Chris Brown Talks Forgiveness, His Temper and Rihanna Babies

Yellow Cake sat down with Ryan Seacrest yesterday and spoke very openly about his temper and arrogance causing that act of violence against Rihanna. There is absolutely no Lipton tea to that statement, because we all know Chris can fly off the handle, but at least he knows.

“Being at that young age, I can tell you I was arrogant and definitely hotheaded,” Breezy told On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday. “Everybody has a temper, but for me, it was not knowing how to control it when I thought I had the world in my hands.”

“You can lose it all,” CB continued. “And I’m not just saying fame or stardom, because that’s not what it’s about. I’m talking about dignity, integrity. You know, you lose yourself in a way. So in that process of having to deal with the trial and tribulations I went through at that time it was a learning step got me. I’m getting better as the days come.”

Chris also admitted that he wasn’t sure that Rihanna would ever forgive him, but he has tried to show her that he is genuinely remorseful for biting her and shit. He says the couple is just having fun right now and when Ryan asked about starting a family with RiRi, the “Don’t Judge Me” singer gave a sensible ass answer.

“It’s in a part of my brain, definitely,” Chris says. “I think right now I have a lot more people to take care of … So the family is there, its going to be what it is, hopefully that’s in the future and I can just wait it out. “

He sounds like he’s getting his head together, but I’m going to sit, wait and watch. I’m not going to get all disappointed if he appears on TMZ this weekend for kicking a Taco Bell cash register over in Hollywood.

Source: GG

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  • M.J.

    *plays “Heard It All Before”*

    • RamenNoodles

      YASSSSSSSSS let me just go to youtube.

    • Guest

      seems like self-shade considering you still clicked the link to post what we’ve all heard before as well.


    I’d be lying if i said i heard him speak with this much maturity before. I just hope he understands actions speak louder than words, so he better start SHOWING he can change cause talk is cheap. But i wish him the best and i think it’s pretty obvious he and the Queen of utter trash & flawless filth will one day start a family…..and maybe get married. IN that order! no shade

  • RamenNoodles

    Fuck all that. I’m just glad he’s going back to his roots, music wise. I hope he see’s success this time I don’t want another meltdown cause his album didn’t do good. Pop singles = hits, not album sales. Him, Usher, and Nicki will learn.

    • earthshaker1217

      Yes!! I want him to cabin in Virginia and make some good music, good art, and sickening dance moves. That’s all I ask, Chris.


    I want Chris to win again so bad UGH! Like there is no reason he should not be at the top with the rest of his class, like get it together boy! Swim in that bajan sea of holy fide life all you want if it makes you act right but get. it. together. boy!

  • Jacob Alexander

    He will be calm and more reformed, until walgreens runs out of “summer sunset blonde” hair bleach. In which case he will black the fuck out, chokeslam a child, beat up the 72 year old woman working in the pharmacy for telling him they were fully stocked, and he will end the fiasco by standing atop the counter in the front of the store singing “Man in the Mirror” and then collapsing. -drops mic-

    • RamenNoodles

      LMAO you ain’t shit for this and I ain’t shit for laughing.

      • Jacob Alexander

        -bows- thank you, we ain’t shit together. Now that’s the shit lol

        • erockbaby3000

          I joining this ain’t shit parade as well cause I laughed hella hard

    • Sherae Renee’

      LMAO! Flawless victory.

    • Carmen


    • Taylorrrrrr

      LMAOOOOO! Someone order me a casket and tell my mom I love her.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      You. Gotta. Go. SECURITY!!!! lmao

    • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

      to hell with you!! OMG! leave my behbey alone!

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

      I hate the fuck outta you right now.

      I laughed so hard and damn near died at the image of that light skinned boy chokeslaming somebody’s baby in the middle of a Walgreens.

    • DeezNuts!

      HA! U need a ol’ fashioned grandma’ ass whoopin w/a backyard switch for this correspondence lol!

    • Team Crissle!

      Jesus. Take this wheel for me sis.

    • Jacqxz

      *passes the fuck out* GET OUT MY DAMN HOUSEEEE Im weeeeaaaakkkk

    • Jade

      omg you aint right but its hilarious!!!! lmao!!! x___x

    • JazmineThomas

      Nooo I’m done! “kicking a Taco Bell cash register over in Hollywood.” “summer sunset blonde” I’m fucking dying!

    • p nut

      I am crying legit tears.

