New Music: Jarell Perry – Simple Things

Kid Fury March 27, 2013 New Music 8 Comments

Listen, Jarell Perry is like a silent killer and you better keep your eyes on him, because he’s got next. The singer-songwriter has been buzzing just underneath the radar and now his album, Simple Things, is out to showcase his talent.

What I love most about this project is the legion of different sounds and genres that appear over the sixteen tracks without taking away from the solid feel of the album. It gave me feelings of Coldplay, Chris Brown, Jason Mraz, and Babyface while still remaining cohesive, honest and vocally mind-blowing.

Jarell Perry is definitely a name you’re going to be hearing more of very soon. You can download Simple Things for free now on and stream it on Soundclound. Below are two of my favorites tracks from the album.

Jarell Perry – ILWYHO

Jarell Perry – Perfect

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  • NatashaP

    Ooh. I love his sound. Thanks, Fury!

  • Armed in the Villa

    I like that you’ve been featuring him for a quick minit cuz I woulda never heard about him through this miasma of shit music out here. I’m digging the sound. If he tours, I’ll support him, since he giving the music away.

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    Fury put me onto Luke James, who was pretty captivating, so I’ll give this a listen too.

  • Amber

    Thanks Fury! I never would have heard for Jarell if it wasn’t for you and that would have been a shame. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.

  • Joe Lee

    Haven’t stopped playing the album since this feature. This is pretty much making my year musically. Thanks for sharing Fury!

  • andobrien

    Cool tracks. Am I going mad or does he use a line from the Dawson’s Creek theme in Perfect?

    • keyshia cole’s EBT card

      yeah he is and i am totally here for it. thanks for putting me on fury, jarell perry is slowly becoming one of my faves.

  • Rico Anotde

    Feelin this dude. Good stuff. Thanks for the recommendation.