Nicki Minaj Says She’s Been “Spectacular” On American Idol

Kid Fury March 27, 2013 I Guess, Chile 38 Comments

I haven’t been watching that singing show that is giving these kids life, but apparently Nicki Minaj thinks she’s doing a stellar job as one of the four judges. During a conference call this week, the rapper gave herself a big pat on the back over Idol.

“My best and worst Idol moments? I don’t have a worst Idol moment,” the 30-year-old said. “I’ve been spectacular. Yes, I am going to toot my own horn. And then my best moment is every single moment. I’ll toot it again!”

Nicki also claims that she almost quit the show out of fear that everyone would hate her for being brutally honest. We know Mariah definitely doesn’t see it for this child, but apparently other people are here for her.

“There were moments in the audition process that I would say to the producers, ‘I can’t do this anymore. If everyone is going to give a good critique and I’m going to be the only one being honest, then America is going to hate me. I’m going to be seen as mean.’ And the producers said, ‘Nicki, trust us, America is going to appreciate the honesty.’ And that’s all I had to go on.”

Well again, all I know about Nicki Minaj on Idol is that her wigs look better and that she was 13 minutes late for the first live taping of the show…but cute for her or whatever.

Source: Us Mag

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  • Michelle’s Hurr

    Fury, sis, Nicki is slaying on that show. I watch sporadically but she not only critiques on the contestants vocals but image, as well. She’s a really honest judge and because of it gets belittled by the other 3, but she holds her own.

    • FrostBiteMe

      Agreed. She’s the only judge who makes the show interesting.

  • Jazz

    You know I’m not usually here for Onigga but from the episodes I’ve seen her critiques are usually very solid…wish I could say the same for her music. And clap clap Bravo for the toned down makeup and hair she’s been serving lately.

  • caseyG101

    Her skin is damn near khaki… if she was any lighter, you’d think she was a pair of Dickies. But the good news is, she finally found a good wig that protects us from those godforsaken edges. As for American Idol, that show needs to be click, drag & dropped into the recycle bin.

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

      I never like or support this argument of Nicki Minaj getting lighter by the day because, frankly, I just don’t really care. But, per this picture… yeah, I don’t remember her being Mariah Butterscotch.

      Girl, how you do dat’?

      • bb

        Maybe Sammy Sosa told her the secret…

  • questions

    When did she turn orange?

    • Brittany


  • Britt

    Too bad the sales from Ramen Revomited aren’t spectacular

    • Jacqxz

      plz get the fuck out…*church fans*

  • RamenNoodles

    I agree and disagree. The voices, nicknames, etc. was cute at first, but now its starting to get annoying. Its days where I love her critiques then its days where I’m like “why is she here again?” I hate when she comes for the contestants outfits/hair or how the contestants remind her of some damn pancakes she want to eat. Plus the way she rolls her eyes and makes these faces as if she doesn’t like what the other judges is saying. Idk her personality is just ugly to me. She’s a good judge at times.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Girl… That whole waffles and syrup story, I was like Nicholas get up and walk the fk off. I agree with this whole comment them nicknames have gotten beyond tired. She’s just rude to me.

  • Ä s h l e y

    Oan , she looks flawless in that picture above .

  • Christina H

    I am NEVER here for this heffa and her delusional ass statements, I will say she looks WAY better.

  • Miles

    Why her lips, skin, and wig all the same color……

    • Kyana

      don’t forget the gums…

      • earthshaker1217

        She can’t blame that on some makeup artist now.

    • JazmineThomas

      Oh shit I canNOT!

  • Brittany

    So we’re not gon talk about those Katt Stacks bangs she’s rockin?

  • GLO

    I love Nicki, but I stopped watching Idol this season after Zoanette left! lol

  • RihannasBlunt

    So we’re going to ignore her bangs that look like she hand chopped them ? Oh . Kay

  • Gordon Gartrell

    30 something year old. I caught that shade. I thought she was 28… according to google lol

    • RamenNoodles

      Google used to have two ages up for her 28 and 30. I guess they said fuck it and went with everybody else. It says 30 now.

      • Nancy

        She lied about what year she was born that’s why.

        • RamenNoodles

          Right! TMZ said “Bitch you WILL NOT call us liars. Lets bring out the birth certificates.” She ain’t say shit after they did that lol

  • FirstNameLast

    same make up and stupid ass wig, only change is a nude lip. trick you aint foolin anyone. sit.

  • Sherae Renee’

    I hate those contacts and Itsy Bitsy Spider ass lashes.

  • Kayy

    LMAO Fury, you aint shieeeet for posting this pic of her, at this angle and at that certain moment in time.

  • Lethana

    She’s brutally honest? Lmfao. Goodbye Nicki ✋

  • Joseph

    Sometimes she can be crazy but that’s just her fun personality that keeps the show entertaining. A lot of the times her advice is dead on whether or not it’s a good or bad critique. Thank god she’s not afraid to speak the truth, Mariah wouldn’t bad mouth satan for fear of getting booed. And don’t get me started on how it takes this woman 20 minutes to ramble about nothing! She’s a legend and everything but lord have mercy this woman is the worst public speaker I have ever seen! She is not eloquent whatsoever and her critiques are extremely incoherent, listening to her speak is exhausting.

  • Jacob Alexander

    This negress……….Nicki Minaj bragging about doing a self acclaimed “stellar job” on American Idol is like a prisoner on deathrow saying “I’ve been a great prison mate to #3522167, I wash his clothes, clip his toes, and I only stabbed him twice when I caught him fucking someone else” like really? I’ve seen one-legged waitresses at Denny’s who deserve more credit. People already worship you, you make millions of dollars for being a walking talking pop-up coloring book, and you feel the need to brag on yourself for “judging” on a show that is sinking faster than Polow Da Don in a room full of Double Cheeseburgers? Slap yourself with a brick.

    • RamenNoodles

      “walking talking pop-up coloring book” LOL I love you. Never change.

    • Jade

      you just slayed the fuck outta me with these comments!!! Yasss!!!

      • Guest

        It just kinda annoys me. As a music lover, I used to like what Nicki Minaj brought to hip-hop. But then, she (like many other artists who used to actually put out good/tolerable music) hit that space in her career where something in her brain clicked and said “Oh shit, people are going to love me and buy my music no matter what the fuck I say or do.” So those people then re-release the same album 45 times, walk around looking like sad clowns on crystal meth, and make songs that sound like care bears taking a shit. Nobody is humble anymore. Even Beyonce had to take a moment to say: “Don’t let the smooth taste fool you, I will veto your edges, and your career.” But atleast she and a few other artists still give fans real music, without a gimmick. Talent is what replaces gimmick in a career that has longevity.

        • Jade

          i totally agree. When she was on the the comeup dvds i liked her music a lot more than the shit she puts out now. The only fairly recent song that i liked is super bass. King Bey vetoing edges and careers? Yasss! All damn day!!! I sacrifice mine to her freely bc i had the honor of seeing her perform live and my eyes NEVER left the stage. it was never a dull moment. And i most definitely agree with your last statement because nowadays many artists get away with giving fans very subpar music and shows.

  • CadyHeron

    I like Onicka’s wig in this pic. But um. That skin and those veneers are hurting my eyes.

  • Seiko

    So we’re ignoring those Charo eyebrows and that wal-mart brand lacefront? Oh alright

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Yeah I would have been the shady ass person on the other end of that call to remind her that she was late for the first live taping and appeared to have just threw on a hoodie and came to the show.