New Music: Cassie – All Gold, All Girls (feat. Trina & Lola Monroe)

Kid Fury January 24, 2013 New Music 23 Comments

In today’s “Didn’t See That Shit Coming” news, Cassie teams up with Trina and Lola Monroe for a crazy female remix to the Trinidad James’ hit “All Gold Everything.” Cassie will soon be dropping a mixtape titled Rock-A-Bye Baby, but for now you can listen to “All Girls, All Gold” below.

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  • TrenaFace

    Only person whose identity I am certain of is Trina…

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    a mixtape?! cassi is confused in life. wasn’t she suppose to been dropping and album like 5 years ago.

  • Flavorz

    LoLa Monroe did her thing on this joint

  • RamenNoodles

    Cassie girl…give it up please. No one’s here for you. The only time you are used are for tumblr photos and just photos period. You good sis, just lay out in Barcelona and spend Diddy $$$. Lola girl…you been here since Nicki dropped Playtime is Over and no one is still checking for you. What does that tell you? 

  • YahYah

    … I kno how some of us feel about Cassie… but this shit knocks!  I’m sorry.  I have been getting my life for the last 10 minutes with this on repeat… And if you don’t like it ”you should be embarrased — talking bout me!”  #nigganigganigga *diddy twirl and taps off stage*

    • KidFury

      All three girls ate this. I got my life.

  • Michelle

    If this came on in the club and I was drunk…I would dance my ass off. But the thing is, I’d probably be doing so while thinking it was the Trinidad James version.

  • Kyana

    It’s nice

  • Dreadenette

    I like it.

  • Kayy

    I love the first 20 seconds, sounds so dope. This song is alright. I will forever be here for Trina.

  • Kenya’s Marriage License

    ::Twerks in Kitchen::

  • Cierra Barnes

    OHHHHH!!! Sounds like throwback Trina! LOVE !

    • RobinTInnicsha

      YAS! It really did! I enjoyed it! I thought she was finna start spitting “representing for da bxtches!”

  • CaramelHottie

    Y’all need to get into Lola hunty! She be going awf, that’s my bitch! 

    Trina girl I love you but I’ma need you to re-write that 16 sorry *shrugs* 

  • Suchalady

    I’m here for Trina…the rest of it, nope.

  • RobinTInnicsha

    I was pleasantly surprised! I thought I wouldn’t like it but I did. Now if Trina & Lola could slide over to Trinidad’s place and teach him to stay on beat while rapping this day would become better!

  • serving you next

    trina…………i rebuke your presence.

  • Kenya’s Marriage License

    Yeah I was telling my brother about this and how I suprisingly liked the song. This is his response and I quote, “I don’t care about the three people that you just mentioned.” #ProudBigSister

  • Ayniaqueen

    Go Lola! First time hearing her spit. pleasantly surprised!! ….I love it!!… b u t Imma need lala’s friend to hang it up #flatscreen. I haven’t seen it for Trina since “here we go” and lawd knows I was never here for her before that

  • gabicaligirl

    Yep, still here for Cassie.  Say what you want about her, but her music still knocks, and I love me some Trina still.  #wheresthealbumtho?

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    why is Cassie trying to serve me Rihanna right now tho? Tell me I’m But it’s still dope!

  • Alexander Cash

    I’m definitely feeling this! I don’t know who Lola Monroe is, but I guess I should get familiar. 

  • Co-Sign

    Well hello Lola Monroe…..who was the other rapper? #StepYaGameUp #GetAGhostWriter