Rihanna Celebrates 25th Birthday In Hawaii With Chris Brown

Kid Fury February 21, 2013 Candid Yams, Curry Goat Tales 44 Comments

Curry Goat had a smashing 25th birthday yesterday with blunts, balloons and Breezy. The infamous couple escaped to Oahu, Hawaii with Rihanna’s family and friends where they had an intimate Pisces celebration.

After a walk on the beach early in the day, Rihanna’s Instagram lit up with Polaroid shots from her party that night. The pop star also announced her new cosmetics deal with MAC yesterday, while her latest single, “Stay,” shot up to the 3rd spot on Billboard.

Photos: FlameFlyNet/Instagram

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  • Toni Montanna

    such a beautiful catastrophe. from the outside looking in, i wish them the best!

  • Happy bday gurl

    As much as i don’t like Chris for her, they are perfect for one another it just seems. Two crazy asses, though he still crazier

  • Youleftmycommentfordead


  • CS

    lol y’all can keep it

  • lace frontin minaj

    My bday was the 19th..she always seems so sad I get it…even in a room full of ppl you can still feel alone…being a Pisces is tough all the emotions

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    more interested in yellow cakes cakes rather than Rihanna’s pancake ass.

  • IGuess


  • RamenNoodles

    Did they just have sex or…? lol

    • YouDontWantNoProblems



      • RamenNoodles

        I’m saying that looking at her hair and his shorts being so low.

        • Earthshaker1217

          Probably. They’re both freaks.

  • Seats

    KanIGetAWutWut must be thinking back to a year ago wondering how did she get here?

    • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

      bwahahah. i bet she is. tired ass ho. im not here for her. 

    • Suchalady

       Or thinking of new ways to sell that “I’m not sure what Chris & I are” story >__>

  • Sigh…


    Rih is winning. Living her life on her own terms. Niggas been complaining and bitching for months now, but I can’t see how it’s hurt her yet! Do you, then, Mrs. Yellow Warrior. Do. You.

  • Jazz

    Bobby and Whitney 2013

    • Entertainemeh

      More like, Ike and Tina….Kurt and Courtney…Sid and Nancy

    • slayin

      Comment of the year

  • MissDom

    Hold up…..wasnt he with Kurrychicken a couple of days ago???
    You kno what….they confused the fuck out of me.
    Rhi-Rhi, u can have that headache…..LITERALLY!

    • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

      he and Ms. Chen are business partners… 

      • CaramelHottie

        And we know that for sure? No offense but I’m just saying… 

        • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

          i think it’s pretty safe to say that they are business partners. the whole “kill” shit… i dont think he fondles her anymore. she’s irrelevant. if he is, he’s cray cray. who goes from sugar to shit, back to sugar, just to get more shit? my man aint that crazy. 

  • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

    i fucking LOVE these two. i still want my man back, but they are so perfect together. 

  • AH

    Neither of them seem as happy as they were in 2008/2009. Something about their relationship seems forced like they’re trying to hold it all together for the public. I dont know, just an observation.

    Rih Rih stans, I’m not here for your back & forth comment section debates. I said what I said, now DEAL.

    • BaddieS

      I said the same exact thing,like forcing love to work on one another….Sometimes it’s better to love from a distance. But hey, more power to them!

    • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment


  • Tjfdragon

    Yellow cake was hanging with Ms. Swan during all-star weekend…  just “business partners” – yeah right
    I see an Oscar Pistorius Pt II in the making….

  • CaramelHottie

    I like them both but I wont be here for it until Chris seems to have matured. But if RiRi like it I love it..

  • wtf

    Best wishes to them!..on another sorry but people keep hyping up rih’s /body butt talking bout she got cake …where??? i think she lost too much weight & it could be too much weed much weed does one need to smoke in the day -.-

  • Missnicole930

    They look fine. I’m sure the just want to be left the hell alone!

  • Jamie

    They both look like coke heads, so it is what is it. But Happy Birthday, girl. 

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Good luck to them both . It’s so toxic but I know she is happy as fuck that she got her boy back! So more power to them. Hopefully they get it right this time.

    Chris pull your shorts up boy! 

  • Callme72

    they look like two meth addicts 

  • Darianndavis123

    You mean she stole her boy back lol 
    And I feel like he’s forcing it to make her happy, but she wants the relationship more than he does. She’s the one holding it together, chris just looks depressed, but i guess you can’t judge from pictures! He deserves just as much happiness as she does.

  • Nicki Minaj’s Sanity

    To me, it looks like Rihanna is the one that wants this relationship so badly. It seems like Chris’ approach towards it is “Ok, i guess *shrugs*….” But i mean i really do wish them the best.

  • Beyoncelover56

    PISCES STAND UP!!!!!!!!
    My bday is march 12!!!

    Thats about it!

  • Kayy

    Eh… What happened to her body, her ass? 

    • Blatant Ly

      For real. I’m more concerned about her current lack of bottoz than anything else. 

  • Kyana

    She looks so happy in that last pic, I’m here for happiness!

  • XYandZ

    Hey Kid Fury, just thought I’d check-up on my all-time favorite sodomite. And just how are things in the land of Kaposi’s Sarcoma and opportunistic infections?  Kid Fury hangs his crosses upside down, burns the Old Testament, picks fights with Boy Scouts, and doesn’t need to sleep with a fly net.  Fury, at any time I could “trespass” that “ban”. Thing is, do I crash your site, or just say “Fuck It”..?!
    X,Y,”"”"and Z”"”" — OUT..!!

  • xy”and z”

    Hey Fury, you know what? Fuck it!

    X,Y,”"”"and Z”"” — OUT..!!

  • Courtney CarCASHian

    Chris just looks like he’s going along for the ride. He never looks happy in the pics of them together. It seems like she’s a millie times more interested than he is. I think it fits in perfect with her “Unapologetic” era image, bu it’s not helping him at all.

  • HoneyDippedWords

    all you koochie stans get out the comments section please -__-
    yall can believe whatever makes yall feel better about ur favorite koncubine getting dumped for Rihanna but no one forced that man to fly his ass to hawaii if he did not want to be there.

  • thesuavegent86

    Is it me? or is she looking very thin these days?