Karrueche Tran Takes It Off For Rolling Out; Says Rihanna Is “Dope”

Kid Fury January 24, 2013 The Sweet Taste of Publicity 80 Comments

Splitting from Yellow Cake is clearly the best thing that happened to Ms. Karrueche, because she’s been in the media more now than she was during their entire relationship. Get into her butt-naked ass on the cover of Rolling Out — I mean, she has on her drawers, but you can barely see them.

Also as part of her feature, Karrueche sat down with the trap-fabulous Shekinah Anderson (of T.I. & Tiny’s reality show) during her recent trip to Atlanta. Shekinah, who never holds back during interviews, was able to get Little Kae to briefly talk about her relationship with Chris and even admit that she thinks Rihanna is dope.

Watch the clip below. This is the first time I’ve heard the girl’s voice.

Source: Rolling Out

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  • Meh

    LOL that cover is the visual equivalent of eating paper. Doesn’t do a damn thing either positive or negative. Must suck to be her.

  • Jazz

    She was forced into saying Rihanna is dope because Shekinah said it…it was not willingly 

    • KidFury

       I doubt it. She didn’t have to agree with Shekinah.

      • LadyM

        I would just like to thank you for that parenthetical explanation of exactly who in the hell Shekinah was. Cuz I let out a good “who?” 

        • KidFury


          • Jacqxz

            TRAP-fabulous??!?!?! Chi…u just live life to TRY it!

        • CadyHeron

          The 1st thing to come to mind was Shekinah Glory….The Christian Choir. But that’s just me.

          • Jazz

            But WHY did I think the same thing?? LMAO

  • jajay22

    I feel like calling chris hannsen on myself after looking at that cover..

    • Statesside

      Her baby face is a little disturbing when she tried to be sexy lol

      • Statesside


  • Dreadenette

    her voice is so little and cute.

  • i tried it

    bitch for a minute i thought it said rolling stone until i did a double take.

    • Monica Litzsey

      Ha…me to but then I was like hell naw she’s not that important!! *no shade*

  • Wally

    Her and Chris Brown were beards. He put her on, and she proved that he wasn’t gonna beat nobody anymore. Now Gina and Rihnna can get back together. It was a well planned stunt though, but Kimshi ain’t mad at all. #StillGotHerMoney

    • Wally

      Gina = Chris

    • MeMeAl

      Yeah, she still got the same amount of money she started with #StillGotHerMoney 

      • Wally

        Ohhh, you tried it.

        You would think. . . but she’s been. . nvm, I’ll just let you watch her little fashion line take off with the only ppl that can afford it.

    • Mariah Mathis

      …but he dated Jasmine Sanders and Draya before Karrueche…

  • Tia

    She looked like one of those child prostitutes from Thailand in those naked pics..You cute… but not sexy

    • Rasan8250

      Hey!!! I thought child pornography was illegal?!??!!!  What is this mess?

  • Statesside

    I like how non-confrontational she is. If she was crazy and in this position she would’ve already made a fool of herself. I like her. 

    • FreetuitionMakeHerDance

      More like knows her place and knows better specially “if she trying to get this money.”  *yandy voice* 

      I’m sue she be talking mad shit behind closed doors. she may look innocent, but nah…

  • Sigh

    she looks young and naive.

  • ShadyVirgo

    That picture looks like kiddie porn. I thought Chris Hansen was gon pop out my closet.

  • LifetimeFuryTVsubscriber

    You said her name!!!!!!

    • KidFury

       Look at me growing.

      • CadyHeron

        Look at God Fury.

        • That girl MEL!

           Your name is ALL THE THINGS!

  • ree

    I like her when she’s serving pretty or beautiful, not sexy. In the video w/o all that make-up she looks naturally beautiful but with that sorry attempt at a smokey eye and those rouge lips paired w/ her pre-teen body she looks tried.

  • RamenNoodles

    Sis…you know you don’t have no type of shape to be naked on that cover. She’s cute but just no.

  • Stefonebrown

    But you finally said her name

  • Kayy

    She’s got the body of a flat chested 13 y/o. Why does it feel weird that this my first time hearing her voice… Welp, she sounds sweet.

    • Soooo……

      So does curry goat but maybe Chris just like the type. IJS!!!!

