Rich Dollaz Of ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Gets Arrested During Interview [Video]

Kid Fury January 23, 2013 Well I'll Be Damned! 34 Comments

Besides managing a starving artist and faking a relationship with a Tasmanian devil, it seems Rich Dollaz of Love & Hip-Hop is also a deadbeat dad. The reality star reportedly has a child with a woman named Chaundrea Nicole that he hasn’t seen or cared for in over 10 years.

During an interview with Mouth To Ears, the cops showed up with Richard’s baby mama and arrested him while the camera was rolling. He was taken into custody and thrown in the cage for skipping out on child support.

Well when you’re managing Olivia and Erica Mena, you probably don’t have much money to spare, but those VH1 checks should be going to the child. There’s no excuse for being a deadbeat parent. Anyway, this is hilarious.

Source: Miss Jia

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  • Trulade77

    Funny…. Who is this ?

    • Adrienne0914

       exactly! ANOTHER irrelevant broad…

  • TrenaFace

    Nigga got arrested at the CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!!
    Might be a good time to.change ya name because we all know your dollars are low, not rich

    • Me

      No Dollaz!! lol

  • Rizz07305

    *In my best Erica Hoodrat Voice* But When Dollars are Limited, There’s a Problem!!!!” #COMEDY

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    LOL at the baby mama. She swarmed up on his ass like, “You really thought you were going to get away with this?” 

    Smh shoul have paid up 

    • FrostByteMe

      Did you see how she walked in there tho….homegirl did the catwalk stroll and all. Loved it!!

  • Welp

    THE DOLLARS ARE LIMITED! Yes sir, they are!

  • britchick91

    good he’s been dodging her for a long time

  • Adrienne0914

    gold digger. establish paternity before you start having folks arrested… SMH

    • Meoki656

      Shut up! How she a gold digger when she help him when he was BROKE. Get your facts straight and like the police said and HUSH! U hater…bet u r the main one gold digging. Stop judging without knowing the full situation!

      • nat

        They’re all ghetto and classless.  He’s a typical deadbeat “brotha” and she’s the typical hood ass bird.  Why not let the cops do their job?  Because you have no job/business of your own, that’s why. Who shows up to curse someone out like it’s the big reveal on “Cheaters”?  This had to have been staged for thirsty ghetto folks that fantasize about confrontations like this w/ their baby muvas/favas.  Black folks – do fucking better.  Gotdamn.  

        If this post boils your blood – it should.  we’re fucking embarrassing far too damn often.

  • M.J.


  • BlairWaldorf2013

    Did you see that dude in the suit….he was the BEST part like, “Damn DOG, you on CHEATERS or something?” Then he lingered and got on his PHONE like he knew somebody who could help out or something. Then….the cop comes up like YOU NEXT if you don’t evacuate this location. Then….he’s like “DAMN”and walks off.

  • Mizznell

    All the names he droped has never been seen from or heard from again

    • FrostByteMe

       exactly! I was like did he just name CHERI DENNIS…like how does that make you look good son?? smh

      • Msreddick

        Who the hell is Cheri Dennis?? Matter fact Nigga who are you?? Did he say boys n the Hood and Young joc? Nigga you should have said you were unemployed cause Olivia doesn’t even own a copy of her own album. And who the hell was he looking for peeping over? He was making me nervous .

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          Okay I thought it was just me maybe it’s a NY thing cause I swear he knew someone was out to get him, like are you in danger sir stop.

  • QuestionMark

    I don’t know any of these people.

  • Jazz

    LMAO!!! Serves his ass right. Get into how this Job Corps ass nigga was trying to talk all big in the beginning of the interview like anyone gives a frosted fuck about him. “The manager that needs a manager”?? Yeah, how about the manager that needs a few of these _/ _/ _/ _/

    Karma is a bitch for men that don’t care for their kids. Period.

  • Tjfdragon

    Who exactly does this nobody manage??? Oh yeah,  Olivia & Erica — so 10% off $0 is $0.
    Rich Dollaz . more like NO Dollaz

  • SmashMclovely1

    I promise you I thought Rich Dollaz was gay so the Erica Mena facade and this love child is really taking me aback

  • Buzz Lightyear

    But why did he not ask them to stop filming? He straight up looked into the camera too! KMT!

  • Suchalady

    Is it wrong that I skipped ahead to the arrest? I’m not interested in one bit of his interview.

  • Mo


  • PhroYo

    this is rich. no pun intended.

    • Erockbaby3000

      It’s Richer than Rich Dollaz is apparently.

  • TomfooleryPolice

    Although this is nowhere near as hilarious as Chief Keef allegedly owing child support to a middle schooler, it’s still funny. I felt like he knew that was coming the way he was looking over his shoulders so much. Either way, it’s TRASH!

  • NiahNicole

    But started the interview by saying, “Cops make me nervous.”  Okay.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    No Dollaz, Broke Dollaz, In Need of Dollaz lawd sir Dollaz is the one thing you don’t have. If you managed anyone on Bad Boy in the 2000′s your career is a major failure all those people he name dropped are somewhere off in the land of misfits toys.

  • Toni Montanna

    poor rich dollaz..*side eye*

  • iyanla fixed my weave

    got yo aassssss man lmfao he was looking so cheap when they busted in on his ass i’m sorry but this really cracked me up , im guessing this is also karma for trying to force olivia upon our ears as well as our tv’s lol they should’ve scooped her up to boot.

  • gabicaligirl

    ….Imma need people to start being more selective with who they have sex with.  That is all.  

  • BabyShell

    He has more the one child they both live in Memphis the other one is not getting anything from him and feel left out