On Set: Frank Ocean Shoots ‘Forrest Gump’ Video

Kid Fury January 28, 2013 On Set 39 Comments

Before his alleged brawl with Yellow Cake (we will get to that later), Frank Ocean was out in the desert shooting a video for his controversial ode to trade, “Forrest Gump.”

The Grammy-nominated singer was strapped in a yellow suit and surrounded by skaters, bikers and cheerleaders for the upcoming visual. Somehow a trampoline was also mixed in there for good measure. Looks like a gay ol’ time. More pics below.

Photos: HipHop-N-More

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  • DJ Ango

    Screw Chris Brown’s crackhead azz! F-Ocean is killin em in this game raht nah

  • Judge Nae Brown

    Im kinda of over Frank *kanye shrugs*

    • entertainmeh

      I appreciate him, but very overrated.

    • Jenn E. Penny

      I thought he was going to do a video for Pink Matter but o well

      I live for Frank Ocean as a artist, but his behavior as a person, just isnt my cup of tea

    • RamenNoodles

      Me too. His personality turned me way off……and he’s very overrated. Still love his music though.

  • Jazz

    Hands down the best song of the album. I have a feeling he’s going to snatch every strand of Miguel’s permed wig from the follicle at the Grammy’s 

    • Adj

      hmmm I doubt it.

    • CadyHeron

      Yasss Jaz hunny. Miguel’s bussy is going to be TIGHT lawd!

    • Jayelle Marie

      don’t know if they can be in the same category. Frankie is like alternative R&B

    • RamenNoodles

      Ch….I wouldn’t be surprised tbh. I know Miguel better win something for Adorn though.

      • gabicaligirl

        I know babies were conceived to that song.  I know it. 

  • iyanla fixed my weave

    extremely big frank-o fan ,he’s so talented and his yellow suit *sigh* i live.he deserves to snatch every grammy he’s nominated for because channel orange is warm fluffy biscuits topped with apple butter.

  • Cheel

    I’ve never really understood the hype about Frank Ocean. He’s just so boring. It’s weird that the coming out letter was just in time to generate more buzz around the album release. Now the Chris Brown fight. Anyway, to each their own. He’s a total bore.

    • porsche’s calendar

      sounds like you were a yellow cake fan to begin with. sounds like a sound inference considering your first sentence.

    • Suchalady

       I agree. He’s talented and has the right to be who he is, but that was a marketing ploy and no one can tell me otherwise.

      • Keetha Montana-Lucas

        but— i dont get how it was a marketing ploy if he came out and admitted to what a blogger was insuiating— he could’ve denied it and kept it moving. but he didnt, and if you listen to some of his old music– its kinda obvious.

        • YouDontWantNoProblems

          Exactly. Frankie BEEN bisexual lol. He’s been dropping hints since his Lonny Breaux days. 

          He was basically outed by a magazine, and he chose to respond to it (come out) shortly after that.

    • chelzyoucray

      frank ocean is boring because why? for the most part he does not partake in the ratchet fest that is this generations “entertainers” and singers” ? because he makes music with meaning and not just another derogatory song about bitches and drugs and money? because he hasn’t changed who he is just because he has more fame and money? oh….. 

    • Jayelle Marie

      the timing of the letter was interesting, but can we blame the man for adding some hype to a pretty good album?

  • Seats

    I thought I saw him snatching some Grammies but puting other people’s lives at risk driving high and fighting other singers? Ch- let’s hope the Academy ignores. As for this late ass video, I’ll say it…no one cares, it’s too late. This album came out last July, he is really feeling himself if he thinks people have that many fucks to give.

  • LadyM

    “controversial ode to trade”? A tacky yellow suit? A trampoline? The Chris Brown shade just never ends.

  • Kyana

    *Yawn* hit me when the teas in the cup, I wanna know why he needs a dog to fight his battles…

  • ZJ

    I’m on the fence with Frank Ocean. I do like a few of the tracks on Channel Orange, but I don’t know whether he’s *that* good or whether he just seemed that good because there was so much garbage out last year.

