Nicki Minaj Walks Off ‘American Idol’ Set After Argument [Video]

Kid Fury January 24, 2013 You Mad? 98 Comments

While I was out scouring the streets of New York for a reasonably priced bottle of Hennessy, a dramatic slice of American Idol was broadcasting. It may not have been the intense blow-up that we saw on TMZ last year, but producers did show Nicki Minaj walk off set during a small argument.

When a young woman named Summer Cunningham auditioned with the song “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers, she created a bit of a debate between the judges. Keith Urban took offense to Summer’s comment “I did the country thing” which seemed to have the judges (except Nicki) point the contestant back in the direction of the country genre.

Nicki then claimed that the other judges were “scaring her into lying” and accused Randy and Mariah of constantly picking at pop artists. In the end, Summer went through to Hollywood and Nicki walked off set after Randy made a comment of working in the industry for 30 years.

You can watch footage of the squabble below, but this time I have to side with Nicholas. Summer made a small comment about wanting to bring more soul into her music and because Keith got upset, the other judges seemed to push her into a sound that she may not want to do.

Then they bullied Nicki and made condescending comments when she was just speaking her opinion. If Randy and Mariah’s 30-year advice is law, then they’re making it clear that producers brought Nicki in for ratings and don’t take her seriously.  I would have picked my pink afro and walked off too.


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  • GAGgag

    Why would they take her serious though? She’s not really a serious musician…or a musician.

    • RobinTInnicsha

      That has nothing to do with why she walked off though. The point was she was defending someone who the judges were bullying. They were being rude. Experienced, Talented or not. That’s common courtesy. You don’t invite someone to come sing for you and be an asshole. That’s rude. Any other day I’d agree Nicki could do better but in this instance I have to stand with her and agree that Mariah, Randy, & Keith could’ve kept their Midol on deck for outbursts like this.

      • Rjlevy7

        It’s amazing how we can watch the same video and gather different reactions and opinions . I think it was disrespectful for the singer to refer to Country as a ‘thing’ .. and the implication was ‘I don’t want to do country’ so it seems she didn’t want to be boxed in. But Keith made a great point that got walked on when her turned to nicki and said what if someone came out and said “well I did the hip hop thing” this art form is people’s livelihood .. They may have taken offense to the contestant referring to it as a hobby.. “Oh I did the brain surgeon thing” -Keith Urban lol

  • Who?

    Of course they don’t take her seriously. I wouldn’t either.

    • porsche’s calendar

      shit, i would. shes worked hard to get where she is and has to deal with people ripping her to shreds on a daily. thats respectable to me. shes got a fragrance, clothing/accesory line, and 2 albums that have done extremely well. if i was in her position i’d want to be taken seriously too. 

      • PhroYo

        she’s worked hard for all of 7 minutes. chile please. 30 years wins.

        • YouDontWantNoProblems

          Yet the 30 year vets are on the same judging panel as the artist that “worked hard for all of seven minutes”. THAT’S the true shade. 

          • Guest

             Its called ratings. They know you and your lil friends will tune in. Don’t act like this breezy has more pull in the industry than the other panelists. You would be a fool.

  • DRB

    “they’re making it clear that producers brought Nicki in for ratings and don’t take her seriously”

    That’s exactly the case.

    • KidFury

       Why would you, as any person involved in this show, want that to be obvious?

      • Saucy

        Exactly! Nicki’s talented. The producers on AI saw what she did with her career in a matter of a few years. Yeah, half of her last album sounded like Justin Bieber on steroids, but she really is a talented. I personally love that she does all the music she wants to. I think thats why she took the comments they gave the girl personally. Nicki refuses to be put in a box and she’s making a statement saying the artists that come on the show shouldnt want to be in one either. 

        • entertainmeh

           Stahp! *in my Jersey Shore voice*

      • entertainmeh

        Ryan Seacrest is involved, he makes all his motives known and obvious. He don’t give a fuq.

