Video: French Montana – Freaks (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Kid Fury March 7, 2013 Videos 48 Comments

Bad Boy rapper, French Montana, wrapped the video for his latest single “Freaks” in LA last month. You can get a full taste of the reggae-inspired visuals and Nicki Minaj’s breasts in the footage below. It seems like a long commercial for Malibu rum, if you ask me.

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  • Dee

    Hate the song.. But the video wasn’t too bad.

    • justme

      I feel the exact opposite.

      • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

         I do too. If this came on in the club, I’d probably go full retard on the floor. They coulda’ kept this fake Sean Paul video though.

        • @yeaThtsMyBitch

          ooh remember ponytail. that chick that was in all 4 of Sean Paul’s videos. I still Stan for her!! why they ain’t call her

        • Earthshaker1217

          Me too. I would get hype in the club if this started playing. French Montana didn’t bring that much energy though.

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    NO he DIDN’T put a sample of ‘Murder She Wrote’ in this Bad Boy Bullshit….There needs to be a campaign banning C, D, and E list artists from using CLASSICS in their trash songs.

    • esha

       Plus they ruined another classic “freak” by Lil’ Vicious and Douggie Fresh just for that extra fuckery.

    • Just Sayin

      Amen in the name of every reggae classic

  • sassy_ma2312

    Hmmmm…..well I loved the beat and her hair and the outfits she wore were hot. This video *yawn* clda been mo betta boo

  • Katherine LaFrances Pitts

    Blacks, we are our downfall.

    • Sis


    • Lace frontin Minaj

       i cosign this statement…smh

    • Gullible

      No hun,that ratchet weave is your downfall.

      • Katherine LaFrances Pitts

        At least I am not a coon on national television or the internet. I can change my hair, but their coonery remains. You are white therefore you have no say in this issue. You are dismissed ma’am.

  • Bry!

    I really wish she didn’t compare her snatch to beloved Lion King’s Mufasa. Like keep my childhood from your box girl, please.

    Other than that “act a fuck uuuuuuuup”

    • Just Sayin

      Thank you she went too far when she attempted to reach for Mufasa

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      That line was so blasphemous

    • Nicki’s Fired Glam Squad

      It would be a better comparsion if she said Scar instead.

      • Earthshaker1217


  • Jazz

    Onigga, girl, let’s have a heart to heart.

    Take a step back and revel. You come so far. American Idol, Grammy performances, lip gloss and perfume lines…do you really want to erase what little respect you’ve already gotten by being seen in a basement production with cheap pasties glued to your melons, a $40 beauty supply store wig, and a flea market jacket on? I mean, let’s elevate.

    • Guest

      I really want Superblue and The Mighty Sparrow to sit her down and threaten her with licks from a swizel stick for her behaviour. I rebuke this recycled ass video in the name of Jesus, the scarlet ibis, and delicious doubles.

      • Amyamy220

        *DEAD* big ups to my trinis :)

    • Eviana


  • Valencia Washington

    Nicki is so happy that titty job scars are gone. Bitch werk.

    • DeJuan

      I’m out.

  • entertainmeh

    Lil’ Kim and a low grade Morocco-American Sean-A-Paul releasing a video they did 12 years ago…that is all I saw.

    • Suchalady

       Me too.

  • Maharaja Misty

    Liza Minnelli & French Montanta only people I know of that would bring furs to a reggae club tho. All this song makes me wanna do is look for my old Reggae Gold albums, its so 

  • Trch1097


  • Konichiwa Kitty

    womp,womp, woooommmp. 

  • MissDom

    Why couldnt they get Nicki another pair of leggings to match her black shirt instead of the same ones…oh, wait…that must have been the moment where she fired her whole glam squad and they took the rest of their clothes with them…..

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I pressed play just to laugh at the struggle of Nicholas tryna twerk that silicone… po dat.

    • Bry!

      She be trying hard too! Like, girl, ain’t you from the Islands? Did anybody else peep how she made it clear she NEVER had work done on her face? For years we been asking bout dem titties and that ass. 

    • RamenNoodles


  • Lace frontin Minaj

    i know this is off topic but where can i find some good underground r&b and hip hop music?….im over this ratchet generation ive been taking my brain back to the 90s ive been bumping Lost Boyz, redman and method man biggie Pac and LL real heavy i can’t listen to this embarrassing music anymore…Diddy should be ashamed of himself he comes from an era where he knows what real hip hop is and this ratchetness aint it

    • Tiny’s Dusted Dictionary

      Sis… a struggling musicholic as well, but cant seem to find good music around to rehabilitate me. Lauryn Hill, pac, and biggie can’t satisfy me forever. Im so here for these new artists who actually talk about things, and not repeat the words “sex,bitches,money,boobs,ass” twenty times on a beat. I recommend emeli sande for r&b, idk about hip hop right now, please let me know if you find anything I gotta stop smoking on these rocks……

      • lace frontin minaj

        ill def check out emeli sande i think i heard of her….thanks

    • Jordan

      Just some suggestions for rap: Big Krit, The Cool Kids, Yelawolf, Schoolboy Q, and Joey Badass. When it comes to the new artist in R&B, I’ve been only listening to Elle Verner and Luke James. But there’s also a bunch of pop/indie rock artists I’ve been listening to like Ed Sheeran, The Lumineers, and fun. Hope any of that helps.

      • lace frontin minaj

        thanks soooo much im loving Big Krit so far….ill keep you guys  posted on the rest 

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Search under 9th wonder he has a group (It’s a wonderful world music Group IWWMG) He has some dope artists as well.

      • lace frontin minaj

        thanks ill check out 9th wonder tonight!!!

  • guest

    Can someone teach NICKI how to dance please…she too stiff wit it…  I’m gonna yank her Caribbean card in a minute.

  • Artisan Walker

    Jesus, build a fence and be my rock as I wonder why they thought it was necessary to pull that child’s tiddays out.

  • Ziggy

    2002 and “Gimme the Light” want their ideas back.

  • MissMe

    I wonder if Nicki Minaj ever gets frustrated that her ass doesnt move…

  • Afastarr32

    Ummmmm, loooooook.
    Morocco Mole needs to stop dropping n-bombs all over the place.

    That’s not cute or necessary.

    Neither is Onika. She tries so hard. So. Hard.

  • CadyHeron

    -Scratches head- Anyone here for this?

  • Bre ( • Y • )ԅ(·_·ԅ)

    Sounds like a Sean Paul song remixed with trash lyrics from this trash ass rapper. Really wish his 15 minutes were over already.