device and then subscribe to Netflix and Hulu. Or upgrade your cable so you have On Demand. But Apple TV is better and opens up a world of entire seasons of shows just waiting to be watched.

  • YaVyBnMe

    BTW, I’ll get u a charger and a couple drinks at a nice place if you come spend a couple hours chilling with me and my friends. We’ve been dying to meet U! I take the ’1′ all the time, surprised I haven’t run into you yet. Someday…