XXL Reveals 2013 Freshman Class Cover

Kid Fury March 27, 2013 All In The Magazines 58 Comments

Spring has rolled back around and XXL has once again revealed a new Freshman Class cover. Prepare for some rapper to be shady and pissed in the coming week — it never fails.

This year’s new and noteworthy rappers to make the list include Trinidad James, Angel Haze, Kirko Bangz, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Joey Badass and some people I’ve never heard of.

A few of last year’s freshman (Future, Iggy Azalea, French Montana) have taken off since their debut on the cover, so we’ll see what these new students are made of.

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  • lala


  • Cxnt

    Ki at Angel. Another loss for Azealia.

    • Maya

      How? If actually having a record deal, working with Bey Gaga and Kanye, being on the cover of Vibe, doing shows all over the world is losing sign me up!

      • Gold all in my rang


  • SouthernShellac

    That ashy-ass Chief Keef pic on the right…
    His grandma should’ve been included on this cover, all that shit she was talking about

  • Keyshia’s Gapartment

    Trinidad James??? Ok that’s it, I’m about to withdraw from school right the fuck now. I’m gonna be a rapper.

    • Eviana

      Exactly what I be thinking everybody gettin signed these days

    • Seiko

      Rap about ass, money and poppin’ mollys… YOU GON HAVE A HIT!

  • FrostBiteMe

    This Freshman Stuff is a curse! The biggest artists were never on this list or already established by the time they got put on.

    • Seats

      Exactly. People who know shit about hip-hop know this off top.

  • Kiri

    Lol I love how XXL stay shading Azealia. She may have a few words this go around yet again. I forgot if Macklemore was on the last cover but he also got real big since his debut on XXL. In really only here for a few people on this list but good for all

  • Sweets

    No CHICAGO artists?! Once again SMH

    • babyhustla

      we got chief keef ashy ass on there smh

  • Jazz

    The only ones on this list I can vouch for are Ab-Soul, Joey BadA$$ and Action Bronson. Angel Haze has a terrible attitude and the others I don’t think will stand the test of time. But I guess we’ll see, girl…

  • RamenNoodles

    Angel Haze? That should be fucking Azealia Banks tbh. I know this isn’t about lyrics cause they got Trinidad up there. My bitch is not even mainstream yet, but has her own MAC lipstick, doing international shows, her EP charted in the top 20, has been praised by her peers/critics. Ugh, she could be so successful if she would just shut her mouth. I see Angel got what she want, thanks Ms. Banks.

    • FrostBiteMe

      Azealia is beyond this list just like Nicki Minaj was by the time XXL noticed her. Plus she got snubbed last year when they put on Iggy instead of her.

      Being on the cover of Vibe w/ Diplo >> being on the cover of XXL with 10+ ppl and a headshot of Chief Keef.

      • Seats

        Why didn’t I see the Chief Keef headshot until I read this and went back? LMAO!

        • Olivia Pope

          I scrolled back up and laughed so HARD. This cover is a joke lol.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Yeah at this point Azealia is no longer a freshman to this game but I bet Angel and her followers talking shit like she actually accomplished something. She on the cover with Trinidad fkin James…. learn from this *In my crissle voice*.

  • Jacob Alexander

    Schoolboy Q, Kirko Bangz, and Ab-Soul I vote yes for them. Everybody else on that list is about as useful to music, as Paula Dean is to Jenny Craig.

  • caseyG101

    Is it sad that I don’t know ANY of these people?

    • ZJ

      Nope. The only one I’ve heard of is Trinidad James, and I wish I didn’t know who he was.

      • earthshaker1217

        I’ve heard of Angel Haze. The only ones on this list that I like are Schoolboy Q and Ab-soul.

  • Bry!

    1. I only care about ScHoolboy Q, AB-Soul & Joey Bada$$….
    2. Is the dollar sign in the name the ‘Lil” of the Millennium Teens?

    • KidFury

      I refuse to put them two dollar signs in his name. This isn’t junior high.

