Kim Kardashian Says Her Baby “Won’t See Color”

Kid Fury March 27, 2013 Ch..... 92 Comments

Kim Kardashian may not be sure of much in regard to motherhood, but one thing she really wants for little Krimson Khrysanthemum is to be a child who grows up without “seeing color,” although the baby will be biracial.

I have a lot of friends that are all different nationalities, and their children are bi-racial. So they have kind of talked to me a little bit about it, and what to expect and what not to expect. But I think that the most important thing is, how I would want to raise my children, is just to not see color. That’s important to me.

But I also think there will be so many experiences, like I was saying earlier, that you won’t really know how to prepare for until you really go through it. So I think raising a child in general is challenging, but I think that as long as you’re really open-minded, and you don’t have any preconceived ideas of how you’re going to really try to raise your children, it really keeps this like broad, just, spectrum…Obviously, you want your children, like for me, to travel the world and experience different races and different cultures everywhere, so I think that would be just something that’s important for me. Just give as much information as I could.

Look, I understand what Kim is trying to say and I suppose I can appreciate that, but there’s no way a child (especially a half-black child) will not see color. That’s like saying you don’t want your children to see the sky. God bless them.

Source: Miss Jia

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  • Dirty_Dric

    The only color Kim K sees is GREEN, so I believe her. & having Money Hungry Kris Jenner as a grandma… God bless this child

  • miles

    She’s starting to look like Big Ang

    • Ms AJ


    • lala

      i know! what in the bedazzled hell is she wearing? jesus be a giftcard to motherhood maternity

    • Jazz

      I can’t. I really fucking can’t.

  • jmxp

    Poor thing can’t articulate to save her life.

  • twerkisha ampro gel

    Imma just quote Auntie Crissle on this and say…… “white people love saying this”

    • Losh

      And then be the first ones to say “mixed children are so beautiful.” I have bi-racial kids, and they identify with being black. My eight year old daughter is quick to say, “well I’m black, soooo…” and interestingly enough, no white people correct her and say, “You are? Well, sweetie, I didn’t notice because I don’t see color.

      I call bullshyt and shenanigans on this. This bish says some of the stupidest shit I have EVER heard. Bullshyt and shenanigans.

      • earthshaker1217

        Okay. Ain’t this the truth.

      • Tamara


  • ok

    A lot of her man’s music is about race and class so I’m confused as to why she wouldn’t want her kid to see that and understand how the world works better… Whatever

    • Olivia Pope’s Weave

      Exactly! I think it’s offensive when white people say they don’t want someone to see color or they don’t. I see my color every day being black, it’s something I can’t escape. It’s doing yourself a disservice to pretend that race doesn’t exist. I’m sure she doesn’t see color because she’s enjoying her “white” privilege. But her child will not have that luxury. She needs to wake up and quick. It makes you wonder what her and Kanye talk about, like how does he feel knowing that the mother of his child is this naive?

    • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

      You know Kim don’t know what the fuck Kanye be talking about…

      • Esha

        Not in so far as his music, but when his money talks she hears that loud and clear

  • Brandy’s eye distance

    Return to acting……….. she acts?

    • ZJ

      Every week on Keeping Up With the Kuntrashians or Kourtney and Dim Take Africa. Whichever one is on now.

  • Brittany

    Dead at Krimson Khrysanthemum

  • KeyshiaCole’sGrammy

    Girl, bye Kim Kartrashian.

  • Courtney

    Let Kim wonder around in her fantasy world. (Some) white people always wanna talk about being “colorblind”, but that’s because they don’t have to deal with the shit people of color have to deal with. Morons shouldn’t be allowed to pro-create.

    • IyanlaVanDaymn

      but women like her always want to insert themselves into interractial relationships & having brown babies, but don’t know how to use a comb on said baby’s hair. Dumb isht like this is why pairings like hers and kanye’s get the side eye.

      • Diamora Hunt

        Sometimes you gotta put your hand on your cheek fake a smile and say “Ooooh Kim” -_- everyone wants to sound educated and cultured and come off sounding just like Kim ignorant. She gon buy a island and escape to it? cause no matter where in the world you find Carmen San Diego you find color.

        • bb

          *clears throat*
          1. Win
          2. Win
          3. Win
          That is all

      • Elle

        Lets just pray that she doesn’t another kid after this. I can completely see her tryna get through her kid’s hair, sayin some shit like “Khrysanthemum, why can’t your hair be straight and beautiful like Kalliope’s?”

