Beyoncé Announces ‘The Mrs. Carter Show’ World Tour Dates

Kid Fury February 3, 2013 Memoirs of a Creole 72 Comments

After stomping blood out of the Super Bowl stage, Beyoncé has treated fans with dates for her upcoming world tour, The Mrs. Carter Show. The first set of shows will take place in Europe starting on April 15th at Kombank Arena in Serbia.

Bey will later take to the states in the summer with her first US show at LA’s Staples Center on June 28th. She’ll travel the country with stops in Atlanta, Miami, Oklahoma City and more, with a final show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

My body is ready for all of the goodness King Bey is cooking up. You can find all tour dates and promo clips below.


April 15 Belgrade, Serbi Kombank Arena On Sale Mon. Feb 11
April 17 Zagreb, Croatia Arena Zagreb On Sale Mon. Feb 11
April 19 Bratislava, Slovakia Slovnaft Arena On Sale Fri. Feb 8
April 22 Amsterdam, Holland Ziggo Dome On Sale Fri. Feb 8
April 24 Paris, France Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy On Sale Mon. Feb 11
April 25 Paris, France Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy On Sale Mon. Feb 11
April 26 Birmingham, UK LG Arena On Sale Sat. Feb 23
April 29 London, UK The O2 On Sale Sat. Feb 23
April 30 London, UK The O2 On Sale Sat. Feb 23
May 01 London, UK The O2 On Sale Sat. Feb 23
May 03 London, UK The O2 On Sale Sat. Feb 23
May 07 Manchester, UK Manchester Arena On Sale Sat. Feb 23
May 11 Dublin, Ireland The O2 On Sale Mon. Feb 11
May 12 Dublin, Ireland The O2 On Sale Mon. Feb 11
May 14 Antwerp, Belgium Sportpaleis On Sale Fri. Feb 8
May 17 Zurich, Switzerland Hallenstadion On Sale Mon. Feb 11
May 18 Milan, Italy Mediolanum Forum On Sale Fri. Feb 8
May 20 Montpellier, France Park & Suites Arena On Sale Mon. Feb 11
May 22 Munich, Germany Olympiahalle On Sale Fri. Feb 15
May 24 Berlin, Germany O2 World On Sale Fri. Feb 15
May 25 Warsaw, Poland National Stadium—Orange Warsaw Festival
May 27 Copenhagen, Denmark Forum On Sale Mon. Feb 11
May 28 Oslo, Norway Telenor Arena On Sale Mon. Feb 11
May 29 Stockholm, Sweden Ericsson Globe Arena On Sale Mon. Feb 11


June 28 Los Angeles BET Experience/Staples Center On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Jun-29 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Jul-2 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion at San Jose On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Jul-5 Oklahoma City, OK Chesapeake Energy Arena On Sale Fri. Feb. 15
Jul-6 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Jul-9 Ft. Lauderdale, FL BB&T Center On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Jul-10 Miami, FL American Airlines Arena On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Jul-12 Atlanta, GA The Arena @ Gwinnett Center On Sale Sat. Feb. 16
Jul-13 Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena On Sale Fri. Feb. 15
Jul-15 Houston, TX Toyota Center On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Jul-17 Chicago, IL United Center On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Jul-18 St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center On Sale Fri. Feb. 15
Jul-20 Detroit, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Jul-21 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Jul-22 Montreal, QC Bell Centre On Sale Sat. Feb. 9
Jul-23 Boston, MA TD Garden On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Jul-25 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center On Sale Fri. Feb. 15
Jul-26 Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall On Sale Fri. Feb. 15
Jul-27 Charlotte, NC Time Warner Cable Arena On Sale Fri. Feb. 15
Jul-29 Washington, DC Verizon Center On Sale Mon. Feb. 11
Aug-2 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun On Sale Fri. Feb. 15
Aug-3 Brooklyn, NY Barclays Center On Sale Mon. Feb. 11

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  • M.J.

    I am being slayed left and right. Superbowl, tour dates… 

    also, Fury… this video also came out.

    • Gullible

      Is it me or is she looking very European for Europe in that vid?

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Yes the wardrobe is def. European inspired a mix of Marie Antoinette meets Napoleon Bonaparte 

        • Gullible

          Lol.. cause that’s what I meant.

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            She has European ancestry and she’s light as a freshly baked biscuit without makeup so idk why black people especially women come for her skin tone smh.