      • Jacqxz

        I personally feel like though Keith might have been offended, I think what Randy and Mariah were getting at was that as a singer in a singing competition, she should be aware of who tshe is as an artist but Roman wasn’t hearing that and thought they were trying to box her in

  • Jai

    I wouldn’t call what they did “bullying” per se. Nicki is CLEARLY there for ratings. Nothing more, nothing less. She has a terrible attitude and she needs to quit telling all the contestants that they’re “stars”. Not everybody can be a star. There’s a time and a place. She’s there to do a job and walking off the set was unnecessary. Agree to disagree and keep it moving and do your JOB as a judge. I don’t have time for her crybaby ass.

  • яℯd ⅴℯlⅴℯtℯℯи †

    i never really gave a fuck about nicki & her cheese wedge of a nose but… this time she was right. i am completely over that piss colored mariah and carl winslow already. 

    • Michelle’s Bangs

      I need you to find the nearest exit for that Carl Winslow comment! lmaooo

    • CadyHeron

      Take me  now Jesus. Just for the shade. 

  • Maya Angelou

    lmaooo @ mariah. i love it.

  • Nj

    I can’t stand Nicki and I was already prepared to go in on her but after watching the video I see where she was coming from. Randy and Mariah ganged up on her and were clearly forcing that girl Summer into a certain direction that should didn’t want to do. Nicki had a right to walk off. I can’t believe I’m defending Nicki but she was right in this situation.

  • Tab

    Then why put her on the panel? No matter how they feel, she’s their peer, their coworker. Stop taking every chance to display your distaste for Nicki and be a fucking human for once. How would YOU feel? Nicki’s not my favorite person, but she’s making complete sense here. And instead of her opinion being respected or merely taken with a grain of salt, she’s attacked w/ condescending remarks from “vets”. But, whatever lol. I know what crowd I’m in.

  • Nicki’s Sweater Dress

    I agreed with Mariah, Keith and Randy on this one. They weren’t picking on the girl for saying she wanted to inject soul into her sound. They were pointing out how she said she DID the country thing. Like it was a phase and didn’t work, so she was on to the next gimmick. They’re trying to make artists and not gimmicks. This is something that is always brought up once the kids are already competing and it’s too late. They tell them they don’t really know who they are. I love that the 3 of them are addressing it early and trying to make real artists that will have an actual career and not be the flavor of the week. Nicki was childish for walking off because they didn’t agree with her. I think it was more about her own insecurities rather than standing up for the the girl anyway.

    • KLC

       Exactly. The immaturity level of Nicki shows throughout every show. When she gets bored, she just does whatever she feels like. The different voices/personalities are tiring.  And you’re right, this was an ego thing rather than taking up with that girl.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      THANK YOU that girl was trying to be a gimmick in stead of truly doing what she loved you hear country in her voice BECAUSE SHE SINGS COUNTRY music. Shoot and you can tell Keith was offended like she basically just downplayed that whole genre but turned around and said she loved it b/c it’s so real. I get where Nicki is coming from but they didn’t bully her into a box for one they gave her a hint at how she could win the competition she has a better chance at country than trying to be an R&B singer.

    • kelis

      I can definitely understand each perspective on this issue. On one hand, Randy and Mariah want the girl to have some sort of direction that she wants to go in. When she said “I did the country thing” she kind of implied that it wasn’t for her and she was moving on to something else, only to later say that she wanted to do soulful country. She is confused. Not to mention, she auditioned with a song that is not country. In the music industry, they will fit you into a genre whether you like it or not. There are many artists whose debut albums are a totally different genre from what they are singing now (ie. Pink, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson). However, being that Nicki is a newbie, she has a fresher perspective. She feels that the girl can mix genres, which is true. There are many artists whose music does not fit into a specific genre, such as Bruno Mars, Cee-Lo, even Rihanna. But this is my thing, on a show like AI, you need to know who you are and where your voice shines. There are many people who have gotten voted off because they had no idea who they were musically and no one could connect with them. So, while I understand Nicki’s perspective, I’m siding with Mariah on this one. And I know a lot of y’all said that Nicki was being bullied, but she sits up there and throws jabs and foul expressions at Mariah constantly so don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

  • KLC

    THEIR point was that she shouldn’t try to do something that’s not her. Her voice is a natural fit to country music.  A lot of the time (on singing competitions) these kids’ get sent home because they chose the wrong song.

