Candid Yams: Amber Rose & Wiz Latifah Back On The Town

Kid Fury March 28, 2013 Candid Yams 22 Comments

Baby Bash is just over a month old, but his celebrity parents are back out on the town for ratchet tattooed fun. Photographers spotted Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa leaving a Hollywood nightclub with an open bottle of champagne in tow.

Oddly enough, I really enjoy these two. I have no reason to get into them other than the fact that they’re cute together in a really weird marijuana and Hot Topic sort of way. More photos below.

Photos: FameFlyNet

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  • Jacob Alexander

    Wiz Latifah?!?! If I could, I swear I would drop kick you. That shit was WAY too funny -in Crissles voice- “I hate you”

  • caseyG101

    They’re really not my cup of Kool-Aid. But Fury mentioning Baby Bash really took me back… I forgot all about him and Frankie J. Now I kinda miss J. Holiday and Houston with his missing eye. And even Lyfe Jennings’ peanut butter w/ Ritz crackers vocals. *sad face*

  • missmarchmommy

    whos watching the kid lol but real talk she bouncing back fast because a month after my son was born was my birthday and i didnt want to be bothered with anyone damn club lol

  • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

    I like them, too. they’re always so chill. never in shit and all that. amber is kinda growing on me. I loves me some Wiz. they’re a cool couple.

  • bb

    I’m just going to need everybody to stop trying to attach wizzy to the greatness that is Kadijah…

    • caseyG101

      “Cause Khadijah don’t need ya.”

      • Andy S.

        see ya!

  • nell kaye pee

    I love Amber and wiz but its a little to soon to be going out and turning up like girl you still lesking brest milk. Have a set in the nearest rocking chair.

    • Seiko

      But nobody said anything when Beyonce came out a month after she gave birth in a skin tight dress and heels? Yeah alright thats cute for ya’ll

      • nell kaye pee

        I don’t care what these. Ppl do with their kids as long as cps don’t get involved it really don’t matter. So sisqo or what ever ya name is don’t. Try to come for beyonce. And u have a great Easter. K sweetheart. ;-)

        • Seiko

          Bitch the name is Seiko and I will come for Beyaki as much as I so choose. Along with a slew of others. I come for who I want, when I want HOWEVER I want. You be blessed though

          • nell kaye pee

            Hey socko girl what u pressed lmfao beyonce came for the rest of your black gel baby hairs and your upset lmfao sweet puss have a seat in fact have several. And stop banging on your. Icdc college laptop that’s not why they give u them.

          • Seiko

            Awwwwww how cute. You think you have any room to read somebody with those Drake Eyebrows. Hun get em arched and while you’re at it why don’t you expose those non existent edges you seem to be hiding… Have a nice day

          • nell kaye pee

            Sillpuddy girl lets be real for a sec u and i both know you need a jar of baby don’t be bald. U need to stop trying to come for me and go get your edges. Be for they leave and never return. So please eat a dick and preay on your. Perm. burnt scalp. O:-)

          • nell kaye pee

            u only get 30 minutes on your icdc lunch don’t waste it all on lil ole me!

          • nell kaye pee

            U know imma leave u alone sudoku my mom always told me to not make fun of handicap kids even if they bald old and extra ugly. Like u can brush your whole head with a toothbrush. U just. Mad your a fat and your eyebrows are Mexican sharpie and that’s not my fult take that up with your mom and god not me .

  • ZJ

    I like Amber because she kind of stays in her lane. I remember reading some interview with her where she said she knows people only know who she is because was with Kanye. Contrast that with his current girlfriend and human urinal cake, who tries to act like she earned her celebrity through hard work.

    • G.G.

      My nigga…urinal cake…you get the hell out because love don’t live here anymore!

  • kik

    Pump and dump

  • Candace Jones

    Am I the only one who saw pictures of Amber wit her faced bruised the phuck up last week? I just knew there was some story behind it.
    *bows head in shame for visiting mediatakeout*
    Seriously though, I really hope Wiz isn’t beating her ass.

  • Jacob Alexander

    Every time I see Wiz Khalifa, I feel like I need to bathe whatever it is I used to see the picture or video. Like my tv, my laptop, my phone, my nook, my eyeballs. Like I always feel like something needs to be washed. He makes decent music (he used to make great music before he became famous) but he looks like he hasn’t had a bath since 1997. & That’s just real.

  • nell kaye pee

    I saw your r insagram and u can see mines if u have any respect for yourself u willlllllllll STOP TRYING TO COME FOR ME CUZ SORBET HUNNY U AINT CUTE AT ALL AND MAKE SURE U DO ALL YOUR HOMEWORK FOR I.C.D.C CUZ U WANNA MAKE THAT DEANS LIST FOR YOUR DEGREE LMFAOOOOO..