Solange Performs ‘Losing You’ In Atlanta With Janelle Monae

Kid Fury March 4, 2013 Live! 10 Comments

Solange touched down at The Masquerade in ATL last week to give fans their True lives in concert. When closing out the show with her lead single “Losing You”, Solo’s good friend, Janelle Monáe, joined her on stage and the whole show became a house party. I would really like to hear these two beautiful women on a song together, because I stan for them both.

Source: Necole Bitchie

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  • heyy now

    I was there. It was amazing. Janelle was turnt the hell up. It was smoked out. It was magical.

  • guest

    Is that a Wedding ring on solange’s finger>??? That seemed like an incredible experience, wish I was there.

  • Judge Nae Brown

    I love love love Janelle Monae.. she is sooo talented and super underrated.. I bet that was the shit.. wish I was there lol

  • J34n4y

    Janelle Monae looks like a doll, she’s so gorgeous!!

  • Deda

    That looked so fun. I have my tickets for the Houston show, LAWD PLEASE let it be just as good.

  • Kayy

    Ah man, this makes me mad that I missed Solange when she came to Toronto, damn that looked like so much fun.

  • Shellbee

    Solange AND Janelle?! My soul has been lifted!

  • Earthshaker1217

    I want Solange to be on Janelle’s next masterpiece. Seriously, what is Bad Boy doing? I need them to stop playing games and give Janelle Monae whatever she wants. I don’t care if she wants everyone in her entourage and the office to wear nothing but black and white tuxes. They better do it.

  • Linda

    That was amazing!  I loved to see Solange and Janelle on stage together. I hope they collaborate on a song or project together in the future.

  • ddttrs

    I love them both. I would follow Solange and her band of merry men wherever they went if I could! I saw her perform at XOYO in London just over a month ago and when she brought out Oli from the XX to cover ‘Make it Hot’, I finally understood what it is to “get my life”.