Video: RuPaul – Peanut Butter (feat. Big Freedia)

Kid Fury February 8, 2013 Videos 24 Comments

I love how RuPaul is not only making drag mainstream again, but also showing where Nicki Minaj got her current look from. The superstar queen joins forces with New Orleans bounce diva, Big Freedia for the new track, “Peanut Butter.” The song and video are simply a fun time…although you probably shouldn’t watch this at work.


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  • Lusciousraen

    I’m setting an alarm on my phoneto remind myself to watch as soon as I get off work.
    I love both these divas!

    • Nicole

      im setting this AS a phone alarm!! i just got alllllll of my life!

  • RamenNoodles

    I love this song I heard it on Ru Paul Drag Race (I haven’t watched it in awhile) but once that shit came on I went straight to Youtube to download that shit to MP3. I got all my life!

  • RuPauls1stWig

    RuPaul will forever be the queen of drag and you bitches will deal!! For you youngster check out her very first single “Work” and get your life!!

    Sashay Shaunte!!

    • Ghesquiere

      …”Supermodel (You Better Work)”

      • CadyHeron

        Yassss! That gave me life!

  • Entertainemeh

    That was a lot of bouncing peens, oh my…and was the pit crew in there doing the snapping turtle too? That was super cute but def NSFW lol

  • Trch1097

    Love me some RuPaul!

  • The702Diva

    I mean damn, I can’t twerk like that!! Go RuPaul!!!

  • MissDom

    The guys pop it better than females do….

  • britchick91

    I know i’m not the only one that thought it was Nicki at first glance 

    • Gullible

      *raises hand*

    • SoulGlo

       I was going to say the same but had to check to see if anyone else already said that… I thought, what video has she come out with now…

    • Earthshaker1217

      I sure did. I said who is Nicki doing a song with now. Oh wait that’s RuPaul. Even better.

  • gabicaligirl

    So no Big Freddia last Sunday, but when I saw this….yay!

  • Onika’s Common Sense

    Jelly wasn’t the ONLY thing shaking and I am HERE FOR THAT

  • Earthshaker1217

    I don’t know if I should laugh at the twerking or applaud it.

  • Debo’s Chain

    I particularly enjoyed the part where they mentioned Peanut Butter.

  • Pepper Anne

    I will always and forever be here for anything RuPaul. I loved it!! 

  • TextualHarrassment

    Big Feedia you better work bitch! Go ahead and put on for New Orleans!

  • CadyHeron

    Yassss Ru Paul pop that bussy girl! Not only did Nicki steal that look but Ru Paul drops it better. WERKKKK!

  • Dreadenette

    hahaha i love ru!

  • Ari

    i thot that was nicki minaj

  • Alicia Collins

    Just thought I’d put some love in here for Big Freddia. I remember seeing her perform at the block parties in New Orleans(I’m Big Freedia the queen dive I know y’all hoes don’t like me!) I think I was twelve. Then she was on Jimmy Kimmel live last year. People weren’t even a little bit ready for it.