Beyoncé Previews New Single In Pepsi ‘Mirrors’ Commercial

Kid Fury April 4, 2013 Memoirs of a Creole 108 Comments

Well all that bloody hype and anticipation that Beyoncé built with yesterday’s teaser was not for her new single, but instead for her first Pepsi visual for their latest campaign. However, we did get a snippet of the Timbaland-produced track, “Grown Woman”, in the commercial.

Watch Bey embrace her past by dancing with reflections of her various music video looks in this dope new ad. Billboard reports that “Grown Woman” will be available on iTunes Monday, April 8th.

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  • Nicole

    look at her, giving us shit on her anniversary. 12 years of looks, the gadsby cover, a single release date and life… just peep her post baby hips on the bootylicious outfit and claim Jesus as your lord and savior

  • Tasha

    love it!! the snipet from her new single gives me a JT “Let the groove get it” vibe.. ill be stalking iTunes early Monday morning !!

  • J’na Jefferson

    I hope Keyshia has a push broom readily available. Those glass shards aren’t going to clean themselves up.

    • Ali B. Knowiń

      Here I come Elizabeth!!! This is the big one!!! *clutches heart and edges*

    • Ariel V. E.


    • Clamecia

      I’m going to start coming to this blog just for the comments. I’m laughing so hard, I think I just got a hernia. *watches commercial again and walks up to the altar to prepare for the laying of weaves* I AM HEALED!!

      • Mirror

        YOU KNOW WHAT LMAOOOO Someone please call 911 *flatline*

      • Alicia’s Old Vocals

        You slayed me and gave me life all in one jpeg!

      • Ten Ten

        HAHAHAAHAH!!!! I can’t breathe!!!


        you know what, not today good lord.take me into your sanctuary and bless me with your anointed hand cause i certainly WILL NOT partake today, #LogsOffTheInternetCompletely

    • Rico Anotde

      Agreed! Lmao!

    • Just Sayin

      Im just lovin how Mrs.Carter wagged her finger like she was scolding naughty children.

  • Toni

    Thus reminding us that her only competition is herself…. Slay!! Can’t wait to buy the single Monday.

    • KingCreole

      YESSSS Beyonce snatched her own how do you even….??? My mind can’t comprehend…..2013 Bey came harder than the ones in the background-I’m serious, watch that shit again and tell me she didn’t outperform herself. Laaaaawd they ain’t ready.

      • IyanlaVanDaymn

        “Beyonce snatched her own wig..” YOU WIN.

      • Adaeze Duru

        Of course because she has already snatched all the wigs, weaves, and edges available. While she waits for them to regrow, she only has hers to tug at.

  • Jacqueline Atta

    Look at all those wigs snatched, gaze upon the edges scattered across the floor. It seems the queen has arrived. *cracks open a can of pepsi*

  • Amber

    I can’t wait to hear that song in full

  • Miles

    Them titties are SITTING. Gwan Bey

  • Michele Lee

    Isn’t it impolite to snatch and scalp people this early in the day. Evidently Bey wanted these lesser hoes to start off their day knowing they ain’t shit….. Not a single creole fuck was giving during the making of this commercial.

  • KidFury

    Beyoncé looked at Sasha like “Bitch, we’ve been through this. Keep it cute.”

    • Saminiah Jones

      I really felt that tension between Mrs. Carter and Sasha

      • earthshaker1217

        Sasha is mad that she isn’t on the next album.

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

      Infuriated that present day Bey’ went harder than all of her past personas combined.

      Apparently, this is how you slay the industry in sixty seconds.

  • Statesside

    Wonder what Keyshia’s past selves look like?

    • OK?!

      They look like Regrets & Lies

      • Ali B. Knowiń

        awkwardly spaced teeth and quick weaves

        • Maharaja Misty

          X_x… Y’all really don’t have any redeeming qualities. None.

      • Fantasia’s Spelling Bee Trophy

        And discarded packs of cherry Kool-Aid used as hair dye.

        • earthshaker1217

          I thought that was Fantasia.

          • Fantasia’s Spelling Bee Trophy

            No. Fantasia’s are the Tropical Punch packs because she thought it would be blue.

          • earthshaker1217

            Oh yeah. You right.

      • Harlem Sheikh

        go. away.

    • Fantasia’s Spelling Bee Trophy
    • Clamecia

      Gapped baby teeth and hair dripping with Kool-aid stain? But I’m sleep.

      • Jazz

        get out

    • Ginger

      Proclaim black gel, newports and hot cheetos

    • Brittany

      pickles and kool-aid

  • Pusherlovegirl

    Well maybe Keyshia can get an endorsement deal wit RC cola and relive the “vocals” from her past? Maybe…just a thought

    • Jazz

      RC Cola though? You. Ain’t. Shit. *clutches Life Alert monitor*

      • Pusherlovegirl

        Well I mean lets be real. Coke would never happen and even faygo is reaching for the stars for her. RC is her best bet so she better jump on it

        • Ginger

          Faygo!? No you didnt pull out the ICP juggalo drank! Dead.

