Keri Hilson Claims There’s No Beyoncé Beef; She’s Tired Of You Being Mean To Her

Kid Fury January 24, 2013 Sucks To Be You. 49 Comments

While on her lunch break from greeting kids outside Splash Mountain, Keri Hilson briefly spoke with the good people at HipHollywood and mentioned the infamous “beef” she has with a certain queen. Keri claims there is no issue (once again) and apparently wishes people wouldn’t be so hurtful when it comes to her personal life.

“No, I don’t have a beef with any female artist,” she says. “We live in such a gullible world. Anything that’s written, anything that’s posted, anything picture that is interpreted one way is taken as truth.”

“It’s like, I’m human…and it’s hurtful,” she continues. “It’ malicious. It’s not okay to just make up false things about someone, especially in their personal life. Professionally, fine! Scrutinize me all you want. I know that I can’t please everyone, but personally, let’s just leave it alone. It’s going to far.”

Oh Miss Hilson, we all heard that shady diss track and saw you refuse to hold up a magazine with Beyoncé on the cover, so you tried it with that “gullible” malarkey. Clearly you have a problem with the woman, so just say that.

Other than that, I can understand that millions of stans calling you a vulture working for Rent-A-Center must be tough, but this is your lot in life. Walk it off and release a new album, girl.

Source: HipHollywood

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  • Luvleeloner

    @ least her makeup is on point. #kanyeshrug

  • TrenaFace

    I thought we left this non-factor back in 2012….

    • CadyHeron

      I thought we left her in 2011…….

      • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

         She would have to been picked up first in order to get left anywhere…which one of you did the dastardly deed?

      • Kenya’s Marriage License

        I was thinking more like 2010…..

  • Sophia Allen

    Well she is right, she doesn’t have beef with Beyonce. In order to have beef with someone both parties involved have to participate in it. Clearly Beyonce has zero fucks to give about that child…

    • CadyHeron

      ^Read em and weep Miss Keri girl. 

  • RamenNoodles

    Girl please the damage is already done, but I’m glad she finally addressing it. Now maybe the hive can leave the Queen of R&B alone. Yeah, I’m reaching lol but she is an amazing songwriter and No Boy’s Allowed is a flawless album. I just need another album and she better release one this year. Not next year, THIS YEAR 2-0-1-3!

    • Jazz

      No boy’s allowed?? Oh. For a second I read “Nobodies Allowed” seeing as how that describes her career in a nutshell. #carryon

      • RamenNoodles

        You TRIIIIIIED it lol

      • ZJ

        Daaaaaamn. Stick and move!

  • Keri Hilson’s Glued On Lashes

    Girl we havin fun up here, the mascara makin me feel luxurious

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple


    • Kenya’s Marriage License

      “I bet Keri wishes she can be on top of something like we are right now.” ~Keri Hilson’s Glued on Lashes

      • Tkglam

        Is anybody gone say something bout ya’ll names tho???

      • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

        childdd, truthfully, i bet she is jealous of those lashes. 

  • ZJ

    I don’t have anything against Keri Hilson really. She just irks me in the same way that Nicki Minaj does and for the same reason: too much attitude in comparison to what she has to offer as an artist (note: I said artist not songwriter). Still, I liked Knock You Down, and then Kanye had to admit that his verse was about Dim, and now I can’t listen to it anymore.

    • Jazz

      Dim?? #fatality 

  • Dreadenette

    she should’ve just held the damn magazine.



  • Mariah Mathis

    It’s not anyone’s business to make her “pay” for shade by attacking her every tweet,video, blog post, etc. It’s lame. Nobody with real life relationships and friendships have time for that kind of stanning.

    • Suchalady


    • Michelle’s Bangs

      I really need for you to SAY THIS AGAIN! People really starting to take “stanning” too far. Like just relax and live your life!

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Yes for you using Uncle Joe’s vocabulary Malarkey. Any who I agree with @fce83efbca3419a0da3e19e863f2ee42:disqus this could have all been avoided had she just held up the magazine cause that’s when the heavy shade flew her way quicker then a trick runs in heels.

  • Miles

    Man, Fuck Keri Hilson!

  • You’re Welcome


  • яℯd ⅴℯlⅴℯtℯℯи †

    until that bitch hold up that magazine… ion wanna hear shit.

  • Jazz

    Honestly I’m not gonna add to the shade. Just keep it coming while I munch on this popcorn and get my life!

  • Atleast

    she’s pretty though. lol

  • Toni Montanna

    poor Miss Carried Baby.

    • Meh.

       I see what you did there…and I like it.

  • Kayy

    Ever since she contradicted herself with Pretty Girl Rock and that gyration-sex-filled Love Me song, I gives no fucks about Mhiss Kherri Bhabhehh, BUT she’s still pretty.

    • Jacqxz

      Mhissy Banks??? Guuurl now u know better to be on this here internets again! SCAT!

  • Pepper Anne

    Meh…I’m not here for it. She’s giving me low budget 80′s Sheila E. tease and I just want it stopped. 

  • w1xo

    Welllll hair and make up is on point tho.

  • Sammi

    So a person with mild relevence can still be interviewed? Hmm. I guess you learn something new everyday

  • Erin Cash

    I’m sorry but a Keri Hilson/Beyonce beef is like an ant having beef with a boot…

  • Kenya’s Marriage License

    “I don’t want my bags carried to the Hilton, I’m staying at the Four Seasons”

  • Onicka’s Grammy Nomination

    I won’t believe it until I see her holding up a cover of GQ.

  • christopher ♡

    KerryMyBackToTheHilton can go suck on 50 titty nipples bitch. She tried it at least 423283829399293 times now and we don’t have time. She either needs to release a new album or go sit down in the back row of the BET Awards and drink CapriSun for the rest of her life. 

  • caseyG101

    Does Beyonce even know this girl exist?

  • Kanyetta

    Smh….she shouldve stuck to song writing and just stayed behind the scenes….she used to write for bey destiny child ciara and etc. but the minute she wanted to come out as an artist she started shading them….why shade those who paid and went to you for songs…..not smart…if she was still friendly with bey she wouldve made crazy money by writing on the new album

  • bmarie

    this is such “got2bereal” material…

  • Jisforjae

    did someone say carry my bag to the hilton? who said i was staying at the… oh you said KERI HILSON? who is that??

  • CadyHeron

    Misssssss Kerrrrriiiiiii babyyyy-eh. Urm girl. You rang up my niece at Forever 21 last week. Have a seat that Julius pleasantly pulled out for you. Blue Ivy snatched the last bit of your edges the day she was born.

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    *Meanwhile, as the lines at Target get longer*

    Keri, please get back to your register.

  • Shuntavatasha

    Who is this lady talking?

  • Bihenda

    For you to have beef with someone they at least have to know you exist…

  • nat

    Wow, she needs to never ever dance.