Caption This: Gucci Mane Speaks At Middle School Career Day

Kid Fury January 30, 2013 Who Approved This? 57 Comments

So somebody recently lost their Atlanta-ass mind and had Gucci Mane come to Crawford Long Middle School to speak to students for Career Day. The rapper posted the photo above on his Twitter account in…honor, I suppose.

What in blazes would Gucci Mane teach these kids about his career? How to drop a mixtape? How to end up in prison in between each album? How to slap a woman? I’m just trying to figure out the conversation.

It would be better if you created a caption here to give me a better understanding, because I’m lost in the barbecue sauce.

Source: Karen Civil

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  • Thtsqueen2u

    I can’t think of a caption b/c my eyes and thoughts are drawn to his 10mth pregnant belly.  Hey Gucci Mane give my 56 yr old daddy his sweater back.

    • Missmarchmommy

      lol 10 month old belly he probably talked about maternity leave options 

    • CadyHeron

      That’s Bill Cosby’s sweater….

  • ChiAnn Holder

    And that children is how you become a stereotypical piece of hood trash like me GUCCI!!

    • LKJ

      I found the transcripts of what he said.

      “Gotti here go twelve bars

      Gucci mane got 9 cars

      We dont call em dimes no more

      09′ we call em 5 stars

      I’m a 5 star nigga, dis a 5 star clique

      That’s a 645, this that new m6…”

  • twerkisha ampro gel

    “listen up my niggz, lemme tell y’all how to not get bussy plowed in the atlanta state penitentiary”

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    Did Gucci Mane even finish Middle School? 

  • Welp

    Looking like a black barney from the simpsons…

  • Troubled Child

    “Ok kids, first you get her name, then you get her number…”

    • Tua47848


    • Missmarchmommy

      your comment has me crying in the corner 

    • GucciMane’sIceCreamCone

      Goodnight & Goodbye Girl I’m seriously bent over crying in a corner right now*

      • BluIvysRoomTempature

        Dead @ ur name!!

    • Judge Nae Brown

      LMFAOOOOO… I LOL’ed for 25 mins straight LOL

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      lmao The combination of this comment and your name just…..asdfghjkl

    • QueenyBean

      LIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFEEEEEE!!!!! Mine now give it back!

  • Cheetahakeas

    Male Pregnancy 101

  • BluIvysRoomTempature

    All I can say is 0_o

  • RamenNoodles

    …….now who in the hell allowed this? I don’t understand. I don’t understand bitch *duck walks out the room*

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    “First yall lil niggaz need to get some Lemonade and then…” 

    I can’t lol…let me find out Gucci is coming to my child’s school to speak…I’d raise hell. 

    • RamenNoodles

      OKAAYY! Is this in Atlanta? If so, I’m not surprised AT ALL!

  • Gullible

    I don’t have a good caption,but it sure looks like he robbed the beer section of the liquor store before he arrived.

  • PassTheBible

    Did those children even understand what he was saying?
    Caption: Why are schools are failing. 

  • TrinidadJamesFrontTooth

    That man is borderline incomprehensible. I wonder if he has invested in a tube of chapstick yet.

  • Shellbee

    I’d slap the shit out of the principal for allowing this niggeration, if this was allowed in my child’s school. Anybody siging off on this shit should be fired, posthaste! *smdh*

  • Sigh…

    Look, I teach 7th grade, and there’s no way in hell I would let this goblin in my classroom. WTF is he supposed to teach these kids? He is not an example of anything I want my students growing into or believing in. Sorry. Fame is not an indicator of sense, sensibility, or sensuality. He is clearly missing all three.

  • Jazmo

    “And when u in the strip club u cuff the ass….bitches love when u cuff the ass…..”

    • Sbain91

      Lmaooooo I’m DONE WITH YOU!*tears*

  • Gucci Mane’s Fetus

    His nipples are hard and the baby is kicking…I can’t.

    • QueenyBean

      Im so upset that comment made me go back and look.

  • ZJ

    This is the guy with an ice cream cone tatted on his face, right?

  • Alexander Cash

    Who in their right mind would let him speak to middle school kids and think he’d have an impact? 

  • Chile Boo

    I managed to get a transcript of his speech and surprisingly, it was quite inspirational. The following is an excerpt.
    “…I had a 77 buick I was just a freshman. I sat it on some mass and bows and parked dat bitch on greshens. My teachers and my peoples voted me most unsuccessful, I grew to be a pharmacist I run a hood eckerds . I shift it right or left so you can call it home ed (skur skur) choppa tow yo body up, I call it fibin . Not da same teacher, but Gucci Mane I’m a chemist. Fuckin wit dem beepas, geekas steady bringin 20′s.  I was a sophmore black chevy box tent so all da girls cut dey classes just to jump in I turnded 17. I thought I was a grown man they lockd me up got my only drug conviction 80 sacks a bag of weed so you no I’m runnin if I had anotha chance I do it all again man, cause it made me stronger and it made me smarter gucci man la flare…nigga hustle harder.” -Gucci Mane

    • -__-

      Out of life, is where I need you to log. 

    • BluIvysRoomTempature

      Please exit stage left

    • Jacqxz

      I been sitting here tryna keep it together while reading this but…the tears are rolling down and I just…Jesus all I ask for is mercy

  • NiggaNiggaNigga

    The next nigga that say something while I’m talking is getting shot. Please believe it.

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

       Oh, lawd. Hater’s Ball Realness.

  • Earthshaker1217

    Caption: This is what not do.

  • SnatchednDelivered

    I don’t know what is more distressing. That the middle school approved him as keynote speaker,  or that this is Gucci’s most noteworthy appearance in years. *skips to next post*

    • Kenya’s Cremation #5


  • Justin

  • Kenya’s Cremation #5

    “And kids…when you throw a jump-off out of a moving car make sure you don’t go over 15 mph”

  • Commentingfornoreason

    What fresh hell is this?  EVERYchild in that class got “LEFT BEHIND” that day!

  • Gucci Brrr

    “Children, Suzie is a moneymaker, but that bitch a liar…”

    • Gdslsc1808

      Get the hell out now!!!!

  • Ummm…

    So are we going to ignore that these middle school kids are sitting at 3rd grade tables?

    • ZJ

      And why are two kids sitting there with their backpacks on? That can’t be comfortable.

  • jentina

    I like the face the little boy is scratching his head, I’m doing the same thing too!

  • cuntbrigade

    Ch…How to look like temple run demon monkey, get pregnant and still book ratchet clubs.

  • jbm

    In the voice of Mush Mouth from Fat Albert…Gooba Morbin chilbren…my name is gucci mane…some of y’all heard my music. some of y’all are my disciples got that work makin’ me your trap god happy…stay in school and make sure to tell yo mamas to wear a seat belt if they get in my car..Brrr!

  • CadyHeron

    I really want to actually know. WTF Gucci is talking to them about.

  • Kim Humphries’ Divorce Papers

    “And that kids is why you always use protection or you could end up like me…chapstick is your friend” 

  • Roger

    He did go to college and made it physically out of the hood, maybe not in his mind. Lol. Let the man live.

    • jbm

      How the fuck you fail basket weaving in college?

  • Apalacian


  • Lexi grrl

    This ole dim lit, dirty little school. Of course they asked Gucci to come. They know.