          • Entertainemeh

            People can’t hate on her talent, her looks so they go for skin. And to add to that, I seen her one winter a few years back & she was so PALE! Just like she was when she was a child. Her mother is pale too. She tans, uses bronzer etc.. to darken up, black people can be just as ignorant as white people when it comes to skin and it’s disgusting. LET IT GO HATERS!

          • Gullible

            Why is it hate? Vocabulary on the internet is very limited. Anyone express an opinion that doesnt agree with the majority or yours is deemed hate. Why is it assumed I’m black and a female at that to have such an opinion? Relax. I’m a fan of her work nonetheless,but if I notice something I will speak on it.

          • Jamellah

            I on’t think its that there are haters so much.  People need to know that Beyonce and Jay Z are Public Thelemites whom follow Aleister Crowley.  He is a known satanist and is known for perverted sexuality.  Don’t you find that a bit questionable as to what both of their messages are to the general public?  That does beg one to question a bit of what they are both up to following such cults.  I’m sorry but that needs a serious look into.  Granted they appear as nice people but why would nice people be part of and Aleister Crowley cult?  Curious of your thoughts on that.

          • Tyrone

            I’ve heard that, hey here’s a link to those people and what they do.  They aren’t Freemasons as alot of people mistake but they have some wierd degrees.  Like its some twisted sheeet.


            This one is waaay out like I feel bad even telling people I found this stuff.


      • Trini Trent’s Mango Tree

        Not to get into the whole skintone debate, but I will say that I think the paleness was actually done on purpose. That was the whole theme of this little promo ad, the whole Marie Antoinette thing. And the people of that time, especially female royalty,  powdered their skin and hair because it was considered fashionable to have that exaggerated pale look. I KNEW people were gonna come for her skin in this ad, but it was done on purpose in this case. And I’m not just saying this to defend her, but I studied this, so like I said, yes she does look pale, but that was the point. If you look at the faces of the other ladies in the very beginning and at the very end, you’ll see that they’re extremely pale as well.

  • Gullible

    July 21st …

  • Asia Minor

    It’s only February and Bey is already taking over. God Bless Us everyone

  • BRI

    YASSSS. I’m going to need them to fix those RSVP links!

  • ree

    damn, i wish she would come to OH or a lil closer than MI cause thats still a bit far to drive. ugh =(

  • Keyshia Cole’s Last Hit Single

    The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Class and finesse all wrapped up pretty in one title.

    • Gullible

      @your name,TOD for Mrs.Gibson’s career 2/3/2013.

      • jajay22

         TOD?!! JA GOTT!!!

      • Entertainemeh

        I have a feeling that Keyshia C is about to Keri Hilson-fied. Damn….

        • Keyshia Cole’s Last Hit Single

          Exactly. If Keyshia thought her album sales were bad now…just wait until the Hive is done with this.

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

           Lol I said the exact same thing on twitter last night… Wompity Womp

        • Trini Trent’s Mango Tree

          I know, she thought it was cool because the Hive shades Michelle. But that’s like family shading family. We can talk about our family all day long, but let somebody unrelated try it, it’s ‘gon be some shit!

          • Keyshia Cole’s Last Hit Single

            ^ This.

  • Superdome Electrician

    Watch the halftime show- done (received oxygen)
    Rewatch the halftime show- done (pulse located)
    Purchase tickets for public wig snatching- on deck (will be fully recessitated and life restored)

    • Trini Trent’s Mango Tree

      Sir, or ma’am…this name. Just what do you think you’re doing? I really cannot…and I refuse to try!

  • Bree_Bree

    June 28th …I will be in the staples center. Getting my life

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    I can’t even breath right now. I need 50CC’s of life and creation, stat. 

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    Now I don’t usually use profane language…however…BITCH you better KNOW IT. Bey didn’t say I’m snatching wigs….OH NO SWEETNESS…BEY has said BITCH “OF WITH THEIR HEADS.” We are ALL apart of her Wonderland and I need to find the Rabbit so that I may be transported to her court.

    Somebody better start painting roses RED. Because the court is here and jesters are out to take your LIFE while Bey sits atop her thrown and observes your artistry being taken from you were you stand.

    I CAN’T with the Queen Elizabeth SHADE being thrown..YESSSSSSS GIVE ME THE TUDOR LIFE Beyonce.

    • Scarlett O’HellNawl

       She is Katherine, Anne, Jane, Anne, Katherine, and Katherine again! (The wives of Henry VIII, IN THAT ORDER!)

      • BlairWaldorf2013

        LIFEEEEEEEE. Yes you better get into Henry VIII.

