Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Out In New York City [Photo]

Kid Fury March 25, 2013 Memoirs of a Creole 27 Comments

Beyoncé: Ruling Wig Disintegrator was spotted in New York City yesterday after having lunch with her daughter, Blue Ivy, at Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

The “Bow Down” diva doesn’t seem like she’s worried about hiding her baby’s face, although we can hardly see it. Blue was, once again, over your cameras and ready to go the hell home.

However, do you see those long legs cuffed in Timberland boots? I had to question the authenticity of this photo, because I’ve never seen such a tall 15-month old child. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up eating honey baked unicorn and drinking angel tears.

Source: Crissle

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  • Jenny

    She’s cute! But i think its the way she’s holding her that makes blue look tall.. It looks like bey was in the middle of holding her up more

    • auntie crissle

      i agree, she looks like she was about to hoist her up a little further and the photographer caught them at an awkward angle. But either way, this child’s legs are longer than mine and I’m mildly pressed about it.

      • Jenny

        Lmao bey’s breast milk must have some kind of super protein!

      • khurt24

        I agree with the mildly pressed sentiment.

  • Ten Ten

    “I guess that’s what happens when you grow up eating honey baked unicorn and drinking angel tears.”

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m OUT.

  • @KaLii_huxtable

    My nieces and nephews were all long legged tall toddlers so I have no problem believing the photo. Plus you know Blue only dines on the purest of fruits and veggies grown straight from Jesus’ garden.

    • CadyHeron

      Yassssssss for Jesus garden

    • Eviana


  • RamenNoodles

    Omg she’s gonna be fucking tall. Bey is 5’7 and Jay is like what 6’4? She’s so cute. I’m in here cheesing hard like its my child, such a weirdo lol

    • FrostBiteMuah

      Jay’s not 6’4 but yea Blue’s gonna have some height on her. Matthew and Solange look to be taller than Bey as well.

  • Keyshia’s Gapartment

    Well it would make sense that Blue Bell is that tall lol no but seriously, her mom is above average height and Jay is pretty tall so yeah makes sense. I’m not gonna deal with you saying she drinks angel tears! lmaoo

  • Keyshia Cole’s Hit Record

    Blue has no time for shenanigans. That child is the ultimate shade, and I am completely here for it.

    • bb

      And your name….
      I’m just glad someone found you.

  • LisLis

    Her lil outfit is so hood and cute lol

  • khurt24

    I agree at the mildly pressed sentiment.

  • miles

    She’s always shading every photographer at hand. YAS Blue YAS

  • kelly rowland

    Anyone else notice the sign on the trash can “Litter only” No household trash or business trash, $100 fine. So if i threw away a house napkin I could get a ticket. WOW!
    Oh and some woman and her long-legged child are in the picture too.

  • whoop

    Yeah, I was a tall, toddler myself, doctor thought I’d be over 6 foot, but I’m 5’7, which is my moms height, blue will probably be bey’s height. I love her facial expression, so cute!

  • EbonyLolita

    I LOVE Buttermilk Channel. Great brunch! But now I know the QUEEN goes here I will call b4 showing up cuz Chileeeeeeee

  • Elle

    See this is why I love Kid Fury…My day was so made when I read this!

  • yes gawd

    bey always looks like blue could drop any minute lol

  • Nancy

    Bey always holding Blue like she’s struggling. She’s a gorgeous child though. With big feet and long legs.

  • Skii Walker

    I’m just glad to see that Ms. Blu is dressed like a normal toddler. I’m so done with rich people who dress their kids like wizards and fairies (no shade to Will & Jada).

  • ZJ

    What a cutie. It’s nice to see her face for a change. I was wondered how long they were going to keep her draped up.

  • MissMe

    My son is 3ft tall and he turned 2 yesterday lol it happens

  • Jesus be a negative paternity

    that baby is going to be tall with some long ass legs chile. My lil cousin just turned three & he’s tall as hell i thought the lil boy was 5 at first

  • Kim.Couture

    i take pictures of blue ivy to my eyebrow lady so she knows what i mean by “snatched to the gawds”