Nicki Minaj Bringing Clothing Line To Kmart

Kid Fury January 9, 2013 The Life of a Barbie Girl 95 Comments

Nicholas Minaj is starting her year off with a bang. The new American Idol judge is bringing a “lifestyle brand” to Kmart in the form of apparel and accessories. That sounds like a clothing line to me, but I’ll use their words.

The line will soon debut in select Kmart stores as well as social e-store, Nicki will be directing the design and development of the items in preparation for the launch this year.

“I am so excited to work with this iconic, mass retailer and to bring affordable fashion to my beautiful Barbz all across the U.S.,” she said in a statement.

So are you ready for the kids to stunt on you in these streets as their pink babydoll dresses and crooked blonde wigs sashay in the Lord’s wind? I didn’t think so. You better get your life in order, because the Barbz are coming.

Source: Rap-Up

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  • Isle 4

    Not Kmart tho

    • RamenNoodles

      You think a household name fashion designer is going to cosign her line? Kmart sounds just about right. The kids are gonna get their life and she gonna get their coins. I commend her, she better milk “the barbz” for every cent they got.

    • Lace Frontin Minaj

      Nicki has that look in her eyes like she knows her 15 minutes are almost
      up….Kmart is probably the only company that offered to carry her
      line….i have too much pride i would’ve just sold my ish out my car

      • Tracyluckyone2

        she may have a big head about who she is, a lot of these new stars do, but she just an average chick that got lucky to get a deal, her family holds no weight, what did she expect to get clothing from, you think the big wigs going to let these stars just walk in and take their money…heck no

  • Twerkisha Ampro Gel

    I can not and will not stand for anyone stepping out in the air Jesus created in anything nicki minaj cosigns.

  • Drakespussylips

    Kmart? Wtf. Bye.

    • Tracyluckyone2

      I know I wont be trying to make her rich and she charge $30 for a kmart shirt, like that star jones trying to make bogo a household payless name $45 shoes from payless, i laugh when i see this shit, but some dumb ass going to buy it

  • I guess…

    They don’t keep “lifestyle(>__>) lines” long.

  • Asia Minor

    Oh, the kids are gonna live for this. *starts prayer circle* 

    • Erockbaby3000

      *grabs hand ad starts prayer* “lord help these children who are being blinded by the fuckery that will be her outfits being cosigned by Kmart, Amen.” 

      • SG Ali

        *sacrifices lamb* hear our plea O lord hear ussssssss….. ;_;

        • maliburenee14

          starts shouting and dancing!!

          • Krystale’ Davenport

            faints with the spirit!

  • Miles

    Nicki keep your hair like this forever please leave the lace fronts in 2012

  • brooklynarcher

     and if the line is for kids, she can forever miss me with the “i don’t market to kids” defense.

  • LabelWhoreTeaSipper

    Did Nicholas Minaj call KMart “iconic”? Boy, sit down.

  • Scarf Junkie

    WTF is up with her knees?

  • Missmarchmommy

    Kmart is still is business *shrug*

    • Brandon Dean

      Kmart is one of those stores that always looks like it’s in it’s last months of being open, but then you realize its been like that for decades.

      • Ivy Lowe

         LMAO… Hella funny, and true!

    • Erockbaby3000

      I swear I thought they went out of business like 8 or 9 years ago.

  • whatevs

    Basic place for a basic bitch. I’ve bought clothes from Kmart once in my adult life, never again. 

  • Olivia Pope’s lip quiver

    I don’t even have to throw shade at Nicholas. Just the fact that his line will be sold at K-Mart is shade in and of itself.

    • Missmarchmommy

      your name!!!!!  i love it lol that lip be shaking like a fat stripper lol

    • Earthshaker1217

      Right. You mean to tell me she couldn’t find work with Betsey Johnson or some other fashion designer that like color and crazy prints as a combination. P.S. I love your name too.