  • CaramelHottie

    Of course she would save Brooklyn for last. Getting a ticket for there and Atlantic City. Gotta get as many blessings from the King as possible. 

  • Sigh…

    I’m…I can’t. Just storm the fuckin industry, why don’t you, Beyonce! And this Marie Antoinette/Napolean cross of he crazies theme she got runnin??? I. Am. Here. For it… Yes, Bey!

  • Gordon Gartrell

    sooo whos going to be my concert buddy for the detroit show?

    • Entertainemeh

      Detroit? I can’t risk my life, not even for Bey…iKid, iKid.

  • nobodytbh

    slay @ bbt center. only two bus rides away. 

  • Bey’s Nails

    So proud to be Mrs. Carter. I loooove true love! She looks so Beautiful

  • jajay22

    i can’t deal!! I’ll be in bratislava or berlin and i’ll get my LIFEEEEEE

  • Sara

    I’m so super duper excited!!! She’s coming to Montreal!!!!

  • kya hua

    Noooooo!!!!! This cannot be happening to me. I refuse to digest this information. Bey’s only coming through to Dublin when i’ll be smack in the middle of exams, though? I can’t *goes into Fantasia wail*

  • Scarlett O’HellNawl

    Either DC or Charlotte for me. YES EMPRESS BEY, MOTHER OF ALL THE RUSSIAS!

  • Vivalamel174

    This will be the first concert I’ll ever go to. It’s amazing that I get to live in an era where a true QUEEN, Beyonce ofcourse, stomps the halls bringing dragging along your edges in her reign of terror. i’m beyond ecstatic. I just needed to share this with you all. see you jul 23

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    How about Bey is serving GAME OF THRONES SHADE…’Song of Ice and Fire’ to the girls…HOUSE CARTER is sitting on the IRON THROWN and you SHALL DEAL. 

    Or better yet…..

    How about… to Bey these other female artists are really just ‘The WALKING DEAD’ and she has her Michonne Blade (a.k.a her mic) CUTTING these girls down with a death stare.

    And then… like the Governor she shall take their heads and place them in her fish tank so as to be FOREVER reminded of how she SLAYS.

    • Coonye West

      ( ._.)

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    1. I will have plenty of WalMart bags to collect the snatched edges that fall when this tour begins.
    2. July 12th. Atlanta. Yaassss. I can’t wait to sing along in a sea full of Queens, Stans, and Bey-Watchers
    3. Keri Hilson and her broom/mop better make sure that stage is SPOTLESS
    4. I hope they put one of those church cloths across my legs when I faint. Jesus be a paramedic

  • Entertainemeh

    The numbers are in folks!!! Last nights superbowl was the highest watched bowl game in HISTORY….wow! I wonder why that was? Any Questions?

    • Karim

      People like football, its a known pastime, it would only be people as yourself watching for Beyonce, I assume your a big fan.  Guess, she’s an Idol of yours?   I think that’s called Idol worship if I am correct.

  • Gullible

    @Yep.You assume I’m black..and a woman. Why belittle your kind like that?
    Beyonce does look unusually white. You say it’s an inspired look,I can agree with that.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

       I didn’t think it’s belittling more so stating facts. I didn’t assume you were a woman but black yes.

    • Entertainemeh

      Are you trolling? Bey is pale, she is also wearing makeup and lighting and all of those things factor and can make a person even lighter. What about that is so fucking hard to understand and why does it even matter? You have seen her dark, medium and light and YOUR ASS KNOWS that she is a light skinned sista, you have seen child hood pics. Get over it.

      • Gullible

        Now I’m trolling? You do belittle your race when the first thing that comes to mind is “must be a black person”. That’s sad. Typical of black women I guessO_o. The media fed you,you were the problem for too long,you started believing it. Beyonce is not that ghostly,I already agreed it was an inspired look. Now you two have an awesome day.

      • Welp

        RIGHT! GRASPING AT FUCKING STRAWS. My Auntie is whiter than my white boss. Ya’ll have a problem with her ass too. SMDH!

        • Gullible

          Lol.. did you really have to comment? Is your aunt a celebrity? Or anyone of importance to bring into this conversation? Who’s “ya’ll”?
          @ YIK,that comment is expressed on behalf of your statements made. The face beside it indicates my feelings on the matter. You’re not too bright and you wish to extend this exchange for fun I assume,because I’ve already agreed that the freshly powdered white face is indeed inspired by Marie Antionette-that era. I got it. Relax.

