Chris Brown Talks Drake, Frank Ocean, Turning Down Oprah & “Laying The Pipe” On Rihanna

Kid Fury April 1, 2013 Ch..... 85 Comments

Here’s another slice of Yellow Cake today. The singer sat down at Hot 97 with Angie Martinez to discuss pretty much all of his damn business and nothing seemed off limits.

Chris is currently in the middle of promo for his sixth studio album, X, which is set for release in the late summer. However, this interview carried a lot of talk on his relationship with Rihanna and Karreuche, his failure to see it for Drizzy: The Beige Wonder and even his thoughts on the Law & Order episode that shaded his edges off.

On why he put out a video last fall addressing his love triangle with Rihanna and Karrueche: “I wanted to be more of a man. Me being young, even with relationships in the past, I did a lot of lying, I did everything just to make sure nobody gets hurt in the process. I just don’t feel it’s necessary anymore in my life. Nobody can hate me for being honest. I had to just be brutal. I told both of them that the video was coming out. … I’m not trying to be a player. It’s never an easy situation to tell another person that you still love another person, so that’s kinda difficult. But our friendship, me and Karrueche’s friendship, is still cool. We’re still good friends.”

On whether Rihanna is cool with him being friends with Karrueche: “Yeah, to a degree…”

On Drake: “Me and him don’t see eye to eye. We never gonna see eye to eye, so you go your way, I’ma go mine.”

On whether Rihanna has issues with Drake: “I don’t really try to talk about him when I’m around her. I just lay the pipe.” [sis.... - Fury]

On Frank Ocean: “I think it’s a lot of strategies people try to use when they’re up for awards. It’s a sympathy role. I don’t have to go that route. I just do my music, do my thing. For him, it’s whatever. Love your music, bro. Have fun.”

On doing an interview with Oprah: “I’ve been invited, I just say no at this point. I’ll go to people that I’m comfortable with. I never wanna be in a situation where I feel like I’m attacked or I’m gonna be trapped. I think I’m paying for whatever I’ve done and I’ve learnt from it and I’m moving forward, so I only want to surround myself with the people that are about positivity.”

On his X plans: “I’m trying to do 10 videos because my album is X. I’m gonna do 10 videos and I’m gonna start shooting them before the album comes out. When the album drops, I drop all 10 videos so you see the visuals with the actual songs that you’ll love.”

On the “Law & Order” episode inspired by his relationship with Rihanna: “I didn’t even watch it ’cause I feel like it was ignorance. I feel like they were reaching.”

On whether Rihanna is his soul mate: “To a degree, yeah. Before I was madly in love with her and when I lost her, I was like, ‘Man, I don’t know what I’ma do.’”

On his legacy: “I just want to be a legend. I think my [goal] now is just to make my mark in the game as just an established artist and just a real artist and a culture ambassador. I feel like I’m just getting successful. I think the hard part is over. I went through the obstacles that God kinda made me go through so I could be humble.”

Source: Rap-Up

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  • JamesDeanOnTheLow

    I do loves me some yellow cake. He did well in this interview… I wonder why Karate was acting all surprised when the video came out, he said he told both of them. I guess this girls likes to play the sympathy card!

  • Ash

    Chris has been playing the sympathy role for his last three eras though. I mean, the Man In The Mirror performance anyone, let’s not.


    Yay they finally asked about (insert her name here) :-) !

    • Jazz


    • @trillestjuan


    • Dreadenette


    • Crystal Johnson


    • Amber

      Kokoa krispy

    • Shaderade


    • earthshaker1217


      • drefull


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    • CrunkFan012


    • Diamora Hunt


    • QueenyBean


    • Brittany


    • Brittany


    • below


    • RamenNoodles

      Let me get in. Kawasaki?

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa


      means fear of failure *sips tea*

    • ziggy


    • GetAtMeBeaux

      Dead at this train. Y’all just gang banged the shit outta her name. LMAO.

    • lovewill


  • Jack Iesson


    • Guest

      Lolol yes lady?

  • @trillestjuan

    And now y’all see why Rihanna smokes so much weed. This yellow nigga seems like a struggle to be around.

    • RamenNoodles

      I totally understand now.

      • Amber

        Not only do I understand it, I fully support it. Rihanna Girl, toke the fuck up.

    • Diamora Hunt

      Oh weeee he shaded Oprah lol his PR’s can’t prep him for that next chapter? Ahaha “I just lay the pipe” and he was doing so well up until then. We know what ppl do in a relationship why the childishness? Drake laid similar pipes down.. let it go it happens. We know they both act like females when it comes to her and she plays the nigga role. They should all be playing the nigga role and let it go. Anyway Chris keep checking off that list of “things I need to do for my album to sell”.

      • @trillestjuan

        yasssssssss maaaaam

  • RamenNoodles

    He can’t hide his feelings at all lol. Drake has him so pressed. When will he get over it? DEAD @ him telling them about the video before it even came out. If only I could of heard that phone call.