        • Guest

          This is why I gave kim’s comment the side eye…because white parents love to spit this rhetoric when they have mixed children, but subconsciously, they teach their children to be aware of their race anyway, in subtle ways; if they’re not making them perm their hair to make it more ‘manageable’, they’ll probably make their child self-conscious about their race in another way

      • Tamara Amarquaye


  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Ch… of course the people who don’t have to deal with the BS we deal with say this ish. Her child gonna bring this problem to her anyway guarantee by the age of 5 that child will question her why is their hair curlier than hers or their skin is different than hers and Kanye’s.

  • Drake’s Top

    between brown and darker brown, which colors does she not want her child to see…? im not understanding.

  • Keshia Cole’s nose cartilage

    i kind of agree with her. i myself am 4 races mixed.

    • Sherae Renee’

      Chile PLEASE there are only THREE…and who cares?

  • caseyG101

    So is Kim: The Armenian Thirst Queen, implying she doesn’t see color either? Its just a big ass coincidence black dick seems to follow her everywhere? She also left out, the child won’t see morals, values, ambition, common sense, hard work… real parents.

    • IyanlaVanDaymn


    • Sherae Renee’

      OMG! Lmao!

    • Joanna ☂

      Kanye had ambition and worked hard for his shit.

      • GinoMachiavelli

        So agree.. his is so full of Armenian.

        Keep out!

    • Sensationaly_Slain

      The shade is real!!lmao

    • bb

      I guess Kourtney logged in to be the only person to dislike your comment…..

    • nosey

      “The Armenian Thirst Queen”…DEAD

  • RamenNoodles

    Idk, I kinda feel sorry for this child. With Kanye and his ego to the fame/money hungry Kardashians this child is really gonna go through it. Kim, girl, you couldn’t even raise a cat, so what the fuck you look like raising a kid. She’ll probably prove me wrong, but right now, no.

    • SammieGirl

      I know right.. And to be honest (I know this is going to sound really awful) but I hope she let’s Khloe adopt the baby.. I don’t know, to me Khloe will actually take care of the baby and not make money off of it.. And who knows maybe they can make a E! Special talking about how Kim is the real mother blah blah.. IDK its just my thoughts

    • peppermint

      no ramen, you got it wrong. she ain’t gonna raise no baby. the nanny is.

      like this bitch gonna stick around when that child is screaming for food at 3AM, or having pooped itself and needs a diaper change. or has been sick and has had a blow up and needs love, comfort, attention and wiping of their faces when they’ve thrown up and are hysterically crying. please. that’s what the help is for.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      CTFU I remember switching channels and saw they talked about her having to get rid of the cat lmao

  • tiff

    And in saying this, she’s already being racist. It’s called Erasure. The fuck?!? I have a color. See it, accept it and respect it.

    • Awkwardfunny_girl


  • missmarchmommy

    oooh for 2 seconds i almost gave a damn…

    • bb

      *in Brandy voice*
      But everybody knows,
      Almost doesn’t count…

  • Antaisha McClary

    i dnt understand why she would say something like that when neither kanye or kim are of the “majority” ya kno… like regardless of your baby bein bi-racial your baby is ethnic therefore you and that baby are going to have to face the reality of feeling the struggle like every other ethnic person

  • Awkwardfunny_girl

    Ok maybe it’s me but if this sweet girl expects people to find any validity in her opinion on race matters and parenthood then it might be wise to try and use some form of English instead of that 6th grade dummy dialect she seems to have wrapped around her tongue like a Nubian penis

    • Chrissy’s Mole ft. Chrissy

      Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far…far, far away. Dear God make me a bird…

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        You did not just type down Jenny’s prayer and your name I’M OUT!!!!!

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    First, I need Kim to put on more appealing and comfortable clothes. I feel like her poor baby can’t breathe while she’s wearing that shit. It doesn’t suit her either. Second, Girl Stop! Kim, the baby is going to see color regardless of what you try to teach her. There is nothing wrong with identifying color just as long as the said individual doesn’t purposely take advantage of their race and use it against others to move up in the world. (oh wait that’s already happened) But Fuck all that, “I’m colorblind” shit. Bitch, as soon as you walked in the room you saw purple, blue, black, white, and green.. And didn’t Kim say she wanted a caramel baby?

  • ZJ

    Satan’s favorite creation is looking stellar as usual. She better hope that baby doesn’t come out brain damaged from being suffocated by those tight ass clothes she insists on wearing. I would say that Kanye is punking her with these outfits, but where is Kanye? He didn’t even take a break from ranting across Europe to comfort her after her “health scare” or whatever.

    • Olivia Pope’s Lip Quiver

      Honey what do you see because I’ve seen pregnant women with more pounds on them looking better than the way she’s carrying that pregnancy, because they know how to style it. She looks like she’s still dressing for her smaller size and no one has the heart to tell her it’s not working.

