Beyoncé Addresses Surrogacy Rumors In Upcoming HBO Documentary

Kid Fury January 25, 2013 Memoirs of a Creole 58 Comments

Beyoncé’s HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream is just a few weeks away, but a few reporters were lucky enough to get advanced copies of the film to review.

Big Mama Suger Spice Red Beans & Rice is reportedly giving viewers tons of personal footage including intimate dinners with Jay-Z and a moment where she opens up about her miscarriage two years ago.

If you caught the trailer for the movie, you probably saw a quick look at Beyoncé’s sonogram. She will apparently be addressing the rumors of her using a surrogate to carry Blue Ivy as well.

“There’s a stupid rumor. The most ridiculous rumor I think I’ve ever had about me. It’s crazy. To think I would be that vain – I respect mothers and women so much and to be able to experience bringing a child into this world, if you’re lucky and fortunate enough to experience that, I would never, ever take that for granted. It’s the most powerful thing you can do. Especially after losing a child, the pain and trauma from that just makes it mean so much more to get an opportunity to bring life into the world. It seems like people should have boundaries,” says a visibly shaken Beyonce.

I can’t wait. I just cannot wait for this woman to rain down her mighty hurricane of wig-snatching Creole film to annihilate the feelings of her haters. Just prepare the chicken, because I’m going to be in front of HBO at a prompt 9pm on February 16th.

Source: USA Today

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  • Antonio

    “I just cannot wait for this woman to rain down her mighty hurricane of wig-snatching Creole film to annihilate the feelings of her haters.” ROFLMAO. Love you homie.

    • 123itzme

      And that ape ass bitch Sandra IwishIwasAmascotForRocNation Rose should be banned from all wifi signals on that day…Starting Petition as I type!

      • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

        i know that’s right! i cant stand that funky ass hating ass scab! she does entirely TOO much. just goes out her way to throw dirt on the King, but she cant be stopped. i am AMPED about this movie. motha is about to turn it. 

      • Kenya’s Marriage License

        I feel like Beyonce’ denied him her autograph back in the DC days and he went all Gossip Girl on her by starting the blog. And don’t EVEN get me started on how he was trying to shade my president in the last election and then endorses him on election day…..Sis please refer to 3rd Chapter 19th verse of “Bitch you tried it” and have a seat in Section 125 Row 15 Seat 5 and #DEAL

  • Angel

    She is my everything…

    • nat

      You need some goals in life if she is your everything.

      • DTJ

        Ahahahahababahaha literally spit my juice out at this comment bc i imagined u typed it with a face like -___- lmao this simple comment made my night

  • twerkisha ampro gel

    I can’t wait for this documentary. I feel like it’s going to be so honest and pure 

    • CadyHeron

      We are not worthy -Sighs-

      • Suchalady

         YOU are not worthy. Speak for yourself dear.

  • Yessssss

    I’m so ready for the world to see the vulnerable side of the King. 2013 is really her year, all wigs & hairlines shall be nonexistent come Feburary.

  • Guest

    When did she lose a child?!

    • entertainmeh

       ….” she opens up about her miscarriage two years ago.”

      • nunya

        LOL! That was your oh so polite way of saying “reading is fundamental” (no shade)

  • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

    I’m ready for the King. when i tell you it’s the season of royalty, you’d better believe me. new music, new movies, new tours, just a whole bunch of newness. i just can not wait!

    • Robin Tinnicsha

      Lmao your fxcking name! I can’t deal! My sister was just talking about her and her Muppet features!

  • Beyoncelover56

    I think beyonce needs to stop playing and just get a youtube channel (like fury). She could update it every week with her self revelations.

    Maybe she could become a YouTube partner? That’s a dope idea, right?

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

       If Beyonce’ started a Youtube channel, I’d get every portion of life.

    • howyewdewin

       Psh yeah, right. We’d be lucky to get a video once a month.

    • howyewdewin

       Oh, and Kweeng B ain’t checkin’ for no YouTube partnership.

