Fury TV: Bow Down, Butch Queens!

Kid Fury March 25, 2013 Kid Fury TV 20 Comments

Here is my video reaction to Beyoncé’s infamous new record, “Bow Down / I Been On”, and why it is extremely important that Keyshia Cole get back to work on the MTA’s red line, so I can catch the train on time.

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  • Freeda

    You said basically everything she wanted to say in the one line “Bow Down”

  • Freeda

    Pickle Dicks!!!!! _______flatline______

  • Jazz

    Fury, you just collected my soul, edges, wig and feelings in one big pile and demolished them with this video. I. Live. For. You.

  • яℯd ⅴℯlⅴℯtℯℯи †

    LMMFAOMFDEWORLWE;JRLWKJL;KWJLKRJ;ELWKJ my very soul has ascended towards the very heavens of glory.

  • IyanlaVanDaymn

    This photograph. My life – I got it.

  • Pookie.

    Love Bey, like the song. I understand it but I can’t seem to get past the lack of modesty that she normally has.

  • Guest

    I’m just realizing you called her “Keyshia Cole Sore”…..gotdamn.

  • Wong Chia Chi

    I guess if you’re a Beyonce fan not necessarily Stan, then the song is great. I’m ambivalent about her so…I honestly think it’s just…eh.

    And truthfully, the mark of inferiority is telling someone/anyone how “superior” you are. If you were really superior it would be self evident, you wouldn’t have to tell anyone, they would know. I think that’s why I don’t like the song, not to mention the beat is mediocre and bland but do you think the Rothschilds or the Vanderbilts go around telling people : “We rich bitches. You wish you had our maids salary. Respect that.” No. They don’t because it would be redundant, their wealth speaks for itself, and that would also be poor taste.

    The only people who brag so openly about what they have or how they have it are people who deeply insecure in their position. It’s why the really wealthy will be cheap as hell, but the people who don’t have it buy flashy shit on credit to show off and they can barely afford it. A wealthy person will shop at Goodwill and wear it proudly and call it vintage. A rich person will buy the most expensive thing just to show that he has money. Someone leaked Jay-Z,credit report or something like that, and he owes some credit card company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    I think that’s how I feel about Beyonce. There’s a saying that the difference between the the rich and the wealthy is that ” Rich people have money, Wealthy people have class.” If Beyonce wanted to brag she could have done it more subtly but the fact that she feels like she has to tell “the haters” to bow down, who really shouldn’t even matter if she was really all she presents herself as, just proves that she is lacking in substance and integrity, which I mean we kind of already knew but..I guess if Beyonce wanted to brag and make herself feel good she definitely can, she’s Beyonce.

    But I don’t think the song did for her image what she seems to imagine it did. It just made her seem classless and tasteless looking for approval or respect from people who are supposed to be beneath her. Which I mean…she’s Beyonce. Why does she care what the “plebeians” think of her again? Maybe Beyonce cares because the plebeians’ criticism has merit and methinks the Lady doth protest too much.

    That’s just how I feel.

    • Cyndi

      And you really took the time out of your life to type all of that? If you don’t like the song then don’t listen!

      • Jamie Brewer-Mayberry

        Don’t you have to listen to the song to be able to form an opinion?!? I’m just saying…

    • Christina H

      Ch- This dissertation….. This is how I feel about it. EVERYBODY feels the need to stunt sometimes. EVERYBODY, it does not make them less of a person or have less class, it’s human, so why shouldn’t Beyonce?

      • Wong Chia Chi

        She already did that with “Diva” though and it was a much better song IMO. If she’s on top her stunting at this point in her career is either redundant or just insecure boasting or both. Either way it sounds boring.

    • Jazz

      You and your humanities essay that you just left in this comment section can calm the fuck down. Its about time this woman tooted her horn to remind people what the fuck she’s about. This woman has been called everything under the sun and scrutinized for every single thing she does. How long have people been saying that her music sucks, that she lipsynched, that her baby isn’t hers, that she’s fake, that she’s secretive, that she’s overrated, that she isn’t black enough, that she isn’t a real feminist? I think this was just her gathering all that negative energy and transforming it to a big hearty helping of shut the fuck up for all the haters. And as expected, ya’ll ate it up. Chow down, bitches!

      • Can a bitch speak eloquently..

        Well it ain’t like your comment was short and to the point either. IJS…pot….kettle…::shrug::

    • LivEternalYouth

      Where’s the collection plate?


    People that are truly great never have a need to tell other people how great they are.
    Just like people who walk around talking about how they’re on the A-List usually aren’t.

  • Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Ring

    “It’s like 3 shots in the air at King of Diamonds and all these bitches need to hit the dirt” lmfao! My life has been collected and I now have nothing to live for!

    • Kelly Rowland’s cocoa butter

      Your name though…. I’m sure Chris Humphries’s wife pawned that ring the first moment she got.

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    See! Fury said the same thing I said. “Bow Down / I Been On” probably won’t be a single. I wish the Internet would chill.

    I would kill, steal and destroy for a video, though. Hell, I’ll take another promo. Lord knows that take that “I Been On” was featured on before was the business.

  • Angel Manneh

    I’m not a Bey fan anymore but at least she’s putting out music. And it’s good music as well. Can’t say the same for Keyshia Cole though. This is why she’s going no where ’cause she voices her opinion too much and nobody wants to hear it. First it was Michelle at the SuperBowl now it’s Beyonce. She needs to have several seats.