    • TerriBitch

      Im fucking dead!!!!!! Lmfao

    • Jacob Alexander

      Lmao 4 days and this is still getting love, thanks. For more shit like this hit me up


    SO they just gon go head and act like Lucy Lui didn’t exsist huh fury? Like they don’t mention or ask about her in not one damn interview they give Curry Goat & Yellow Cake…Damn LMAO

    • Keyshiascareer

      Kaylin better take notes, Tahiry and Joe about to Chrianna her ass in a hot second.

    • you know….

      why would they mention her? she was put in the recycle bin the second cb put out that rambling video…. all the stunts and lies that made folks thinking he was still messing with her was just that…. stunts and lies…..

      • Carmen

        and here I am wondering why the fuck they would mention Lucy Lui.. #late. Karmapolice has moved on with her life chile. she aint pressed.

      • Suchalady

        Oh but some of her stans still believe she stands a chance >_>

  • caseyG101

    Secretly, I think Rihanna hit ‘em with one of her famous chicken bones, cat blood and goat meat hexes, and he just can’t seem to get his shit together. I’m just so over this bogus-ass pattern… one minute he’s aware that he’s crazier than the Tasmanian Devil from the Looney Tunes and all he wants is your sympathy. Next, he’s on TMZ throwing furniture at the swap meet. This storyline is getting very old now.

    • earthshaker1217

      She was looking like an island priestess a few weeks ago. So…

    • girl bye

      Dont blame rihanna with some ”hex”.b.s.. Chris aint shitness is his fault. He needed a social media break. its working slowly. I wish him the best

  • Mimi

    “Grafitti”..Fucks that up by bitching about Wal-Mart (like who buys music at Wal Mart) didnt want to sell his album….”F.A.M.E.”..threw a chair after his GMA interview, the day his album came out..”Fortune”…fights with Aubrey at the W.I.P 3 weeks before his album comes out..History tells up that he’ll find some way to cast a dark cloud over his album (which he’ll blame on the media)…
    But with all that being said I am pulling for him for this album. If he can bring back “Exclusive” Breezy, that’ll give me life. I just have a feeling he’s gonna fuck up (probably by getting back on Twitter and cussing some one out (which I’m selfishly rooting for). But yeah, hopefully “Caleb Bryant” is in the past for good (strongly doubt it through..)

    • M.J.

      Prediction: This album, he’ll be in LA, and get into a minor fender bender… in which he’ll then go all Hulk, rip off his shirt, grab the other driver, and proceed to violently push and shake him onto the vehicle’s exterior, all the while spouting expletives and homophobic slurs. Then he’ll get in his car and drive off angrily to Rihanna’s coconut tree lined mansion.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    I just want to know what goes on this boy’s head when he paints/spray paints on walls. The creatures that he creates, I just want to know who/what in the hell inspires him to create these things and what he’s trying to get at in doing so.
    Anyways, hopefully he ceases the bullshit and continues to strive on the right path cuz time is ticking and don’t nobody have time for the nonsense he finds himself in these day. He’s too talented to be letting trash fulfill his life. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    As for starting a family with my favorite ratchet island bitch princess? Woooooooo JESUS! ……..I liked his answer, but I just don’t know about all that right now.

  • Shanna

    I’m rooting for Chris, I really am. I’m not going to get my hopes up because we have all seen him take 3 steps forward and 100 steps back. Honestly, I just wish that Olivia Pope was real so that someone could hire her to fix his career and keep it that way.

  • MyRandomAss

    Was Seacrest throwing shade at Nicki Minaj when he said JLo shows up on time?

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Yes. Yes he was lmao

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I’m just gonna pray for him and hope for the best

  • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

    my lil boo is doing much better. he seems to be maturing a great deal. im proud of him. cant wait for new music.

  • Nancy

    “For biting her and shit” lmfao :’( you gotta stop Fury..

  • Kayy

    “he has tried to show her that he is genuinely remorseful for biting her and shit. ” & thats my que to leave LMAO

  • CadyHeron

    Once again sis…this was cute Chris. Cute. I’ll see you on TMZ next week.

  • erockbaby3000

    So I take it that next week we’ll be seeing Chris go full “Caleb Bryant” on TMZ and bitch slapping a pregnant woman at an IHOP one morning or evening because she said she didn’t like his tattoos, before he starts throwing plates and shit at the employees cause they accidentally gave him regular syrup instead of blueberry.