    • Kita Williams


      • pusherlovegirl

        I…CAN…NOT *sees the light and heads on home*

    • SmashMclovely1

      You meant Shasta right?

    • Gordon Gartrell

      nah, RC Cola has Sweet Brown for the 2013 face of their brand. Keyshia can go to Kroger and audition to model for Dr Rite or Mr Pep… the generic brands…

      • DJPurp

        she needs to just go ahead and buy a van and sell them little hugs. thats the ONLY endorsement available to her.

      • tuh.

        shes better off selling frozen Koolaid pops in styrofoam cups.

    • ashaballot

      LOL Where’s my inhaler….i just can’t

    • JazzyJ

      LMAOOOO!! #The library is now closed and I’m burning those damn books as well

  • Fantasia’s Spelling Bee Trophy

    That screen shot is EVERYTHING, it’s screaming: HERE I COME, BITCHES!

    On another note, I’m getting a serious kick out of everybody laughing at the Hive for being up at 9am for a commercial…yet their asses were awake and on time along with everyone else. Irony at its fucking best. I wouldn’t wake up at 9am for nothing I didn’t give at least 2 fucks about…I’m just saying.

    • YaVyBnMe

      People were? I didn’t check the commercial till I was home from work but I’d be laughing at anyone who wasn’t up at 9am on a weekday. Get a job!

  • Hope Woods

    Beyoncé is the only person that can pull of playing her past self. She does not age! I love it!

    • Lovewill

      Cher would disagree lol.

  • Jazz

    What bitch you know can have a baby and bounce right back, model past outfits, looking JUST as sickening as before? Not a single one. I LIVE!

  • Mimie Laurant

    I don’t even like Pepsi but I’m about to go get some because I want just a sliver of that fierceness in my day. and I hope Keyshia Cole lays down after this because it’s been OVAH … this is the aftermath

  • Clamecia

    Each and everyone of those glass shards contain the reflections of past Beyonces within them, so the lesser hoes could keep as a token and reflect on why they will never be shit.

    • Nicole

      …… A piece for Rihanna, a partial Spring Fling Queen. A piece for Keri Hilson and a piece for Ciara, she fractured her spine and she
      still looks like a rockstar, and some for everybody else

      • cy

        LMAOOOOOOOOO the Mean Girls shade

      • the molly in chris’ pocket

        i just spit my jello out. i hate you……

        *takes another bite*

        …do it again……..

        • Nicole April10th

          and on the third day, God created Pepsi so that Beyonce could fight Frankie’s offspring…. and give life to the homosexuals **AMEN**

  • RamenNoodles

    I need this song in full!! Bey reps confirmed to Billboard that this isn’t the first single, but it will be featured on the album. So what are we getting Monday? Is she trolling us lol

  • Keyshia Cole’s career memorial

    Apparently Billboard edited their article and said that this song ISN’T the single we will get on Monday but instead yet another new song. Look at all these blessings she’s giving us! I’m not saying I’m going to burst into tears but dammit if my eyes aren’t misty over it!

  • Derek J’s Wardrobe Stylist

    Because of Beyonce I’m going to shift my career focus to trichology. Clearly more professionals are needed in this field due to the alarming surge in scalp afflictions that have occurred of late.

  • ThaDancer

    This commercial is DOPE! But I’m sure we all can say we were REALLY expecting a music video; it was kind of a let down. Maybe next time. :-/

  • Ms. AJ

    ::Screams and wall slides into a faint:: she’s just so…amazing!!!!!!!

  • Raymond Clare

    yeeeees bey

  • Brii

    I really feel like she was playing with my emotions, but my life was still given to me by those Beyonce pasts so I’m content.

  • Guest
  • Kimberly King

    I have no words. Beyonce….girl…I just…..ugh.
    She is everything.

  • Maharaja Misty

    I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I can honestly say I am thoroughly entertained. I would also like to point out that I happened to have bought leather shorts last week Creole Conjured Coincidence? Maybe..maybe not
    I’ll just leave this gif here

  • Anna Mae Bullock

    Keyshia Cole, you and “Boobie” had better made damn sure the Queen did not get a single piece of glass stuck in her foot during the making of this commercial cause if so YO ASS IS FIRED, Beyoncé can’t be getting hurt before a tour and you don’t want Blue Ivy to Molly Wop ya’ll asses with her diamond encrusted Roc Nation sippy cup constructed from the scalps of lesser bitches such as yourselves…… as you were

    • jaders

      yasss atdiamond encrusted roc nation sippy cup!!! lord take me higher father god!!!!