      • Beyoncelover56

        LOL I was being sarcastic.

  • sunshine

    The only reason I’m mad is bc of how beautifully youthful & whimsical she looks. That’s it I’m getting my beyonce wig for easter.

  • CadyHeron

    The Creole Queen is back to slay our lives, yet again. And my eyes will be glued to the screen as she puts  wigs in the garbage disposal for 2013. I can’t contain myself.

    • Beyoncelover56

      Lmao us damien still too gay to function?

      • Beyoncelover56

        I mean is

        • CadyHeron

          Yes ma’am he is! Only you and one other person got my name.

  • Coochie Crack

    Love Bey’s music and her talent, I just don’t get her sometimes. She had no problem parading her babybump throughout the 2011 VMA and it was great. Then all these rumors came along and she went ghost..if she didn’t want to show here babybump for privacy reasons, they why make a big spectacle at an award show? Now this rumor (which I dont believe anyway) is beeing DRAAGED ON, all these comments and documentaries like…just post a cute 3rd trimester pic on instagram and END IT. Not that she has anything to prove but…I feel like it probably took more effort for her to stay hidden during the end of her pregnancy then to just head to KFC with her bodyguard on hand, and shut ppl up. None the less I just want to here her album, I’m a fan, not a stan.

    • ByNoMeansAvg

      I’mma need you to get your facts before you speak! She didn’t go into hiding as a matter a fact there were paps photos of her out and about just days before Blue Ivy was born. Let’s just say she did go into hiding, fucking how she announced it: does she not have the right to enjoy her pregnancy in peace without cameras in her face? She never said she wanted her pregnancy to be private! She said the rumor was stupid and people go too far sometimes! I see reading comprehension skills are on a downward swing. 
      Then you’re contradicting yourself, you say she has nothing to prove but suggest she posts pictures of her belly in her 3rd trimester? That makes no sense! Wouldn’t that classify has her ‘trying to prove it?’ Even if she did people would holla it was photoshopped! I’m convinced that even if she posted the video of Blue Ivy coming smooth out of her vagina people would still say it’s fake. Truth be told her haters are just as fanatical about her as the BeyHive! They will go hard with the negativity, regardless! 

      • Buzz

        Calm down… He/she was giving her opinion and even stated being a fan. It’s not that serious so get over it. Just because he/she is not giving the rim of beyonce’s booty hole a once over with the tip of their tongue does not warrant you to insult their intelligence.

        • ByNoMeansAvg

          My intention wasn’t to insult anyone. If it was taken that way… oh well. I’m only responsible for what I say not how it is interpreted! I’m not even saying they should ‘lick the rim of Beyonce booty hole’ as you put it. I’m simply saying this: if you’re going to make a point, it should make sense and you should know what the fuck you’re talking about. They poster said several things that were incorrect and they contradicted themselves! I called them on it and that was that! The end and now on to the next! I’m ready to hear this new single! 

          • Coochie Crack

            All I was saying is the rumor is something that could easily be put to rest, instead, were all going to watch her documentary for it…WIN/WIN. No need to curse if your so intellectual boo. You seem all bothered…

          • ByNoMeansAvg

            Bothered? No, not at all. You expressed your opinion and I simply disagreed with it. Just like your point was simple, so was mine. You think it could’ve been put to rest easily and I disagree. I never claimed to be an intellectual boo. And if I want to curse all up and through my post then that’s what the FUCK I will do. 

          • Buzz

            Your so stupid.. I knew you were worth shit when I read (then stopped reading) that you weren’t responsible for how YOUR words are interpreted… How the fuck does that make sense miss queen of logic?!? That’s apart of communication!! Shut your mouth if you don’t care for people to CORRECTLY interpret, therefor UNDERSTAND what the fuck your talking about!! If you don’t know how to say something that can be “interpreted” coherently, then shut the fuck up and take a communications class instead of being a Stan for a woman who don’t give 2 fucks about you unless your making money for her!! Damn Stan’s!!

