Fantasia Links With Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott For New Album

Kid Fury February 26, 2013 A Little Something Good...I Think. 22 Comments

Fanny Mae has released the official tracklisting to her fourth studio album, Side Effects Of You, today. The upcoming project features 13 tracks with appearances from Missy Elliott, Kelly Rowland and rapper King Los. The Target-exclusive deluxe edition holds two added bonus records.

Fantasia is especially excited about this album for one certain reason. “It’s my baby ’cause I finally got to write,” she told Steve Harvey. “I just wanted so bad to do something like that and I thank the record company, RCA, for allowing me to finally be able to do that on this album.”

Side Effects Of You Tracklisting

1. “Make Me Feel” featuring King Los
2. “Ain’t All Bad”
3. “If I Was a Bird” [walked right into that one, didn't she? -- Fury]
4. “Girl Talk (Interlude)”
5. “Without Me” featuring Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott
6. “Side Effects of You”
7. “Get It Right”
8. “So Much to Prove”
9. “Change Your Mind”
10. “Lighthouse”
11. “Lose to Win”
12. “End of Me”
13. “In Deep”
14. “Haunted” (Target Exclusive)
15. “Kiss Bang Boom” (Target Exclusive)

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  • @heaventhemua

    Awww they gave her a chubby pencil and that brown horizontal paper and let her get her life. Good for her!

    • Shadestress


    • @yeaThtsMyBitch

      I hated that paper, every time you erase, half the paper comes off. and for that, ima have to escort you out the comments

  • Lil Wayne’s lonely shower

    I love ‘Lose to win’.

    • Shady mcgrady

      I love lose to when too!!! LMAO!!!! Anyway…….I read the part where it said she wrote then happen to scroll down & see that damn gif!!! Real tears started falling! Oh the shade!!

  • Coonye West

    I can’t wait. No shade here.


    The fuck is a King Los?

  • Maharaja Misty

    She really did skip into that on on ‘If I A Bird’- too easy.
    Ever since someone said her promo pic makes her look like the stripper from ‘New Jack City’ I can’t help but imagine her in several scenes from the movie. Her fast ass dancin in front of Nino to ‘I Wanna Sex You Up’,and GMoney standin right there,  when she know Micheal Michele cain’t have no babies!

  • Beyoncelover56


  • M.J.

    “If I Was a Bird”… a little late on that one, Fanny… 

  • RamenNoodles

    The shade behind that gif, the shade! If I was a bird? Oh, she tried that. Other than that, I can’t wait to hear it. 

  • TheFantasiaBarrinoStory

    idk.. But everytime I hear fantasia speak , I automatically think illiterate. lmao…but I like her music though.

  • Gullible

    That gif,perfect.

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

      That Njena Reddd Foxxx read.

      Which is fitting ’cause Fantasia can’t.

  • Carmen

    I thought the Shade was “Target Exclusive”.. but I see its not. Yay for Waffle House Reckits for letting Fanny get her life.

  • lovewill

    I’m surprised they managed to keep the repo men away long enough to do the promo shoot with her in a fur coat. 


  • Orange soda

    So…her whole team was on board with this Memoirs of a Geisha cover? Okay. Well, at least she got to “write” (without supervision?). All jokes aside, I do like Lose to Win, so I’m interested to hear what else she has to offer

  • VH1′s Casting Director

    I would say that Fantasia read herself with “If I was a bird” but……well y’all know the rest

  • CadyHeron

    This shade speaks for itself.

  • keilo

    Target Exclusive??

    What’s a Target Exclusive??

    Hey guys, what’s a Target Exclusive???

    Yeah a Target Exclusive…

    What’s that??

    • bb

      It means “Your career is now pointless and is whispering it’s last words” in Swahili….

  • Realtalk

    Don’t mind me – I’m just here for the shade.  And it is fabulous!

  • Lovely_SimSim

    What happened to “When to Love” (Win to Love)? Maybe I overlooked it on the tracks, but I don’t think I saw it. Did they drop it after she promoted the wrong title?