      • ZJ

        When I said she looked stellar, I was being completely sarcastic. She looks like shit, although this is probably the least ridiculous outfit she’s worn so far. She’s usually wearing some ballerina skirt with a tight ass waist.

  • LoveLOVE

    Is she forgetting that green is a color? The baby will be stacked so of course it probably wont have to deal with the race relations us peasants must face daily

  • MeMeAl

    She sounds like this to me: “My kids will be rich and will travel the world to education themselves about how the other half live, but they will obviously not be at the forefront of change because they will not be affected by the problems suffered by black people in todays society, such as racism in the work place, self-acceptance of one’s skin tone and so on. Yes my children will be bi-racial but also very very rich so technically they’ll be white!” – Kim

    • keke

      Ironically, the fact that the baby will be surrounded by rich (white) kids makes it even *more* certain s/he’ll see all kinds of racism before she even turns 5. It’s like that interview w/Rashida and Kidada from years ago, where they talked about growing up biracial in rich, gated white communities.

      • earthshaker1217

        That’s true.

    • Just her

      Standing Ovation Well played!

  • BeachWhale

    Girl, cute for you.

  • Olivia Pope’s Lip Quiver

    When I see pregnant women in heels, the stress never fails to prompt my heart to start its Olympic training while my head simultaneously starts hurting from the way the mere sight of their precarious perch dances for its bands on my nerves. Pregnant women aren’t all that stable to begin with and adding heels to the mixture only reminds me of tightrope walking.

    Bless her heart. I think it’s cute for her that she can open her mouth to utter such a statement. It’s more than obvious she comes from a more privileged place color wise. And we all know that a bucket of rocks has a higher IQ.

    That child won’t be able to help but to see colors, with Kris Jenner as it’s grandmother that child will know the color green before it effortlessly slips from Kim. But I do know one color it better not see even after it’s dying day, is Blue.

    • bb

      *Olivia Pope wall slide*



  • bk

    I’m not a fan of Kim at all, but I didn’t take this comment as a way to ignore racism or white privilege. It’s a cheesy-cliche comment that people make in situations where someone else is bringing up race. As for the idea that “white people love saying this,” I think in some situations people feel the need to speak up to try to distance themselves from the stereotype that all white people are racist, or just to keep the conversation moving instead of making a topic about race if it’s not.

  • Loretta Devine

    I can see what Kim is trying to say by this; In that, I don’t think she’s saying she wants her child to grow up denying their ethnicity and racial background, but rather that it’s not the first thing they identify with as a person. Surely who we are behind their physical appearance is infinitely more important than the colour of our skin?

    Maybe I’m wrong and maybe I’m crazy but in my opinion teaching children to respect and treat everyone as equal regardless of skin colour is THE most important point and I think this is the point Kim is trying to make. (Although she isn’t the smartest person in the world so obviously she gon’ have problems articulating herself… ch…)

  • granky161

    Kids don’t see color the way adults do. The can see the difference but they don’t know the history and and prejudice behind color. It’s the parents and the people in their community who influence the good or bad behind race. I think Kim has good intentions and she doesn’t seem like the type to discriminate. About the child’s African American history that should should be Kanye’s job to teach his child.

  • Nancy

    What’s with all this “my child won’t see color” talk. We not part of the damn rainbow. Anyways in my world there’s no such thing as color because really it’s all in our heads. My mother never taught me color differences either but your child will definitely see it. Eventually at a young age I learned that people were better than me just because I had more melanin then them.

    • bb

      “Eventually at a young age I learned that people were better than me just because I had more melanin then them.”
      Bye Nancy……

  • Briana E. Wiggins

    I just want to know when I’ll be able to shop on this site again.

  • Lolo

    Is Kanye okay with this??

  • Getintothat

    “I have a lot of friends that are all different nationalities, and their children are bi-racial”

    nationalities? Does she mean “races”? This dimwit doesn’t even know the difference between the two? And she sounds like her IQ is below 80. I really need her to attend classes 2morrow!

    • GG

      Technically ethnicities and nationalities are the correct breakdown. The “race” thing isn’t correct because we’re all part of the Human Race.

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    So does the Krimson Khrysanthemum shade mean we’ll be coming up w/ names for this child like in the days of Kockthemlegsback?? Cause if so….*loads gun*

    • bb

      Don’t pull the thang out unless you wanna bang…..
      Ugh, remember when Bomb Over Baghdad was the only BOB?

