Candid Yams: Jaden Smith’s Hair Looks…

Kid Fury January 29, 2013 Candid Yams, Hair Hold Up 47 Comments

I’m gonna need our brothas to stop bleaching their damn hair blond. Whether you’re lightskinned, darkskinned or almond — the shit is ugly.

Jaden Smith was spotted perched on the balcony of his Miami hotel yesterday, when paparazzi caught him with his curls wrapped up to heaven. I’m truly here for the Smith family. I really do love them all, but it looks like Miss Jada forgot to check the label on the relaxer again and got this child “super,” girl.

Jaden will be starring alongside his Daddy Will in a new sci-fi flick called After Earth due on June 7th. You can catch the trailer here and more photos below.

Photos: FameFlyNet

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  • Asia Minor

    Hide your kids. Hide your wives. 

  • Kim Humphries’ Divorce Papers

    Sisqo’s son serving us Aunt Jemima realness

    • Introspective



    • CadyHeron

      I have died! 

    • Earthshaker1217


    • Earthshaker1217

      Now I want some pancakes!

  • Mariah Mathis

    Whaaat. I think he was tired of being too cute.  There’s no struggle in pretty

  • Dirty_Dric

    In that first picture he looks like he’s about to burst out into an Angry Black Woman, “All My Life I’ve Had to Fight” rant.

    • Yavybnme

      PLEASE! I have a really sore throat, getting over a cold. You almost choked me! LMAO!! 
      And just like Fury I’m a stan all the way for the Smiths but if it’s funny I’m laughing! 

    • twerkisha ampro gel

      I luzzzz harpo but I kill em dead fo he beat me

  • Nicole

    This boy is going to have some serious crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles when he gets older from all that squinting.

  • Bry!

    “Jada forgot to check the label on the relaxer again and got this child “super,” girl.”

    A THE POINTS IN THE WORLD FOR FURY! That reference bitch, I’m so dead

    Jesus be a shamwow and clean this up, like now.

    • Jessicastohl

      Man what!’ Not only is it my favorite movie but I bust out laughing when I read it!! A wayman read!

    • Judge Nae Brown

      LMFAOOOOOO… get out!!!

    • Annabanana16

      What movie/ tv show did you reference from?

  • Khianna

    He is channeling Janice Combs

  • Ayisha Lawrence

    I use to think he was so cute. dah well…. 

  • Asia Minor

    He’s giving me church mother teas with that face. Like, “Yes, Gawd is good ALL thee time, children.’

  • RenDrops

    I LIVE for that Low Down Dirty Shame reference, lawd

  • Kiri

    Still fine to me sigh :( will just had to go and have cute kids well when they are older they will make someone happy lol

  • RamenNoodles

    Crying at him talking to himself then realizing he was being photographed. I agree, I’m gonna need them to stop too. Every time I go to the store I see that shit.

  • TrinidadJamesFrontTooth

    Why do these kids get tackier and tackier as they age?

    • tdotmiller

      Get out of here with that damn name!  NOW!  LMAO!!

    • MsHoneeBun87

      I’m gonna need you to pack your sh*t and get the hell out with that name!!!

  • Briannnadrisdale

    Oh that’s the boy, thought that was the girl.

    • tdotmiller

      Girl…you too??

  • Alexander Cash

    I still can’t tell these two Smith siblings apart! 

  • Sashay away

    Reminds me of a golden lord…maybe the smiths are doin a meteor man remake

    • choclatcherry

      I approve this message haha

  • $-CLASS


  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    I’m glad Will and Jada allow their children to express themselves. Jaden will grow up to be an outstanding young lady, and her brother Willow is sure to follow. 

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Lmao you deserve a time out for this comment.

    • CadyHeron

      This shade, Has been the death of me.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Look for that reference …. I’m assuming Jada was watching the movie and it gave her the bright idea she did this ish on purpose lol.

  • Kayy

    Ugh… Well, let this child go through whatever cause all I know is when he gets older he will be fioneee, chilee!

    • Chambre

      ahh that’s a bit peddi of you (shrugs)

  • NoseyJonesy

    Miss Peaches!!! Yassssss for Waymon! I live for you Fury!

  • Kaye

    “That aint nothing but a ultra perm”

  • Kyana

    Yesss to the comments, Yassssss to that trailer, that speech, the addition date, and Yes to the Smith’s getting my coins in a couple months, I’m even more excited for summer now!!

  • Ikeepsitg

    Go wayman get crazy get stupid get retarted… Lmao


  • jentina

    she really looks like Jada

  • Drea

    “Oh Peaches…please stop by the store and get me a relaxer and make sure its mild cause last time you got me super girlll…”

  • Tai_di

    Am I the only one seeing the dress & leather leggings combo, though? And back into my crab shell I go.

  • k.

    i thought this was Willow. and that you were being funny saying “brothas need to quit” hahaha shit is all mixed up over there in that household. but what AIN’T mixed up is their bank accounts so – i digress

  • Sammi

    She wants to look like Tumblr so badly it hurts. Just look at that first pic

  • Pepper Anne

    Lmaooo KF you a damn for for that Wayman read!!! 

  • stashaleon

     I think it’s cute. Some lightskinned dudes wear blond well. Don’t have because you can’t die your hair lol