    I think Keith had a right to be tiffed because “the country thing” is his livelihood. He was upset because of HOW she said it. I don’t blame him.

    I get where Nicki was coming from, BUT it shows her lack of expertise. I’ve watched this show and how the other judges grab comparisons and suggestions from so many places; she just has, “well that sounds nice.” And I guess, maybe that’s okay for viewers.

    The tough critiques are what happens when you get in a room with record execs. No one’s NICE to protect feelings. They listen, pick you apart, and then decide if you’re good enough. I’ve said this since the beginning of the show in ’02. If someone is going to spend money and time on an artist, they’re going to make sure they’re perfect. These kids need to go into the competition with thick skin because the industry is tough. If they can’t handle it, they need to sit at home.

    It’s very obvious that the show is going the route of every other reality show. Instead of leading, they’re focusing on fights between women to sell the show to the public. It’s sad. I, for one, have no time for that.

    • Dreadenette

      Just because her voice “fits” another type of music, doesn’t mean it’s what she wants to do. 
      You may be right that song choice is important, but I still don’t see anything wrong with her saying she wanted to do a more soulful form of country. Many country artists have incorporated soul, rock, and pop elements into their music and were successful at it.
      People forget that Kid rock rapped AND sang country music.
      I wonder what mariah’s career would be like if the told her she had to do either pop or R&B and couldn’t mix hip hop into it. 

      • KLC

        I understand what you’re saying, but don’t look at it from a musician’s angle.

        No one’s saying she can’t, they were just trying to understand what she meant. She said, “I DID the country thing” and then said, “I want soulful country.” So which is it?

        Also, doing whatever you want to is NOT a good argument. In most cases you CAN’T do anything you want. Why let her keep going in the wrong direction if no one would buy it from HER? If she gets signed to a label, Jimmy Iovine is going to put her in HIS direction.

        Also, Mariah did better when it was just pop/R&B than Hip hop. She would remain what she is because she has a flexible voice.

  • Altla

    Come on Nikki you just gotta shake it off gurl #mariah4life

  • Dreadenette

    I agreed with her as well, although I wish she didn’t walk off. 
    I was confused at why Keith got upset at her comment, as if an artist wanting to add a twist to their music is a horrible idea. I guess Shania Twain, Kid Rock, and Carrie Underwood never happened, just to name a few.
    Not to mention Jewel was a yodeler AND did pop music. 
    I really didn’t see Keith, Mariah, or Randy’s point with this argument.

  • Gem

    I don’t think Mariah and Randy were bullying her. They didn’t even start on her, she started on them. Don’t start with people and then talk about how you were bullied once the argument gets underway. However I do have to take Nicki’s side here. They were grilling that girl and it was unnecessary. Keith, Mariah, and Randy took her “country thing” comment way too seriously. People say things when they’re nervous and it’s not right that she was nervous, something came out in the complete wrong way, and then she gets grilled for it by Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey on national television. That can’t be fun. Besides that though, it’s so early in the competition that what genre they’re aiming for shouldn’t even be that much of an issue.

    Nicki took the whole thing too seriously too though and her walking off stage with them tiny legs that look like they’re about to break under the sheer weight of her ass was very unprofessional and it made her look like a baby. She always looks so annoyed when another judge (especially Mariah) takes time to talk to a contestant whether it be playful banter or just a longer critique of their audition. It’s like she can’t take the attention not being on her every second of the show.

    This whole thing is becoming annoying though. I’m tired of the bitchy looks between Mariah and Nicki. Like get the fuck over it. Then it looks like tonight there’s gonna be another bitchy moment between them with Keith accidentally calling Nicki Mariah’s name and them acting like it was just blasphemy and being catty towards each other about it. So damn stupid. Grow up you big grown ass girls.

    • RamenNoodles

      You know Nicki always gotta make something about her. She wasn’t being bullied. I didn’t really read this I just scanned it, but Mariah & Nicki “bitchy looks” are what’s giving the show ratings. The only reason people were watching was for the fight we saw on TMZ and to see Mariah throw shade at Nicki. Nicki is just here for ratings nothing more. I enjoy it but I will probably stop watching after the auditions. 

      • KidFury

        They were bullying her.