      • MissMe

         I must respectfully disagree, while Rihanna may have small breasts she has grown woman thighs, lol

        • Kayy

          Yeah, KatGotYaTongue is just flat all over. Ri has body.

  • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

    she’ll always be KaleidoscopeDreams to me. i’ll always be over her. she’s cute, but she’s still a concubine ass hater. sue me now, thank me later…  

    • Suchalady


    • entertainmeh

      I love how everyone is on the  “I like her” train now…Which is fine, but so tired. No “cute” interview is going to change my opinion on her. AND, how she said Rih was dope, was shady AF. She’s PC and don’t want to look like a bitch, but she can’t stand Rih!

      • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

        i thought i was the only one who noticed that. everybody seems to be drinking the Kacucaracha pussy juice now. child, im over it. she’s still nobody to me. she was definitely shading Rih for her life. she REALLY did it lowkey with that “aint no way around it” accompanied by the “now who gon check me?” face. I CANT with Ms. Yang OR Bonequiqwee. she was digging for mess. 

  • KoochyKrack

    Being a jumpoff pays these days

  • We out here trynna function

    Dope? Lies. Mature answer nonetheless.

    And judging as a third part objective with no genuine interest in the matter, she and Christopher don’t seem to be over by a long shot – business or not. They may not be a full on exclusive couple now that Rihanna is in the picture, but they’re not done with eachother, trust.

    She’s very pretty though and sounds like a sweet girl.

  • Valencia Washington

    The way she said “ain’t no way around it” was like “bitch he ain’t going NO MOTHERF*CKIN WHERE” lol she’s a little shady.

  • iyanla fixed my weave

    this picture makes me feel uncomfortable *cringes* the whole half nude thing just seems wrong for her she’s too sweet & innocent looking

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    she has no appeal at all. Like with these photos, there’s just nothing interesting or intriguing about her. 

    and All three of them are still fucking..”Bestfriends” my ass. 

    • KidFury

      I don’t think she’s “interesting” either, but I do think she loves fashion and styling. Hopefully she turns this into her own clothing line (separate from Chris) and becomes a silent industry killer. She doesn’t have anything to offer entertainment-wise and I’m sure she knows that.

      • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

        I guess..It sucks though cuz that’s all they ask her. She should just bring her scrapbooks or sketches (if she has them..probably not)  with her to these interviews to divert any questions about that love triangle lol. Like, “Oh but girl look at this new sketch I drew..” 

        • RamenNoodles

          Right, she just gonna have to draw the line. No one is gonna be interested in her line, all they want to know is how she feels about Rihanna and how was it like dating Chris. Unless she likes being asked about that, she needs to let them know this is about my line nothing more.

        • KidFury

          She doesn’t seem stupid. I’m sure she knows that any interview she goes into is going to have Chris/Rihanna questions and she needs to answer them. She doesn’t have to tell all her business, but dancing around it would be pointless and make people dislike her, because that’s what people wanna know. If she can answer those questions well and push her line at the same time, she will be fine.

  • Pepper Anne

    No shade but she is definitely giving me underage Asian sex traffic here…. Like seriously her body is not remotely sexy. The hair is nice, that’s about it. 

  • Misha

    She is giving me “mouth breather” and “bird chested asian ladyboy” in these pics. Pretty girl but no sex appeal whatsoever. She’s as interesting as watching paint dry. I don’t get the fascination or hype but she is milking them 15 minutes!! Go on then, KornySyrup.

  • CaramelHottie

    I think it was very classy of her to say what she said about Rihanna considering RiRi has been shading that girls entire life. 

    I think the both of them are shaped like little boys tho.. 

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Since she has a Kate Moss shape she should have went editorial with her naked cover not trying to be playboy sexy you kinda need curves to pull that off. I really wish she would separate from Chris and do her clothing line I feel it would benefit her to cut off all ties.

    • That girl MEL!

      This ‘tumblr teen model of 2013′ – look is not doing anything for her appeal. In order for her to be sexier and more interesting, she needs edge. Edge will bring out sex appeal without being overtly (Victoria’s secret) sexy. If I were her stylist, we’d cut that hair and go way edgier on her looks.

  • LadyM

    Chile, that intro text calling it “One unforgettable day” ……. I’m gonna chose to read that as sarcastic. Did they film this at Tin Drum?

  • sunshyne84

    Rolling Out though? Is that still printed on newspaper?

  • RiRi’s Weed Man

    “I need to get my hair done”
    “You do!” 