          • Kyana

            Didn’t find your original question venomous or “hating” if you will, but you tried it with that “your kind…your race” crap. It may give you some sense of significance to ruffle some feathers with condescending comments, but generalizing comments from a few to attack a “kind” or “race” shows you personally have the intelligence and conscience of a slave trader. You’re welcome to enjoy this brand of entertainment, as your virtual presence here implies, you like our “kind”. But, don’t vilify yourself, your kind has already done a masterful job at that, and your skills are subpar to say the least.

          • Gullible

            You both are idiots. Your friend brought black people/subject of race in to the equation when having an opinion on Beyonce’ powdered to perfection complexion. Then when I made it known I’m not black,I automatically became a slave master. You are filled with hate. Fury may be black,but that does not limit this site to just black or gay people. I never said anything to offend,I stated what the media and YIK would have you believe. Only find something wrong with my statements but not your ignorant assumptions? Or about hers or her generalization about black people “hating” .. right.

          • Kyana

            Right, I guess you don’t comprehend when you read. I could care less your race, I said your kind, as in kind that is an Internet thug, trying to get attention to compensate for whatever’s lacking in your life. Again, you tried it, Master, you are not, it does read trader in my statement, I personally don’t think with all the hate you’re engrained with you have the intelligence to be a master, of anything. Now enjoy your Beyonce and Fury in all the seats on the O2 arena.

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            I’m still trying to figure out why you keep saying the media. There’s no media who played apart in the whole skin lightening BS that was all people who have been making these comments. Mostly women and POC. I never said it was hating at all (don’t add words that weren’t there). None of my comments belittled my race or sex yours however did the minute you said the word Typical and applied it to black women, that was an insult.

  • Jamie

    So we’re not going to call attention to that picture of Jay-Z in the ornamental jewelry they laid on her?!

    The Mrs. Carter Era is in full effect!

  • Kayy

    I just watched the half time performance & I have yet to recoup from that & now she’s coming to Toronto? Chile. Queen Bey, is not snatching wigs she is ripping them off. & don’t forget she beat MJ out of the most views in a Superbowl & he had that title since 93′.

  • Onika’s Common Sense

     This video has unlocked stanning in me that didn’t even know I had the ability to posess. The fans are crying due to the perfection and the haters are crying because it is without flaw!  Keri Hilson would be crying herself but she still has a few hours left on her shift in the stock room of her local K-Mart and doesn’t want to smudge her makeup on shift.


  • The702Diva

    The fact that we haven’t hear nann new single and she is already dropping tour dates?!! Beyonce is a BEAST and I will be getting my life June 29 in Las Vegas!!!

    • The702Diva


  • ZJ

    I live not even ten minutes from the Xcel Center. I can’t believe Bey will be in my periphery.

  • RamenNoodles

    Wait…..the vocals in the background slays. This bitch is just everything, I haven’t seen her yet but I think I am this year. Her & Rihanna I was kinda hesitant about buying tickets to see Rihanna but I have seen some improvement that makes me want to stan for her so yeah. Let me just get my money together. 

    • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

      you know what to say! im getting my coin in check, dahlin! i loves me some Rih, too! hopefully she comes to ATL. that is the closest one to me. 

  • MommaDeesCrackPipe

    I’mma hit my girl Kelendria up and we gon’ go watch Beyoncé shake them thighs during this show. We ain’t had no bussy in the longest time and lord knows Kelendria ain’t putting out for me. You can’t pimp a pimp!! – Momma Dee

  • Kyana

    This lady is about to clear $60 million + in a four month tour schedule, with a month off in the middle, smh. I see why Mrs. Boobie is hating, she won’t even see that in her entire career. Bey better do her damn thing. ps. I find it fitting she has a European themed commercial for her European venues. *shrugs*

    • RamenNoodles

      Yeah Bey is not playing this era. Did you see the promo she had for Miami at the Heat game? I know Fury would get his life if he saw it. 

      • Kyana

        Not yet, thanks for the info though, gonna YouTube it now. I wonder if it shows the BeyStage ?!?

        • Kyana

          Lol, Lord, Jesus! Issa Bird

  • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

    im getting my life at the Atlanta show. yes!

  • Nicole Balistreri

    I just died. That Marie Antoinette realness just laid me out, killed me, and I saw Jesus. I.CANT.

    See you in Miami, Bey.

  • Beyonce’s Stage Profile

    Okay, i’m still not feeling the title of the tour. it doesn’t have a ring to it BUT i see that it’s time for me to start saving my coins! I MUST see this lady live again!!!