        “No matter what Nicki says…”
        “Yaaaay country!”
        “30 years!”
        “Nicki’s maaaddd. She’s walking out”
        “That was my move. I was gonna walk out.”

        I’ve made it clear I’m not here for Nicki, but if I was placed on a panel with people who are laughing at my extremely valid point and making me seem like my opinion is worthless, I’d question why I was sitting there as well and so would you.

        Even when Nicki said she should leave, Mariah says “that’s a good idea.” They were clearly picking on her on some highschool shit.

        • Blabbermouth69

          No, Onika started it.  Like 100%.  She was so disrespectful the whole time they were speaking.  Rolling here eyes, spinning her chair, is that appropriate?  This was BEFORE they even spoke to Onika.  Onika is the queen of throwing rocks and hiding their hands.  If I am not addressing you (Onika) and you come out of your mouth sideways on some fuck shit, its a wrap.  And then she storms off like a child.  She lost in every single direction, in my opinion.

          • KidFury

            If you pay attention to the editing, she didn’t start rolling her eyes and sitting that way in her chair until Mariah had spoken, who was last. They made it seem like she was doing it the entire time. I’m sure by that time she was fed up.

            And she didn’t say anything rude to them. She made a point that they make comments about artists of other genres all the time, so why come for the contestant for her comment about country?

            Plus, the judges on this show have called each other out and walked off set since season one so why is it any different now?

  • KidFury

    Chile please. The girl didn’t say she was quitting country music, she said she wanted to make her country sound more soulful which can indeed work for her voice.

    She had to continue reiterating the fact that she loves country music, only because Keith was offended by her initial comment and Randy and Simon put on a cape for his ass.

    Telling the girl she should sing country when she clearly said she wants to do country/soul is redundant. That’s why Nicki spoke up and she was right.

    Nicki is obviously on the panel for ratings and doesn’t make a great judge for a singing competition, but if that’s the case, you can’t blame her for taking a check. Blame the producers.

    Don’t pick on the girl and brag about your musical tenure when the producers of the show put her on that panel and in the end she was right for being annoyed.

    • Dreadenette

      I agree. 

    • SoulGlo

       Exactly, I am not sure how that is going over people’s head… I am no huge Nicki fan but geeez Mariah is being real unlikable and pretentious.

    • RobinTInnicsha

      RIGHT! And that wasn’t even the first time that day that the judges did that to someone. The black rocker girl that came in could sing! But Randy & Mariah felt like she shouldn’t go to Hollywood because she wasn’t “R&B” enough or as Mariah put it “confused”

    • Jazz

      I agree with you, Fury. I’m no Nicholas fan, but regardless of Nicki’s qualifications as a judge, she’s there to voice her opinion and it was a valid one. The way they ganged up on her was unnecessary and borderline bullying. 

      The contestant made a comment about “doing the country thing” which Keith totally blew out of proportion. It was like beating a dead horse. Bottom line: either you like the girl’s performance or you don’t. Pass her on to the next round or don’t. Analyzing what genre of music she fit into was a waste of time.

      The comment Randy made about being 30 years in the game was a direct attack on Nicki’s character. And Mariah is the queen of shade – she’s not “owed” respect because of her many years in the game. So I don’t blame Nicki for walking off. HOWEVER, I do think she would have earned more respect if she stayed on the panel and stood her ground. Walking off kind of proved their point.

  • iyanla fixed my weave

    first of all they had paula abdul’s damp looking ass on there lying her tits off and we all know jenny from the block can’t carry a tune in a dixie paper cup even though she’s sick’ning so they need to just leave nicholas alone about being there for ratings ,i’ve been over miss randisha’s attitude and skinny head anyways *rolls eyes*

    • Kyana

      LMAO @ your name, and tru tru.

  • RamenNoodles

    I actually agreed with all of them lol. We all know Nicki is very sensitive about the genre thing cause you know…yeah. I never had a problem with her doing Pop or Hip Hop, she just wasn’t making good-quality music like she used to but whatever. Why grill someone about what genre they are, its still early maybe she wants to be a R&B artist or rocker later in her career who knows so why grill the girl about being country or whatever. If I was a artist I wouldn’t want to be labeled on what I do, I just want to make music but this is the real world so expect it. That’s where I agree with Mariah & Randy on, its their job to mentor and help the artist on whatever they want to do. Idk they just blew this whole thing into something big and I’m like this is what I was waiting for? Bye. Mariah probably threw her experience and achievements out there is what lead to Nicki just going off on her. Which they didn’t show.