  • Truthfully

    TBH..I kinda have to me in the mood to listen to his music…sigh

    • Truthfully


      • Earthshaker1217

        Me too. His music is something you listen to when you’re chilling with friends or reading a book or something relaxing.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance


    I’m just over here getting my life to Pink Matter while I wait for the  tea. 

  • Black Beavis

    Black people. SMH when he wasn’t poppin y’all were acting like he was a R&B jesus. Now that he has some notoriety and fame; he sucks. Crabs in Barrel.

    • Suchalady

       Stop it. Foolishness.

      • Garfield

         RIGHT? are you pulling a angel haze & buying likes cause who in the fuck would really think that’s the case? nobody is pulling frank down but his damn self, high drives,models telling secrets,brawls,daddy issues, honestly that man needs notoriety because he’s fucking boring bottomline. when you come out with a album & you don’t promote you fall the fuck off the radar so don’t bring your bitch ass around here talking no foolishness like that. i just hate when people of color say that. crabs in a barrel if you want that bring yo ass to red lobster or long john silver -__- AND YES I’M SLAMMING THE FUCK OUTTA MY KEYBOARD RIGHT NOW

  • RizzyBeamen

    I LIVE for Frank. I still play Channel Orange while I sleep at night. I wanted to see a video for Sierra Leone or Monks though. *Le sigh*

    • Yiles

      Sierra Leone most definitely deserved an MV.

  • porsche’s calendar

    you guys were just praising this guy; all “for he’s a jolly good fellow” and shit. now he’s boring and “no one cares.” right. “oh he’s so noble” for being the first openly gay man to keep his cred and respect. now youve switched up and say it was marketing. how fucking pitiful. 

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    Meh. Fine. I’ll take it. I wanted ‘Pink Matter’, but fuck it. I’ll take it. 

  • Ehh

    Can we get to the CB fight now? 

  • Sherae Renee’

    Damn, I was so sure he was filming “Bad Religion” with that Willy Cartier dude. I guess Forrest Gump makes just as much sense. Shit, y’all tripping. Frank is the shit. He makes some good ass music. There have always been skeptics, but I guess there isn’t enough fans of his making enough comments because the hate on here is real right about now. I agree, it may be a little cocky of him to be taking his sweet time to deliver these damn videos, but shoot, I got the whole Channel Orange CD to hold me over in the meantime. I’m still waiting for my opportunity…with his intellectual, fine and did I mention intellectual ass.

    • YouDontWantNoProblems

      ITA with your entire statement. Has anyone ever considered the fact that MAYBE he doesn’t rush rush rush to put out videos, have new singles every other month, etc. b/c he wants to pace himself and put out the best material possible? I think people are so used to these “artists” rushing to put everything out all at once to keep their buzz going and make the most money possible that when you finally see a true artist that takes their time and values QUALITY over quantity, people don’t know how to react. When you have these artists constantly in your face, they become over-saturated and you just get sick of seeing their ass lol. So I, personally like that he doesn’t attempt to keep up w/ mainstream media and takes his time to put out quality material. Just my humble opinion tho. :)

      Frank, I still luh you bew!
      *two steps to the exit*

  • Kaye

    The truth is, as with any artist, after people have heard the album and the hits and the hype has been laid to rest, no one really cares anymore. After the hype is gone you can really tell if you like the music of not. There are a lot of great albums and songs out there but I bet you aren’t listening to all of them all of the time. Frank is a cool artist with a great album. The hype around him has been speculative. Many folks don’t really KNOW who he is a part from some guy who came out as a bi-sexual and has a great album. He’s still a great artist but sometimes people will get bored if an artist isn’t constantly in the public eye or at least staying connected to their fans somehow….that doesn’t constitute “hating”, it simply means they are bored with him right now and they cannot connect with him as an artist at this time.

  • Nadii

    I love Frank and I still listen to his album to this day like it just came out! Do you boo! I’m glad he is taking his time with everything not coming out with a different song/video every week…I hope he makes a video for SuperRich Kids next!