    • KidFury

       You caught that too?

  • Earthshaker1217

    So…is she going to be a singer, fashion designer, and/or actress? Because the model thing is not enough. I’m tired of that. Maybe she could go into politics or publishing. That’ll be cool. Start a charity. I’m just saying.

    • That girl MEL!

       A charity against human trafficking/sex slaves would definitely up her in the press.

  • Suchalady

    Kinda the same way I felt when I first heard Amber Rose speak…wish I didn’t (even though like Amber alot more now). I still think she tries to play mature so that people will feel sorry for her and buy the whole “Chris left me, woe is me” bit. Didn’t that other girl with the pitbull mug call Rihanna “dope” after she tried to shade her too? Mmm.

  • jaquanna

    Oh how I long for the days when we’d all sit around and shade KlearanceSaleAtCitiTrends like one big happy family. 

  • Ayniaqueen

    Awww she’s gorg!! she seems nice…. And shekinah is still a big bowl of country, cuss words, and weave!!! And I love it!!

  • CadyHeron

    I have no more shade for  Katmandu. She handles herself real cute. I’m a Rihanna fan, but it seems like Miss Tran is just doing what’s cute for her.

    • entertainmeh

       What did you think she was doing before you heard her speak? It don’t take much to win over folks these days lol….

      • CadyHeron

        ^Chile boo

  • Sweetone_4_2005

    She’s not naked. You can see the flesh colored bra in the mirror and the panties…

    • MissMe

       That is part of the mirror… she is topless but yes she does have on panties…

  • Gullible

    I don’t see her beauty. The pic is very basic. .. I guess they just love the hair and the ability to toss her around..

  • Just_amaris

    I’m starting to like Karrueche she’s young and she’s getting what she can out of whatever it is that was going on. I say let her live a little lol

  • Apalacian

    She looked so uncomfortable

  • Bihenda

    She doesn’t look sexy when she is naked. She looks sexy when she is wearing over sized boyish clothes. #truestory.

  • Run it Hoe

    Kumquat looks uncomfortable in that cover….. U can tell by her body language. And as far as her saying curry goat is dope……. She only said that to play nice because she don’t want yellow cake to snatch that new clothing line out the game

  • Sigh…

    ChilD, put some clothes on. Look, I’m sorry Fury. I know you’re warming up to this Asian glow worm bc of her plight in life at the moment, but let us be honest: apart from answering questions about her situation with Chris and Rihanna and eventually shading both of them openly (cause you and I both know that the promise and desperation for a dollar will bring out the trap star in anyone), this girl and her clothing line will fade into oblivion, just as surely as most of those lines do. Now I hold no distinct hate in my eheart for Kae, but I don’t believe in sprinkling arm and hammer on bullshit like it’s magical fairy dust. Because she had no plan or career carved for herself separate of Yellow Warrior himself, the best she can hope for is a long a fertile friendship with the NBA…

  • Coralco

    I don’t understand why everyone has to hate this hard. If it’s a hustle, it’s a hustle. Chris Brown approaches you and wants to be in a relationship and your just a regular assed chick.. Who says no to that? And if he left me for Rihanna believe me I would be hustling too. Throughout the whole thing she’s handled herself pretty well. Gotta respect that. People need to calm down with all these body comparisons and etc. I mean, her and Rihanna do not share the same body type. Who cares? Rolling out approached her for a feature what you want her to say, “no sorry, I’m much too petite.” The girl is hustlin! Gtfoh with all this stanning for Rihanna and her hoe-e-try. Rihanna is sexy but lacks class. With her nekkid instagram pics one minute, and then a fckn bible quote the next.. the girls whole life has been an act since she was 15. She’s been throwing shade at K from TIME but K says Rihanna is dope in an interview and ppl are going to knock that?

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    I love how they hiding that rice and gravy from Panda garden tattoo

  • Walter Jackson’s Juicy Fade

    I have to agree the cover picture does look quite disturbing.

  • Ass butter

    Those pictures are like child pornography. 

  • DTJ

    Last I checked Rihanna titties ain’t big so talking about her “prepubescent” body like there aren’t adults built like her is plain stupid. Anyhooch! Until KF mentioned her panties I thought for sure her bussy was showin lol

  • Alexander Cash

    I still don’t understand this chick, but she’s pretty I’ll give her that.