  • GOD

    Kelly Rowland would never walk off the set like that!

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    “Take me seriously!” *screams the woman with the pink cotton candy wig, marshmallow puff dress, and jolly rancher heels.* I’m not here for Negro Minaj and her Willy Wonka Couture antics. She’s dressed up like a Chutes and Ladders game piece and WE are supposed to take her seriously? Tuh. 

    • FrostByteMe

       I’m #TeamNicki on this one but dayuuum that was hilarious!!

    • kelis

      Totally here for this comment, and your name LOL

  • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

    we are all aware that i cant stand nicki facade, but i was also rolling with her on this one. i got my ass cursed out on FB last night for mentioning that she made an amazing point. the only thing that matters is that the girl can sing. who gives a three bit shit on a stick what genre? she’ll have time to find herself. the other three judges were on my nerves. i actually like nicki on last night’s episode. 

  • Kyana

    Uhhh, she is a joke, the clown outfits and wigs lend her to not being taken seriously all by their selves  She’s great at what she does, and in my opinion that’s being opportunistic, talented, I think not. Singer, if I was deaf, I’d say she was. Randy’s comment was made to be mean in collusion with Mariah’s, but it was unnecessary. He should have pointed out that she herself has yet to make anyone in the industry successful, not that he’s been doing whatever the hell he does since Atari was the shit. Fox, like everything else they air, is extremist, and they are going for entertainment, they could give a fuck about these singers, as they showed while showing their ass’ in front of Summer.

  • Opinions

    Most of y’all need to realize that every musician is some form of entertainment. Whether its tattoos,hair,shoes,chains,etc. I feel as if Nicki is only doing her wigs and all that jazz for entertainment. Lets be real she came out with all the alter egos,wigs and all that stuff from the get go. Whether she “swagga jacked” it from somebody else or not she been doing a lot of this stuff since she was out.

    I mean I haven’t seen any artist do rap and pop at the same time. lets all be real. Whether her pop/ rap music is weak or not. I mean I’m not a die heart fan of hers but some of y’all take things too seriously when it comes to her. People are so quick to judge these celebs but don’t know that half what goes on in the industry. She was just speaking out what they were doing to her and I feel they were trying to pressure that girl to choose a genre of music.

    just sayin’.

    • Kyana

      Yeah, rap/pop isn’t exclusive to Onicka, Diddy may have been the first to cross in that manner, and Kesha and your “misunderstood” friend hit the major scene at the same damn time, while K clearly was in both lanes from the get, and entertainers with those wigs and jazz usually travel with Barnum & Bailey, or at least Universoul. Love your name tho…

  • Stallion Booty Flop

    From what I gather from all this hoopla, they need to just cancel the show. Ratings have continued to go down from season to season. So putting Nicki on that panel of judges was a clear move to bring in viewers. I was only there for the stupid ass auditions anyway and that was only cute for a few seasons. 

  • Pepp

    Mick was right on this one. Plus there is nothing wrong with adding a soul sound to your country music. And like someone already said jewel yodeled all day long and she was a pop singer.

  • Juana4ev

    Sorry Kid Fury, usually agree but no Nicki wasn’t getting bullied. She was clearly annoyed when everyone started talking like she had something on her chest that was building up. She turned the issue into something bigger with her smart comment. Mariah & Randy are experienced and are RIGHT. Watch what type of music/tone this Summer chick will be giving if she goes far. Labels would put her in the country genre because that’s the best way to market her…don’t act like she’s above that. If you give off a certain image, it’s best to go with that. Nicki is clearly confused because she thinks crossing over worked for her. You’re lying to yourself if you do what Nicki does. No one is saying you can’t expand but why mess up the formula that works for your image?

    • Juana4ev

      Welp I already spoke about this on Twitter so I can see where Kid Fury is coming from. I just preferred that Nicki direct her opinions back to the contestant then if she didn’t want it to become a big fuss instead of calling out folks.