    • guest

      How is he pressed? The interviewer brought up drake and he gave a simple answer. People obviously don’t know the definition of pressed.

      • RamenNoodles

        How is he pressed? Throwing shots at him on songs. He doesn’t want his songs played while he’s hosting at clubs. He said fuck drake at a club a few weeks ago. For someone he doesn’t care about he sure is putting a lot of energy into that person. Meanwhile Drake is on the other side of the world sipping Canada Dry and not giving a fuck.

  • CS

    This clown loves making himself the victim in everything. I see some things haven’t changed. But keep playing that changed man card, sis.

  • Cee

    On whether Rihanna has issues with Drake: “I don’t really try to talk about him when I’m around her. I just lay the pipe.” Really? REALLY?

    • KidFury

      That was the most Caleb Bryant ass shit I’ve ever heard him say. Sis, we don’t need to hear all that. Everyone knows y’all are fucking.

      • This girl, that girl

        Caleb Bryant!!!!! You do not know how much life you just gave me. LOL

  • Mimi

    So Rihanna is man enough to sit down with Oprah, but CB isnt…He wants to be around people that are about “positivity”…oh the irony…he needs a full body transplant, cause if you want to be surrounded by positivity, dont you need to be a positive person? Thats like a pile of shit complaining because its surrounded by flies…I can see why his PR dont like him doing interviews…

    • KidFury

      He knows that Oprah is going to ask him the questions that he doesn’t want to answer and Oprah will shade the fuck out of him, but she’s never unfair and she doesn’t bash her guests. I’ve always thought that her Next Chapter interviews showed her trying to understand the person’s life, beliefs and actions.

      Plus…WHITE PEOPLE GO UP FOR OPRAH! If she was to show another side of him and end that interview in a good place, Chris would have a lot of heat off of his back. He should really be running from Wendy Williams.

      • Mimi

        SAY IT AGAIN! But common sense and chris brown are like Derek J and a mirror, they’ve never been in the same room at the same time.

        • IyanlaVanDaymn


        • FreeTutionMakeHerDance

          Leave. You’re dismissed

          LMAO I can’t breathe!!

        • Rihanna’s Left Breast

          Oop! “Sorry Mother Winslow” – Kid Fury

        • Jade

          oh lord i flatlined from this!!! lmao!!!

        • Jazz

          Get. The. Hell. Out.

      • Annaah

        He knows Oprah will make him cry. I think that interview would be good for his image though (with the white folks especially.)

      • earthshaker1217

        Yes. Oprah would be redemption for him.

      • choclatcherry

        It would be a good move from a PR perspective for him to do a sit-down with Oprah now. However, at the height of the controversy surrounding him, Oprah did not reach out to him at all. He appeared on her show & she was all about supporting him when times were good but when tough times came she didn’t indicate any concern about him. I understand why Chris Brown would avoid an interview with someone who seems to be a detractor from positivity.

  • Jazz

    Between the domestic abuse scandal, his vogue battles with Aubreyah and FO, and Rihanna’s box I done ran out of fucks to give about this dude. These convos are becoming redundant. And frankly he needs more media training because he still comes across so unpolished in interviews. So for now sis, just give me music that gets me hyped at the gym and thats all I need from you…

    • Guest

      ….these convos are becoming redundant….
      Yet you still click on each post to read them…. right. I’m sure post titles indicate if it’s a music video or interview, so trying a bit of reading while you sip that tea.

      • Jazz

        Is that you, yellow cake? Stay pissed.

    • Realtalk

      “vogue battles with Aubreyah” tho? Bury me in my good wig and leave the price tag hanging.

  • Toni Montanna

    “I don’t really try to talk about him when I’m around her. I just lay the pipe.” *pulls time card and clocks Chris out* you’re done for today.

  • @H_3000

    “I don’t really try to talk about him when I’m around her. I just lay the pipe.”

    Jesus, this motherfucker is working three shifts to make no one like him.

    • £V|ANA

      O the shade

    • Asap Moola


  • YouTriedIt

    Oh girl………….

  • Olivia Pope’s Lip Quiver

    I thought I had made it perfectly clear in our last conversation that you needed to take young Chrishelle in hand. Girl, she has lost her black ass mind. I’m really running out of solutions for this young woman. Granted this interview isn’t her worst, there are just somethings that proper young ladies do not say. I still feel you need to switch her ass. Whip some color into this young lady if that’s what it takes for her to get her life, even that’s not guaranteed since young Kanyetta has been known to act an ass as well. My suggestion this time is stronger, whip this young lady all the way back to the immaculate conception and then to judgement day and then back to present day, and repeat if necessary (I recommend several repetitions to drive home the idea that this tomfoolery will not be tolerated even in the smallest degrees). If you teach her that small things can have consequences of that magnitude, then maybe she will understand that larger acts of douchery have even larger consequences. I’m giving you this simple solution because I understand we have to take baby steps with this young lady since it is obvious from her behavior that she is not used to discipline.
    Your favorite quiver

    • CurlyBoo

      **claps and nods slowly**
      thank you

  • Wtf

    I’m happy for the both of them .. HOWEVER I can’t buy the soul mate thing or they being great lovers .. Understand if 09 NEVER happened I doubt they would be together NOW .. It’s a forbidden love kind of thing.. & in all honestly who would want to be with either of them wen it seems like they will always be linked to eachother (once again bc of the 09 incident ) they find solitude in each other bc only they can understand what they been through – & sidenote how come noone ever ask or asked Rihanna whether or not she hit Chris that night or at all prior to that ?

