Fury TV: Five Easy Ways To Not Get Catfished

Kid Fury January 23, 2013 Kid Fury TV 28 Comments

Catfish: The TV Show is easily one of the greatest programs on television today, and as entertaining as it is watching fools discover that their online lovers are really gargoyles, it sucks to have it happen to you. So here are a list of five common sense rules to prevent a “catfish” from breaking your face and drying your genitals.


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  • christopher ♡

    This video gave me life. 

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Preach Fury! 

    “Google images is your sister in Christ, and you need to know him.” 

  • brooklynarcher

    Damn I was hoping you would enlighten us of your thoughts on the latest catfish episode cuz that was the finest fuckery I’ve seen in awhile lol

    • kelis

      If you’re speaking about the episode with Ebony & Rod….LMAO! That was pure entertainment… How do u say you’re not gay BUT you’re active on a gay/lesbian dating  site and you meet a transgender & you’re open to it? Not to mention, EVERYTHING fell apart when she told him she was really a girl. He needs to just come on out. “Don’t be afraid to be WHO YOU IS!!” 

      • MissMe

         Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, I was sitting there just waiting for him to come out the closet. He had the biggest smile on his face when he was telling his boy that Ebony “Got what we got” but as soon as she told him that she has a sideways smile… his face DROPPED and then all of a sudden he wouldn’t be with her if it wasn’t for the money. If she had a dick he would have been ALL IN

        • RobinTInnicsha

          EXACTLY! And if he was worried about being “outted” before he REALLY gonna look suspect now because she was gorgeous and EVEN after he lied to her she was still willing to work it out and be his friend. He needs to just admit he was trolling for peen on that website…

      • brooklynarcher

        lmfaoooo yasss i was referring to that episode! home boy had the only snarl on after she admitted her lack of a ding dong. His top lip was forever turned up after that revelation. But he made me so ill on how he was acting. I understand coming out the closet can be traumatic and terrifying especially for a poor black man living in a place like Mississippi but he was pretty freakin rude to her. She violated but he didn’t help matters either.

  • Yvettegrimes

    Not Appa, though!

    *Yip, yip!*

    • Komeintomykastle

      For real.  Leave Appa out of this!

      *Yip, yip!*

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      See, if I wasn’t already having trouble breathing from laughing so hard at the video you had to throw the flying call in there………… it ain’t right LMAO!

  • Eestoomuch

    true story. i met a man in houston. my initial thought when first speaking with him and listening to him was “how many women has this man driven crazy” because he was a BIG flirt…well, i googled that niccas name and hometown and guess what? he was an ex pastor who had been driven out of several churches for screwing church members AND he and the church was being sued by his “adopted” daughter whom he molested, raped and impregnated!!!

    GOOGLE…straight GOOGLE is your friend!

    Kid Fury was not lying about that “third eye” how about just go with your first thought…i believe that is what the churchfolk say is “THE SPIRIT”….for real!

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    Aba, Fury? REALLY?! ABA? The Sky Buffalo? I’m moving to Canada. 

  • Erin Cash

    That second rule is the truth. I swear! All of these people being catfished have been talking to people at least 5 points above them on the general scale of attractiveness. You cant be a 3 and think an 8 is really, genuinely about your Binya-binya life! These people are all in denial…nothing sweeter than a floated ego. 

    • Kenya’s Marriage License

      Yes!!!! Your virtual boo is a model alright…..should be modeling the Cloak of Invisibility…..#girlbye

      • Erockbaby3000

        damn not the invisibility cloak though, oh shit. I swear though sometimes these people online be having they own stash of polyjuice potion, when you look at pictures online they looking gorgeous but then when you meet them in person they looking straight like Voldemort.

        • Kenya’s Marriage License

          Stash of Polyjuice potion!?!?!? #shadebroughtousbytheboywholived

    • Nene’s Chiclet Teeth


      Time of death: 9:04

      • Erin Cash

        I’m sorry but one episode the girl looked straight up like a pollywog

      • A ghost

        Nene’s. Chiclet. Teeth.

    • brooklynarcher

      rotflmaoooo for you to assign a point system!!?!! hahahahaha… oh my damn

  • misha

    This video was hilarious! My favorite one is the episode where the chubby girl got catfished for 2 years by another chick who did not give a single fuck about hurting ol’ girls feelings. 

    • Aubrey’s Aaliyah Sex Doll


  • CadyHeron

    Can we get into the “Titties on ya back” intro. Fury! You make my day.

  • Luvleeloner

    You are not dating someone online that you have never seen before. They are just a damn pen pal. #PENPAL

  • Dreadenette

    I am dying! 

  • Kyana

    Rule #6 Don’t “Date” people online, it’s whack on enormous levels. Be real with yourself, take care of yourself, and try some confidence, and your Rolodex will be filled with suitors.

    • Suchalady


  • jstoc

    There is something about this guy that makes md think he’s gay…probaly not though so nvm! Husband probaly means wife in gangster slang and Jamal is probaly a girls name. Love the vidz man!