Ciara Rocks Hello Kitty Onesie For Perez Hilton’s Birthday Party

Kid Fury March 25, 2013 Red Carpets 50 Comments

Maybe Perez Hilton’s 35th birthday party was a pajama jam where a bunch of queens and hags sat around eating Cool Ranch tacos and watching a Girls marathon. That’s the only way I can think to explain Ciara’s attire for the event.

The dancer showed up in a Hello Kitty onesie, with matching Uggs, a wifebeater and Ray Bans. Her “body party” must come with cupcakes and Pedialyte. How do you feel about it?

Photos: Necole Bitchie

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  • DRB

    Why would you go to this….

    • FrostBiteMuah

      yep, there’s the only question I have….

    • Earthshaker1217

      Right. Perez Hilton? I guess.

  • Ten Ten

    I just……..

    Yep, I got nothing. :(

  • Bri

    Listen… im here for the fact that you said “the dancer” Subtle shade

  • Mimi

    This bitch needs to be in the “Swagger Jack” Hall of Fame. First Bey, then Janet now Miley Cyrus. It aint a coicidence that 3 days ago MC was twerking in a Unicorn Onesie and now this…just saying…

    • Guest

      It was a pajama party…..hater are really dense these days.

      • Mimi

        its great to see Ci Ci has at least 1 fan! Cute for her :)

  • StellarTanz

    there is no excuse for this outfit, I don’t care what she has to say.

  • RamenNoodles

    Did she get a nose job? She just look so different to me.

  • Food Stamp Tramp

    I wonder if they played truth or dare and Perez dared CiCi to share her tips on being verse..

    • mamajunesgirdle

      I just collapsed!

  • nuNu

    Just go Ciara. Away. I stopped checking for her after her Cadillac roof top humping days she and future need to disappear

  • caseyG101

    It could be worse…

    • SouthernShellac

      That damn Rocky the Flying Squirrel costume wasn’t fool enough, I guess

  • Gullible

    Perez is a new father and I’m utterly disgusted.

    • jajay22

      what?! did he adopt or a surrogate?! I stopped checking for him a long time ago

      • Gullible

        Surrogate,the poor premature baby has been handed to the devil himself. Perez has pics with his new son,one very disturbing moment captured with his finger in the child’s mouth.

        • OneChop

          Everyone has the right to experience loving a child, just because he acts one way in the spotlight doesn’t categorize him as a bad father. Children put anything they can get their hands on in their mouth – a finger is the least of concerns….

          • Gullible

            It’s a newborn premature baby. His fingers should be no where near that child’s mouth. Perez is a piece of shit and doesn’t deserve a child. I didn’t say he was a bad father,the baby is would anyone know he’s a bad father if he just became one? He’s scary and extremely negative so I feel sorry for the baby. Not everyone deserves to have a child.

          • OneChop

            The baby isn’t brand new and babies need to experience germs so their immune systems can get stronger but whatever you say. Because you don’t like him as a person he doesn’t deserve a family? People use defenses like that against gays adopting children. I actually stopped caring mid post so I’m just gonna end it here.

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            No offense hunny but the way he acts in the spotlight should be the reason why he shouldn’t raise ANY child, we don’t need another hateful person like him in this world. Not everyone is meant to be a parent. The person he presents to public is him 24/7 and if it’s not he needs to gain a bit of integrity .

        • jajay22

          well damn..

  • M.J.

    She looks like those girls that go around in nothing more than their housecoat/clothes shopping in the store, looking all types and levels of unkempt.

    • Eviana

      Lol…. There’s levels?….DEAD

  • Amber

    My mom’s favorite phrase just came to mind: “Did you really leave the house looking like that?”

  • LiLi Jones

    lmao pajama jam. oh god

  • BugABoo


  • SouthernShellac

    Someone has lost her black-ass mind

  • MarkAssBustahs

    she just has a knack for being completely irrelevant to me. sorry not sorry

    • Kordell’s Empty Chair

      The SHADE!

  • lmao


  • DGNG

    It was a damn pajama party. What the hell do you want her to wear?

    • Guest

      Obviously people just want to hate for no reason. I try not to use that word but when folks try to shade a person for wearing pajamas to a fucking pajama party…

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      clearly ya’ll can’t read Fury did say “Maybe Perez Hilton’s 35th birthday party was a pajama jam” meaning he didn’t know but assumed it was…. laaawd BLESS US ALL!!!

  • luthervandrossSCURL

    When the checks stop coming in you got to wear what you can afford

  • Nicole

    the. fucking. dancer…… jesus
    hello kitty is trash and she looks a lot like Draya

  • salley

    She lightened her skin.

  • That girl MEL!

    But it WAS a pajama party. Just saying.

  • Keyshia Cole’s Hit Record

    But why does she look like Karrueche during that Rihanna beef situation?

    • Jacob Alexander

      I’m so mad at your name right now lmfao!

  • Guest

    Fury, if you got the pic and info from NecoleB, then you know it was a pajama party… why are you being messy? I thought you had some type of resolution to do better. If you dislike her so much, why even bother to post anything at all?

  • Dreful

    It’s like Ciara chooses to be boring/corny at all cost. I mean her face is snatched and looking lighter but still boring as all get out.

  • jazmine thomas

    I’m soo not understanding the amount of shit talking in the comments on her, I mean it’s a damn PJ party, all she has is PJs, a bun, tank top, and some shades. I don’t see the reason to talk so negatively though. People say that she needs to just stop but you’re on a post…about her…by choice? Anyway I think it’s a cute little PJ outfit, even though I don’t understand why she even went to Perez’s party anyway hell it’s Perez.

  • Jacob Alexander

    I don’t even understand why Perez Hilton still has life in the industry. Anybody remember the fight with Will.I.Am where he called Will a homophobic slur and then got chin checked? Does anybody remember how Perez said and quote “My initial reaction was to call him a Nigger” REALLY? Yet people are still riding his bottom dick, taking their black asses to his birthday parties, and acting as if everything is all Golden Girls & Snack Crackers (that means good). This bitch could have gone wearing a Gucci gown with louis vuitton slippers and fubu draws, and people still would have hated, but for all the wrong reasons. F*ck Perez, and his rabbit face, and his racist mindset.

    • Shazza

      Well Paris Hilton’s been busted doing the same thing yet Lil Wayne performed at her party. Of course, that was for a check (I hope) . But I agree with you.

      • Jacob Alexander

        Well at this point it’s been proven that Lil Wayne will do anything for Molly Money.

  • Dais

    This baby needs to seriously get her life

  • Brittany

    he looks 45

  • NaomiCampbell’sEdges

    why is this comcast customer service representative on the red carpet? i’ve been on hold for a good minute and i haven’t heard shit from y’all yet. get back to work sis.