New Music: Prince – Screw Driver

Kid Fury January 23, 2013 New Music 31 Comments

Prince is bringing back his rock-and-roll funk and he certainly expects your panties in return. The legendary musician released his new single, “Screw Driver”, on his new website and at the same time he is covering the latest issue of Billboard Magazine. Prince will also be receiving the 2013 Icon award at this year’s Billboard Awards.

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  • GOD

    Are you going to ignore the fact that Yonka lip synched the National Anthem? Kelly Rowland would never lip synch!!!

    • Rob Wilson

      …but no one is listening to/for Kelly.

    • M.J.

      Since you claim that you’re “god”, how come didn’t foresee Kizzy’s last album go triple toilet paper roll? 

      • LKJ

        Triple toilet paper roll?!!!!!!!!!


    • you tried

      it’s a non-story and Whitney’s done it too so womp. 

      • Casanova Brown

        speak on it!

    • chelzyoucray

      your point? it was colder then a skinny bitch in a freezer outside that day and most celebrities (incase your hating ass didnt know) lip sync. Especially when they are outside singing in the cold. Atleast she CAN sing and was singing to her PRE-RECORDED VOICE. Oh, and their is only one GOD and her name is Beyonce Baddie  Giselle King Knowles-Carter 

      • Bianca

        Hmmm, it didn’t say that in the Bible though. I mean but i guess we can choose who to worship. I just never understood how one could worship a human being. *shrugs*

      • Suchalady

        They could only if they’re soulless, brainless buffoons, Bianca. People seem to forget that Monday was about the President of the United States being sworn in on MLK Day and this post is about Prince. Fuck a Beyonce.

    • ZJ

      I’m pretty sure this is why people in other countries look down on us. All the fucked up shit that goes on in this country, someone singing to her own voice is what people want to get all indignant about. Whatevs.

    • LKJ

       As much as I like Kelendria, she would never have been asked…

    • Losh

      Doesn’t matter.  She remembered the words. 

    • Lucritia

      Thank you Anderson, I couldn’t of said it better myself…

      • The702Diva

        Yes for my Anderson!!!

  • Buzz Lightyear

    I love Prince cos he is a musician- you never hear about his private life or nothing, he deserves all the awards! It looks like 2013 is gonna be a great year for music!!!

  • Lucritia

    That whole Beyonce thing is complicated. First the girl says she lipped synched but the Marine Corp Band played live, which if you watch the video they weren’t. I’ve played in a band and I know the difference between live and recorded, they were not playing live. Then somebody else from the Marine Corp Band said she sang live but the band didn’t. Its confusing! I watched that video over and over again, she definitely seems to be singing live. Her live voice is a little deeper then her recorded voice. And we all know when Beyonce sings live she likes to add in extra rifts and tones, so I don’t know.

  • CadyHeron

    Look at Miss Prince. Serving us Benny Ninja on this cover. Yasss ma am Prince.

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    I’m here for Prince Nelson and this song gives me everything I need and more.

  • Earthshaker1217

    This song is hot. I really want to see Prince live somewhere, because I refuse to miss another great one. I’ll never see Michael. I’ll never see Whitney. I’m trying to see these great artists before they’re taken from us.

  • Bianca

    Prince, quite simply, is THAT NIGGA. Or more appropriately, he is just amazing. His songs just always out you in a happy mood. 

  • Bianca

    P.S are there any REGULAR Beyonce fans left? I’m a huge fan but I never attack someone because they don’t like her voice/music. Why do some of y’all feel the need to bring her up all the time. This article is about Prince but i saw at least 3 Beyonce comments so far. Just be a fan and relax. At the end of the day, she has no clue who we are.

    • The702Diva

      But this post is about PRINCE. Smh………

      • Bianca

        Lol I know!

  • Kayy

    I’m totally here for Prince & I shall never leave. I nearly got the chance to see him in concert in 2011, but the next time I’m going for sure. 

  • EbonyLolita

    Hold on how we went from talkling about the Prince to the Queen? Let’s all pop our Ritalin & STAY FOCUSED! Shoutout to Prince for being FLAWLESS & CONSISTENT!~ Thank you. We can talk about the Queen on HER post. I wonder if he uses SheaButter from 125th in his #NaturalHair

  • Misha

    Prince is serving pure FACE!!! Yess gawd!!

  • Losh

    This song is fun.  Like convertible-wind-in-my-afro fun. I don’t have a convertible. I will have to settle for all the windows rolled down in my car.  But still. Wind-in-my-afro fun.

  • RamenNoodles

    Okaaay Prince. I like this, it makes me just wanna hop in a convertible and just go (like the above user said).

  • Afastarr32

    I love how Prince changes his style up with every passing year.
    Quite frankly, I’ve been over the New Power Generation since 1997 -___-
    Yet, this single only makes me yearn for the years he spent with the Revolution.
    The all female backing band is cute, but I’m here for Wendy and Lisa.

  • The702Diva

    PRINCE!!!!! That is all………

  • Casanova Brown

    Everytime I see this guys face I simultaneously hear the intro to “Adore” lol Prince is definitely that nigga!