          • ByNoMeansAvg

            WOW! Are you seriously this pressed right now? It’s a comment on a blog. And my original comment wasn’t even directed to you but now you’re attempting to throw insults? Why are you so mad? It’s not the deep sis. Drink a glass of wine or whatever it is you do to calm down and keep it cute. God bless you and good night! 

        • Suchalady

           LMAOOOOO, yes!

    • IdontGETit

      Smh..I just feel like “stans” make it soo hard to like her..I mean just let her be great. I think everything she does is “decent”. I don’t get why people get so mad and insult other people’s  intelligence just because they are expressing their opinion about her. She is a regular human being just like the rest of us.

  • ZJ

    Cannot wait. That is all.

  • guest

    Listen Bey you aint fooling no one. I sense some House of Dereon fuckery and trickery. With a side of Creole Fuckeration. Why the fuck did your belly collapse when you did that fucking interview? Open up about that.

    • ChynaDoll

      Please have several seats in the” Dumb As Fuck Section”!

      • guest

        No! Bitch you please have several seats in the “Delusional Asskissing Fan Section”!

        • ChynaDoll

          I’ll be a Bitch today, tomorrow and forever; like God; it will never change, but next time be original with you shit Sis!  S/N You are still sitting in the “Dumb As Fuck Section” pondering why her stomach collapsed.  Fabrics collapse, buildings collapse, legs in the air from fucking will surely collapse, shit even a lung will collapse, but a real or fake stomachs does not; so try again with your conspiracy theory!

          • Buzz

            Bish what?! Did you really just say “legs in the air will collapse!!” Lmao!! Stop it!! I can’t!

          • guest


          • JustSayin’

            I’m guessing you don’t know Beyonce or ChynaDoll either, yet here you are going in on them like they stole money from you.

          • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

            why are you so fucking pressed, dear? calm your tits. what did she do to you besides leave your fav hairless? go prep your buss and call it a night, dahlin. 

          • Haha!!


    • Buzz

      I would like to hear her excuse for that too. I didn’t believe the hype at first, but the look on her face when it happened made me think “wtf, did that just happen??”… I guess it doesn’t matter though now. She has a healthy baby and she’s happy so it’s all good. I don’t like to talk about innocent children too much. So imma shut up before one of these stans smacks me into oblivion.

    • entertainmeh

      I want to know about that strange collapse too. And I do have a theory. Because she’s so  private and probably didn’t want people to know her exact date or whatever, maybe she wore a belly protector that might have been too big, those do exists and I think they might make you appear larger. I believe 100% that she carried and gave birth to Blue,but that moment did put me on pause.

  • britchick91

    the internet is going to be on FIYAAAA the day this airs can’t wait 

  • NothingNew


  • BobbyBrown’sUnhingedLowerJaw

    i dont care if she faked it or not…can she just come out with some good music..??? Girls Run the World was booty.

  • howyewdewin

    Arguing over Bey’s pregnancy is pointless. If you’re a true member of The Hive you know the deal.

    • Suchalady

       Meaning what? You were there in the delivery room right? >_>

  • Trch1097

    I have nothing against Bey. I’ve just out grown her music so I’m not speaking from a haters perspective. She needs to realize that her odd behavior and the dress collapse is what lead to people questioning her pregnancy. Blame your stylist for putting you in a dress that made you appear further along than what you really were. Or the way you acted when Katie tried to touch your belly. Or how you couldn’t say the word “baby” in the interview. Or how you talked about your pregnancy like it was an album you were working on. People just don’t go around saying someone is faking a pregnancy for no reason at all.

    • Coochie Crack


  • Rihanns 5 head

    I think I’m the ONLY person on this planet who not AT ALL cares…. But i just HAD to comment and say that lol

  • Alexander Cash

    I can’t wait for this documentary! Beyonce is flawless. 

  • Kaye

    Excited for this! I still feel like she shouldn’t even have to address surrogacy rumors but I assume she’s probably just completely over it with this mess and wants to put an end to it.