    • Tasha Zondo

      ding, ding, ding, you get a prize for the best comment i’ve read on Breezy and Rihanna in a loong time, i think the same, he was cheating on her and she was just about over it but then the 09 incident happened and heightened the drama, i think they feed off it

      • wtf

        YES!!! people forget that ..chris was cheating on her HENCE the 09 incident lol like i dont understand …but everybody pushing for them to be together & this dude was cheating on her BUT if you look at it from a diff angle…maybe her attitude & her hitting him [bc that was reported that she used to slap him around ] caused him to cheat..who knows..i see them lasting & staying together ONLY bc nobody wants to deal with the drama they have..i would hate to be the person that dates them only to be always linked/compared to the other

    • Diamora Hunt

      They did Rihanna gave a quick no then gonna say “and if I did would it make what he did to me right”

      • wtf

        word?????? woooooooow…i never heard/read about that..smh & i hate when people say that what if i did? what you mean..people have the mentality they can do stuff to others but people cant do anything back smh

        • Tasha Zondo

          i remember reading a ne-yo interview where he alluded to the fact that Rihanna was used to hit him, i guess he snapped when she hit him in the car, but he hasn’t recovered since it’s like each and every tattoo he gets possess an evil spirit controlling, that and he’s not too bright either

        • Diamora Hunt

          Yes watch that 20/20 interview with Diane sawyer I felt like she admitted right then and there that she has had hit him also. that night and probably first.

  • MissDom

    He looks like a geedy.(crackhead)

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    I took that as major shade towards drake lol. Clearly Aubrey wasn’t getting the job done with Rih. But this boy is a piece of work! lol..,,he just rambles and rambles. I don’t know how Rihanna does it. God Bless her.

    As for him not wanting to do an interview with Oprah. I think he should. Sure she’s going to be all up in his ass and ask the most tough questions, but he needs that to get the majority sale (white people). But CLEARLY he’s not really good with his choice of words so he’d have to be VERY careful of what he says in that interview. I think it’d be beneficial to him. But whatever.

  • Jacob Alexander

    This negress, why is it Men in the industry have more drama than the females? Besides the beef with him and Drake has just gotten old. Chris is still talking shit about him on records, like the new ratchet anthem “RIP (remix) where Chris insinuates that Drake is gay. Light skinned people fighting is like watching two kittens go at it. Part of you wants to say “Aww how cute!” Another part of you wants to say “Ladies, take that shit elsewhere.” But seriously, Chris is showing some scary signs, calling other people gay, fighting with openly gay/bisexual men, beating women (cause I’m sure Kraft mac-n-cheese caught his hands too). Maybe breezy wishes he could start from the bottom, as a bottom?

  • IyanlaVanDaymn

    While Chris wades in Rihanna’s sacred waters, I bask in the everlasting shade that is kid fury and his crew.

    • Realtalk


      • £V|ANA
  • Shellbee

    *sigh* Not only did this poor chile ride the short bus to school, it must have crashed a few times.

  • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

    so proud of my baby daddy!!!

    • Rayloves

      ch… -____- BYE

    • FeetuitionMakeHerDance

      I dunno about all that..
      More like toot it and boot it.

      • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

        aye, leave us alone. aint nobody bihhneehhh about me and my behhbey!

    • Jusitn

      You let that pencil touch you? wow…Your inner-city must look like a back alley abortion.

      • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

        LMAO! you’re crazy. don’t do my boo.

  • caseyG101

    Jesus, be a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and get rid of it. And I’m fascinated by the fact that he calls his Jumbo ‘Welcome to Kindergarten’ pencil, a pipe. Chile…

  • Realtalk

    In order to be a “cultural” ambassador – which is the actual terminology, one has to show at least a modicum of intelligence and a knowledge of spoken English. He shows neither.
    Why is this acceptable in Black men, young and old? I could hardly understand what he was saying because I had to keep pausing this fuckery and putting cold towels on my head and taking deep breaths in paper bags. Just . . . wow.

  • S.

    Sooo, Oprah ain’t positive? But YOU are….? Girl. This fool think that goofy smile and ramblings about “positivity” cover a multitude of stupidity.

  • Getintothat

    what do women see in him? His persona is soo unlikeable! How can one man talk sooo much shit? Acting like he’s holy and calling out both Frank O and Oprah?
    Well I’m glad Rihanna is his solemate…to a degree! (???)

  • Duh

    I like the commenters on this blog. Very objective and smart. Not brainwashed and delusional about CB like other blogs.

  • tjf1306

    the english language is not this poor child’s friend.