    • The702Diva

      EXACTLY, before anyone else said anything, she was rolling her eyes and bored. She also needs to grow the hell up. My brother is an assistant on the show and told me how this heffa is always late and holding up taping like she is so important. If Mariah’s ass can be on time, then theis clown should be there EARLY trying to soak up some knowledge.

  • Jazzypyussy

    You didnt get the scene AT ALL. M and R were rightly trying to figure out WHO the girl was. Based on her voice, she IS a country singer. I mean, think of it THIS way – If fantastia showed up and was like ” I only sing classical music”….or Clay Aiken came in rapping or singing trap r n b……you need to know WHO u are. You have to get a lane, establish that lane, and then you can experiment. OR you can come in from jump and be experimental, which this young lady did not – she showed up yodeling.

    This is why m and r are professionals and KId Fury and Nicki are not. BLOOP

    • KidFury

      Then they’re professionals with hearing problems and so are you. Summer didn’t say she did “the country thing” and now she wants to work in Bollywood. She said she wants to put soul behind the country music she makes.

      So what sense does it make in telling a soulful country singer to be a country singer? That’s like if I’m making an apple pie and you tell me I should make a pie. Girl, get the fuck out of here.

    • Lex

      LMAO, he said BLOOP…x_x

    • Mo

      Music is a journey for most people, she clearly said she likes country music and by saying “i did the country thing” simply meant, Ive done that, want to incorporate that, but take it elsewhere for her personaly.

      Keith needed to get over himself. It wasnt a slight at country music, nor was it a slight at him. Im with nicholas on this one as well

      At least the girls willing to stand strong in the sound SHE wants to produce and now what will get her on TV like some sell outs….just saying.

    • Jacqxz

      I was withchya till u said my Fury wasn’t a pro. My Hennessy swigging baby know hat he doin!

  • Kayy

    As much as I don’t give not a single fuck about Nichola Meeraj, I do understand where she was coming from BUT the fact that while the other judges were giving their opinion on the girl’s singing, and Nikita was busy rolling her eyes and twisting her body, already makes her look bad and immature. Anyway, I don’t watch this crap but I’m here for Mimi’s flawles shade.

  • Alexciajoann

    I’m so over Mariah it’s not even funny. I think the judges this go ’round are a piss poor combination (including Mandy Jackson) and the show is rigged anyway. Let’s all raise a glad to Nicki for wasting her time when she could be learning how to rap again. *sips iced tea*

  • w1xo

    This had nothing to do with the contestant .. This has to do with nicki being angry that she’s a “rapper” that constantly gets called a pop artist .. It was clearly personal that’s why she faught so hard and walked off. As a person who’s there to do the same job as everyone else she deserves her respect. But let’s be real it’s clear she’s there for rating.

  • FreetuitionMakeHerDance

    Look, at this point Nicki just got a problem with Nicki. 

    she got to say something about every little damn thing that happens. 

    but they’re about to drop her. I heard their ratings was at it’s lowest due to her. 

    • Bonita Applebaum

      ratings are low because the show sucks now. lets not blame Onika for that one. In the case of this episode I think Nicki was right in her opinion and in walking off. Mariah messy ass is forever coming at her you dont think you would get tired of that after a while too and then to have the other judges jump in on the “shading”, its rude IMO. No matter what the level of talent or whatever people still deserve respect and I don’t think any of them had it for Nicki from the get go. 

      • The702Diva

        From what I gather, Mariah would not have done the show if they told her that Onika was also going to do it. I don’t blame her either, so AFTER they locked Mariah in a contract, they sprung Onika on her. I’d be mad too, but at the producers.

  • Pepper Anne

    I’m not the hugest fan of Nicki but yeah I’m with her on this one. She did say what she wanted to sound like and what kind of genre she wanted. Respect it and let it go. Then for Randy and Mariah to say their little slick comments out the side of their mouth, I wouldn’t have been there for it either. Them two queens Randy and Mariah are both way too old to act like their bleeding from their pussies. I know that was gross but shit, its true.