  • Ä s h l e y

    She had good intentions but Kim , YOU are biracial so how can you raise a child to NOT see color when you wont accept what you are honey . your mom is irish American WHITE . Yet you only claim the exotic race you’re mixed with from your father . why not just say you want your child to grow up knowing every aspect of its MULTIracial roots ? My dad is white and my mom is black and I chose to embrace both sides of what I was given . Not just what is convenient for me or a better look so to speak . Bless her and her curly headed spawn of Ye’ .

    • nosey

      She isn’t biracial but two different versions of WHITE because that white box is checked on her birth certificate. I agree with the comments but I’m still stuck on that video title “KIM KARDASHIAN ON HER RETURN TO ACTING……LOL!!!

  • Jacob Alexander

    Right, little Kristmas Krackersnacks won’t see color. If that color is out of season. This bitch was really allowed to pro-create. I feel like when she goes into labor, the sky will turn crimson red, the instrumental for “Tupac’s Back” will begin to play and Jesus will descend upon us and the rapture will begin.Grab your bibles, and a cross and be ready. I post this ridiculous comment in Jesus name. Amen.

    • bb

      Do it Jesus!

  • Jazz

    Kim, whatever girl Just figure out how to comb through those naps before that baby is born. Luster’s pink lotion is about to be your new best friend. Get familiar.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I’ve come to the conclusion that whoever styles Kim right now secretly hates her..that is all.

  • earthshaker1217

    Ideologically, colorblindness sounds good and people will get an C- for effort. Practically, the concept just won’t work. I feel that colorblindness is nothing more than an extreme reaction to an altered perception of racism. They think that just because you acknowledge someone’s different from you that makes you wrong. There is nothing wrong with your baby seeing that she’s black and noticing when someone else is black and when someone else isn’t, Kim. I know you are going to make sure that your daughter knows she’s Armenian and the history of the Armenian people. History will most certainly snatch that colorblind idea away.

  • Shellbee

    It may not “see” color, but it will see hoes.

  • Toni Montanna

    one day this whole planet gonna turn into a khaki color with all these people mixing. so maybe those kids won’t see color. but as for now? they’ll see it. our hope is that they won’t be ashamed of it.

  • MarkAssBustahs

    oh kim…..though you may speak truth because of what you stand for your words will hold no weight for some of us….AND that’s one of the prices you paid for your “fame”

  • Elle

    Here are the cardinal rules of black procreation: 1) Beware of bitches who want to birth your child just to get a check. 2) Beware of bitches who think they know about black culture just because they know (and/or fucked) copious amounts of black people 3) Beware of white bitches who think they ain’t white. Welcome to the seventh ring of Satan’s layer Kanye. You fucked up on ALL fronts.

    • bb

      I need to write this down and mail it to all my cousins.

  • nell kaye pee

    Ok all that money kim got why can’t this poor chile buy some regular ass pants like wtf u trying to prove? But anywho shes a woman of color so this mess shes talking is pointless.

  • JazmineThomas

    I hate when white people ESPECIALLY rich white people who don’t have a slight fucking clue of our struggles, try to pull that color blind shit. Like no fuck all that bullshit. You can raise your mixed babies with that colorblind shit but when they go out into the world, you know to school and shit like that, REALITY is gonna slap them on some fucking glasses and they’re gonna see color more than ever and reminded of it. Don’t think just cause you fucked some niggas you understand and THEN have babies by them while not understanding the actual fucking shit your mixed BLACK children are gonna go through. All those niggas you dated and you colorblind? Fuck outta here

  • Saurus

    The world will see its color for it them. Sounds like she’s setting the child up for failure.

  • Marie

    I might be some ignorant white lady, but I thought that the black/white issue was in a better place? Yeah, I’m white and I call people “sweetie”, but I see white and black as counterparts. No better or worse, just different pieces/colors of the same whole. Am I living in white american “dream land”, then? I don’t agree with the Kardashians on anything BUT this.

  • Lovewill

    I’ll just say this. I’m mixed and my family is well educated…My grandfather was the second Black man to get a Ph.d from Johns Hopkins. We live on the North Shore and we are far from broke (Not to brag). But honestly…when you have money and speak well and get A’s in AP classes…you really don’t have to deal with color. White people may have preconceived notions until they see what we are wearing and that we speak proper English. It’s generally the people who are constantly mentioning “the struggle” that tend to have that issue. “the struggle” certainly hasn’t found me and I’m certainly not white.
    That is truly all. And to everyone who thinks they speak for everyone being under the umbrella of “the struggle” shut the fuck up and sit down.
    (This statement does not excuse Kim and Kanye…But I will agree with her point on this one.)

  • Jaders

    Tamar Braxton could totally give Kum KlitorisTrap some pregnancy fashion tips because she is totally embarassing herself with these so called “high fashion” clothes. Her momma has something to do with this catastrophe. Some where some how her hand is all in it…