Dawn Richard Covers Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe’

Kid Fury March 25, 2013 Live! 21 Comments

Dawn: Last of the Danities rocked a sold-out show at Yoshi’s in San Francisco last week for her Goldenheart tour. After you get into her jumper and long weave, check out this cover she did of Kendrick Lamar’s popular tune, “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”.

Dawn mixed the west coast rapper’s song with Dirty Money’s own “Ass On The Floor” to the crowd’s delight. I still haven’t listened to her solo debut, so I should probably get into that before Hurricane Giselle blows these wigs off.

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  • Ten Ten

    I’m so mad that she did this cover. And what the fuck does she have on?

    Ugh, my Mondays just got so much worse.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    WHAT IN THE SAM HELL… she don’t got no friends to have decided to rock that on stage

  • child support

    why? where is miss combs? why is he not keeping a tight hold on his flop babies?

    • RamenNoodles

      She’s no longer with him. She wanted to do her own thing. Flop? But yet she’s charting on the charts and selling out shows with no label/little promo.

      • child support

        dawn is that you? I must’ve hit a nerve stating MY opinion on how I don’t see it for ya… my bad.

        • RamenNoodles

          Opinion? You asked a question and I answered it.

          • IyanlaVanDaymn

            !! Yes, can’t knock her hustle. get it, gurl.

  • FrostBiteMuah

    Not a fan in general but I’m happy she has a life outside of BAD BOY.

    I guess Diddy really is a changed man after all….or perhaps she’s flying so low under the radar that he don’t even know she outchea. lol

  • Jacob Alexander

    Real shit, I dig Dawn. She has her own personality, she is definitely a talented singer and writer. Unfortunately, she came from the Diddy umbrella, so she is automatically discredited if he’s not with her on a song, or album, or toilet. It could be much worse, she could be like to kill a mockingbird …I mean Kileena I think her name is? She served me at Waffle House the other day here in Birmingham, I just smiled and threw her name in my quick “God bless this meal” prayer.

  • Tiffany Shawn

    The lil outfit doesn’t even fit her small frame :( Poor thing needs a stylist. I didn’t have a prob with the cover but couldn’t get into the other vid because I’ve never heard that track.


    To Kid Fury, I mean this in ALL seriousness, her album “GoldenHeart” is brilliant! Even if you dont want to pay for it, I’d suggest you atleast go on youtube and check the album out. “86″, “Riot”, “Northern Light”, “Frequency”, “Warfaire”, “In Your Eyes” are all must haves for the ipod!!

    • GLO

      Preach! I love GoldenHeart! :)

  • Jazz

    I think we’re over the Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe renditions. There are only a few who could pull it off and they’ve done it. So no more please. Thanks

  • Keyshia’s Gapartment

    i don’t really think there’s a reason for anyone to say mean comments about Dawn. musically speaking. Her outfit here may not be the best here but she is very creative musically, has a lovely voice, and good music. Some of y’all need to give people a chance sometimes.

    • Mimi

      thank you!! you cant hate a bitch for trying..what are the rest of DK doing? besides, her album and EPs are great! she can wear a zip lock bag, and as long as that music is on point, i dont care!

      • Keyshia’s Gapartment

        lol i know!

  • IyanlaVanDaymn

    Get it, Dawn.

  • Nicole

    she looks nice but i havent been here for her voice sing making the band. how may singers are gonna try an fail with singing this song?

  • R E A L L Y ? ? ?

    I LOVEE this. I like how she jazzed it up

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    Dawn is a beast. I want her to do well. I really do.

  • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

    i couldnt stand her on MTB and cant convince myself to buy that CD…