  • Beyoncelover56




    • KidFury


  • MissMe

    Right or wrong I feel like at the end of the day Nicki needs to stop with the theatrics and be professional. If she wants to be taken seriously, getting mad and running off stage is not the way to do it. Stand your ground, shut Mariah and Randy down and keep it moving. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Nicki fan but damn girl grow a pair and stop acting like a 3yr old. I know it gets annoying when people throw jabs but the best thing for you to do is keep it cute and they will be exposed for the assholes that they are. You on the other hand are deciding to show yourself in a bad light, come on now…

    • CaramelHottie

      THANK YOU!!! 

  • CaramelHottie

    I honestly understand EXACTLY why Keith Urban got his panties in a bunch when ole girl said “Well I tried the country thing”. Even though I don’t feel she intended to be offensive, I still can see how one ESPECIALLY how one who lives and breathes country music, can be slightly offended. And even so I think he responded professionally. 

    As far as Mariah and Randy, I don’t think they were attacking Summer, I think they were trying to understand her from a musical stand point. She said she wanted to be “soulful country” yet when she sang her voice was the typical country yodel. I was a little baffled myself watching. 

    And Nicki, I understood where you were coming from slightly, HOWEVER, I am tired of your antics. You always blow everything out of proportion. I love how you love to be the victim. Every time you bump heads with someone, from Lil Kim to Steven Tyler, someone is always “picking on you”. Boo hoo, poor lil black rapper girl! Ugh, I’m over it. 

    You came for Randy first when you tried to call him and Mariah out, and he READ yo ass and let you know I been doing this for thirty years I think I might know what I’m talking about. Stop cursing, throwing tantrums, and walking off sets like a damn teenager. 

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      “he said she wanted to be “soulful country” yet when she sang her voice was the typical country yodel. I was a little baffled myself watching.”

      Agreed and I think she chose a soulful song to come across more soulful but it wasn’t anything more special than a typical country singer. Maybe it will come during Hollywood.

      • CaramelHottie

        Exactly. Randy flat out told her that her voice suits country, not that she can’t do different genres. How the hell are you going to do other sounds when you cant get past this one? Nicki was just in her feelings. Like always

  • Suchalady

    “I’m sorry but that’s what I do Nicki, I sing”. Oop!

  • Kyoncatajen

    I think being in the industry for a few years brings insight, yes. But with Nicki being fairly new to the game I think she feels more of what the contestants may be feeling when they have all of these experts “at their head(s)”. I completely agree with Nicki, being under a microscope will def make you side with the panel in order to make it to Hollywood instead if sticking true to yourself. She (Nicki) may not be the most talented of the bunch, but she knows the industry as well. Clearly or they wouldn’t “need” her for ratings.

    • Earthshaker1217

      I concur.

  • Earthshaker1217

    I don’t that girl wanted to do country, but because that’s what she grew up to and that’s what the judges said her voice fit into, she started agree with them. Summer obviously wants to do more than country or wants to experiment with other sounds. Plenty of artists like to mix sounds or go from one genre to another. I agree with Nicki’s statements. However, I need her take understand how to be professional. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with your coworkers, you as an individual have to remain calm and collected and do your job. Her job is to judge the contestants. If she has to ignore shade from the others than fine, but she should think of this as her being apart of something greater than herself: helping someone make it in this industry and stay true to themselves.

  • serving you next

    though nicki is right it’s clear SHE DID NOT LEARN ANYTHING from the mariah encounter.

    girl get your emotions in check, you are getting paid big money for this & being introduced to future clients, suck it up.  everything does not have to be a argument i would of said my piece & silenty paid them dust while petting the pink cockatoo on my head.

    & another thing body language sweetheart.

    i didnt believe it at 1st but mariah really is insecure about nicki being there… would never think they did a song together.

  • CaramelHottie

    Mariah is far from insecure about Nicki being there. I do think she feels Nicki does not belong on a panel judging singers, as well as plenty of others do. 

  • Kim Humphries’ Divorce Papers

    Randy is talking about his “30 years” of experience. Then why hasn’t he found anything better to do than being on a washed-up reality tv show?
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Randy on his way out as a judge and being demoted to just a “mentor”

  • S.