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I knew it was a Pepsi commercial….I be knowin lmao

    Anywho did this heifa really just throw on that outfit from the bootylicious video and still look as fierce as the first time she wore tho. She has private access to the fountain of youth.

  • M.J.

    She continues to slay us, even in a commercial. I bet the stans of the no-talented yamps are seething with fury.

  • Permanently Bald

    Beyonce makes me sick. Every time I think that my edges are going to grow back, she just comes and snatches ‘em. Why do I even waste my money on shea butter and tea tree oil.

    • Jaders

      yes!!! all the jamaican black castor oil i use to keep my edges is pointless. i just keep giving them up for sacrifice every time!!!

  • YaVyBnMe

    Why’d Beyonce use a different song for her Pepsi spot? Pepsi wasn’t interested in telling Coca-Cola and Snapple to ‘Bow Down Bitches’? *Kanye shrug*

    • YaVyBnMe

      Will say I’m LOVING this new song though! That’s the Bey I like. Can we get a date for the album drop? I’ll fully admit to being thirsty for it.


    somewhere there is a hating ass bitch council waiting to convene and keyshia cole is the head grand hating bitch as well as the plumber

  • Anya

    Every female in the industry might as well shave their own damn heads and mail it to Bey. Keyshia Cole might as well relax her hair with one of her own perms and pour some Clorox in right after because Queen Bey is out for full scalps. We are past the edges stage. She slays all even in their fantasies.

    • Clamecia

      Yes, and please snatch at base of the scalp because we don’t want Bey’s hands getting stained red, from remnants of Kool-aid and pink lotion. I can just imagine Frankie yelling historically at Bey, “YOU LEFT MY CHILD FO DEAD!” after the scalp snatching of her daughter.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Listen, I’m at my local beauty supply store right now looking for a wig because Bey has snatched all of my hair off my scalp with this commercial. Mother was serving decades of slaying in this commercial. She been about this life!!! And don’t get me started on that song, which I assume is going to be the single?? *Does praise dance*

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Meanwhile Keisha looking like, “I don’t even like Pepsi.”

    • Christina H

      GURL, that damn George Clooney gif gave me ALL of my life!!!

  • lex

    I wonder how man fems are going to break their own mirrors to reenact this commercial? I can’t wait!

  • YaVyBnMe

    The more I watch this commercial the more I love it. I wish there was a long-form version with some more screen time for some of my fav past-Beys like Foxy Cleopatra Bey and Naughty Girl Bey. I loved that ‘Work It Out’ video!

  • Jess

    I must admit I wasnt a Bey fan a few months ago BUT after Bow Down Ive been experiencing urges to twerk and do the “uh oh” hand in public. And the past few mornings Ive been waking up to clumps of my edges on my pillow… I think I got the Bey-fever..Should I be concerned?

  • Whit

    I don’t know what people are complaining about….I just got my muthafuckin life in one minute and one second. Yes, Mother B.

  • Kim.Couture

    Clearly she said “quinch ya thirst while I snatch you bald”.

  • Kim.Couture

    Keyshia Cole=Shasta

    • Nicole

      Kayshia Cole = Great Value Cola

  • Christina H

    This heffa just stole my soul in one smooth minute……

  • Jojo

    -searches for my edges-

  • Keylolo

    omg!! someone plz call 911 I just got stung by a bee!! >_<

  • Starkesha

    Yassss…before I send this vid out to ppl I know I tell em…”I hope y’all ready for bee stings cause they comin”. Owwwweeee bitch ooowweeeee!!!

  • Khianna

    I am starting a Keyshia Cole edges fund. Help the hating ass bitch regain her dignity one follicle at a time.

  • Brittany

    YES GAWD HUNNY! (funky dineva voice)

  • RUD3_GAL_N3N3

    Is it weird that i have watched this 15 times >_<

  • CurlyBoo

    cool AF!!! but i must say the blonde is too damn lite B

  • vita coco pussy

    Dear Lord. When she tossed that head back and shattered those mirrors with her sickening force, I had to log off and go to bed. There is just too much fierceness in this video. Like, ugh.

  • Niko

    And the Behind the Scenes vid for the commercial ->

  • Bia

    Bey kind of looked like Joseline from LAHH Atlanta at the 0:17 mark…

  • Kim.Couture

    But where Keyshia at with my fish dinner??

  • Just4Enjoyment

    I wonder if Keyshia Cole will be outside the Mrs. Carter Show Tour, selling her fish sandwiches while everyone is enjoying themselves. Oh, maybe it’ll be like Cinderella except with the good fairy tale bull shit. That’s get thrown out the window along with her Phineas and Ferb weave. *snickers*

  • £V|ANA

    Perfect jus perfect