  • Nicoley410

    Why are people surprised Azealia isn’t on here. She burns bridges. XXL isn’t giving her any shine when it comes to the freshman cover. That’s like an album not winning an award and being nominated for the same award the next year. For we know she probably didn’t even want to be considered for this; they have to take these pictures before the freshman are decided

    • Seats

      Lol but Azealia’s career is going better than all the people on this cover. And even last year people pitted her against Iggy and here we are a year later and Azealia is in a better place than her. I don’t really get what you’re trying to say?

      • Kiri

        Lol what place is that?

  • Kimberly King

    Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson…without doubt. I fuck with Q but not as heavily as the ones mentioned before. I fuck w/ all of TDE really. Angel Haze rubs me the wrong way. Kirko Bangz is lightskinned as fuck and cannot rap. the rest…ehh.
    Chief Keef irks my very last nerve, ugh.

  • LadyMarjorie

    It’s like they showed up at the free clinic and were like, “Okay, everybody gather around: Picture time!”

    • Jazz

      This looks like the graduation photo for each one teach one

      • bb

        I’mma just hush.

    • GG

      Who dipped Rick Ross in bleach?

      • Aisce Williams

        …….So i think i’m done for today

  • That girl MEL!

    But can we talk about the fact that this photo looks like a version of the 2013 Little Rascals? Did they just say, “eff-it, we don’t need no stylists nor creative direction.”

  • Keyshia Cole’s nose cartilage

    i disagree with every size 18 font of this cover except for kirko, ab-soul, and schoolboy q.

  • Seats

    This cover isn’t worth a damn. Everyone involved in hip-hop knows this shit is a curse. Google “XXL Freshman Curse”. Why do you think people like Drake and Nicki said no? And for the people attempting Azealia shade y’all realize career wise she is beyond these people? If I have to choose between a blossoming career and a magazine cover I’m going to choose the career every damn time.

  • Downgrade

    Ch…the last time purchased or cared about xxl was in the year 2000.

    • Cj


  • Mister McFly

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Remington College Afternoon Class of March 2013 Graduation photo…

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Remington?!?!? I thought they went to that ICDC college Romeo be singing about.

    • Chrissy’s Mole ft. Chrissy

      Why must I cry? I almost woke my son up with this violent outburst of laughter!

  • Nate

    Harpo, who these women?

  • missmarchmommy

    ive never heard a song from non of these folks on this cover…

  • KidFury

    The Freshman cover is way more business than actual choices based on talent and taste, but let me shut up.

    • Seats

      Thank you!

  • RizzyBeamen

    Why would you even want to be put in the same category as Trinidad James if you’re a serious artist? WHY?

  • Guest

    I’m assuming they don’t know who else in is the freshman class till they show up for this, or aren’t that serious about their craft to be on a cover with Trinidad James….*/LaughandDriveAway50Cent.gif

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I’m assuming they don’t know who else in is the freshman class till they show up for this, or aren’t that serious about their craft to be on a cover with Trinidad James….

    • Jazz

      Def Jam wasted two million dollars on Jerome. LMAOOOO. Ol’ romey romey in da houuuseeee…watch ya mooouuutthhh


    I’m So Proud Of Dizzy Wright.. Been Following His Music Since The Beginning!
    Funk Volume!!

  • Kayy

    Teeeee-RASHHHHHHH! I guess Cheif Keef must be locked up or sumn to not appear on the cover. & this is a poorly photoshop edit. They couldnt just have all these people in the same room & taken a pic? SMH.

  • Ja Rule’s career

    I do like Action Bronson but that’s about it.

  • Mila

    I don’t see for anybody on that cover. Maybe on. This freshman lass sucks more then the last!

  • CadyHeron

    XXL was wrong for this shit. I’ve only heard of Kirko, Angel Haze, Jerome(Trinidad James), and Ab-Soul so I won’t say much…. -Sighs

  • LadySu

    Yooo Logic is the shit. Yall should really check him out!!!!

  • Just her

    Why does it look like this cover smells? Like scratch n sniff stickers circa ’89

  • Derrick

    Joey Bada$$ & Action Bronson are dope–no question. The rest–I don’t mean this in a bad way–I’ve never heard of. Good luck though.