    Nicki needs to stop walking off set though…

  • CadyHeron

    Hmmmm, Onika is usually the child of the bunch. But them throwing shade as she walked off the set is not called for. She’s annoyed with Queen Bitch Mariah and Al Roker. I haven’t been here for Onika since “Itty Bitty Piggy” but she’s entitled to her own opinion.

  • MNK

    Keith kind of set the poor girl up with that question
    though. And I don’t think the girl was trying to down play the place of country
    music as a genre, “country thing” was just the way it came out. Nicki is
    annoying a many of days, but so are the rest of them. They are too easily
    offended and hold onto their “credentials” for dear life. They are like meeting
    a PhD who constantly tries to throw in your face how educated they are. Let
    your experience and education speak for itself, and show 30 years worth of
    professionalism and try to teach Nicki some stuff too. The time to coach the
    girl is during vocal training and preparation. That’s when you teach her how to
    successfully mix vocal techniques and genres.

  • Missmarchmommy

    Onika is sort of justified here however if she gonna get they check she gotta learn how to let shit roll off her back. Like when they made the comment of working for 30 yrs I woulda told them yet we are all in the same seat i’ve been doing this a lot less time then yall time to reevaluate your situation. but…. *yawn* and the world turns… 

  • Joe Budden’s pipe

    I don’t like Nikki at all! However, Mariah and Randy were out of line on so many levels. I actually feel sorry for Nikki. I hope the money is great cause they are treating her like her hair is pink.

  • Liones

    Nicki obviously walked off because it was a build up of anger. They constantly pick on her, because they feel as if they are superior to nicki. Regardless of how many years they been in the industry, or how “good” their music is, they should respect nicki as their coworker. They find every opportunity to throw it in her face. Lets be clear, nicki is no lauryn hill or queen latifah, but she is actually very talented with strong work ethics. Regardless of the reason they put her on the show, she is still one of the judges. Therefore, she has all authorities to state her opinion!

    • Opinions

      yes yes yes !  This statement is spot on ! 

  • Julia Sugarbaker

    Everyone including Fury is missing the point. There is no right or wrong these are OPINIONS. That “the country thing” comment deserved to be further explored. The girl was holding her own, she didn’t need Nicki playing captain-save-a-ho. Nicki could have said I disagree, directed her comments and critiques toward the contestant not the other judges and kept it moving. Nicki is 30 GATDAMN years old but she made a child move when she stomped off in such a basic ass manner. 

    • Julia Sugarbaker

      Oh and this “Nicki is being “bullied” shit needs to STOP. Everyone with a different opinion is neither hating on or bullying you.  She sits there, rolling her eyes and making smart ass comments and faces along with Mariah. The only thing she’s a victim to is her own music and fashion choices. If she’s comfortable enough to sit up there looking like unicorn vomit she should be able to hold her own. She made herself look like weak sauce.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Take me to the cross @ unicorn vomit LAAAAAAAAAAAWD!

    • Bmarie

      but she was trying to talk to the girl, and they interjected… Just saying it as i saw it. Fully agree with the “unicorn vomit” though… don’t walk away, stand firm in your convictions…

  • Bmarie

    To know you’re on the show to serve nothing but Tiffany Pollard “Flavor of Love 2″ realness has got to be a hurting feeling… But I’m with Nicki on this one. True, the girl coulda worded it different, but was it that serious? Screw Randy, Screw Keith Urban for getting in his feelings, and Mariah can take a time out for being so damn condescending. But it’s a short time-out. I love her….

  • Ooshiaoo

    Onigga was right!!! Mariah and randy ass need to take a seat.. And stop throwing that low key shade. Keith need to chill if the chick don’t wanna do his type of country then fine… Who cares!

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    That was sooo disrespectful. I get both sides of the discussion but you can definitely tell that Mariah and Randy took a condescending tone. We finally get Nikki to act halfway decent and express a thoughtful opinion and then they want to go and talk to her. Tragic. 

  • Siku Hamin

    Man listen, regardless of whether they take her serious as an artists or not, they were disrespectful, condescending assholes who were definitely in the wrong all around. 

  • Joiedevivrenoir

    They should be thankful Nikki is there. I’m sorry but her and her legion of lacefronts bring life to the show. It would be so boring without her.