      • Nicki’s old nose

         Roman Noodles is becoming a black sheep in the industry…when your constantly playing the race card and talking to rich ppl like they work at Crown Chicken and Rainbow this is what happenes to your career….nobody wants to work or be seen with ghetto trash or have their brands associated with your name…lil kim still has industry respect because she knew how to play nice and maintain great relationships thats why she always has a seat at Fashion week…how you  fall off after two albums?…at least she slayed Japan (#79 on the charts -__-)…loool

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Once Nicholas came for Steven Tyler she pretty much signed her death certificate with those born before her generation. Ain’t nobody got time for her Diva antics.

      • brandonjaye

        Betsey Johnson wouldn’t work with her AND she could use the money.  How shady is that?

  • Luh Scrappuh’s Neck

    Well since they closed down all the K-Marts in Houston years ago, I am not too worried about it.

  • caseyG101

    I use to hate her wigs with the bangs. But now I realize, the bang was there to protect us from that disrespectful hairline. Please let 2013 be the Year of the Bang.

    • Asia Minor

      I’m over crying at this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Earthshaker1217

      Yes. Black with the bang is the best.

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

       Year of the Bang? You gotta get outta here.

  • Asia Minor

    So, does this mean the the clothes will shrink, fade and fall apart in the wash? Much like her rap career? Hm.

  • Michelle

    Nicki couldn’t get her line in wal-mart?!?! They sell fubu at wal-mart!!

    • Earthshaker1217

      They still sell FUBU?! I guess.

    • RamenNoodles

      ggFNGAZsnagrnzhsgjdf nooooooooooo not Fubu 

    • Michelle

      A friend and I ran in Wal-Mart on new years eve to buy some cheap ass flats because our heels were hurting our feet and right in the shoe section was a million pairs of Fubu sneakers. We doubled back around because we thought we were seeing stuff but it was Fubu. For Us By Us or You or whatever that last U means.

    • Scarf Junkie

      Chile they sell FUBU at Dollar General…

    • Erockbaby3000

      Oh shit not fubu, asjmklfsjdljhahaha, I thought they stop making fubu when I graduated elementary school back in 2002.

      • mamiof2grls

        lol @  graduated elementary school in 2002. DAMN! I graduated HIGH SCHOOL IN 2002!!

        Fubu is sold everywhere. She gotta do what she gotta do to get money. Frankly I can’t stand watching her on TV, so I know I’ll be walking right past her line in the stores. Sophia Vergara sells her line at K-Mart, but her stuff is actually nice.

  • MissMe

    I went into KMart one time when I was pregnant just to see what baby stuff they had… yeah… I wouldn’t tell anyone else about this Nick… lmao

  • King Phoenix

    Why do I feel like the ad-campaigns for this line will be ratchet club photos of “barbz” in Nicki’s clearance couture?

  • Sayword

    The word “iconic” has officially lost any semblance of a meaning. Did I miss some shit? She was talking about Kmart, right??? She is so unforgivably basic.

  • DollarBills

    Welp…do you nicki ! Make that $$

  • Luvleeloner

    i don’t know one person who shops at kmart. but having her cheap looking ass sell cheap looking stuff makes sense. Kmart isn’t iconic btw. Basic Barbie at it again. I am ashamed to say I once ‘saw it’ for this chick. :(  

  • LaceFrontinMinaj

    Lil Kim warned the world about Roman Noodles but we thought she was just being a washed up hater….she was telling the truth…Lil Kim is some where laughing her behind off…Kmart still exists? I thought they closed down….that’s like shopping at Rainbow…how much yall wanna bet her line is going to look like baby phat and apple bottom…wow karma is a Beast for real…smh

    • Erockbaby3000

      oh damn not baby phat though. add your name in though and all I can say is you are one shady bitch or bastard with grandmaster level shade.

  • Serenissima


  • Forest Whitaker Right eye

    O lawd… Aint nobody got time for that. I guess she got to get her dollars some how.

  • kelis

    Poor Nicholas……Even the Kardashians get to sell their cheap fashions at Sears. Who even shops at Kmart???

    • SoulGlo

      hahah! For real! There’s Sears and below that is Kmart! What in the hell is she thinking…

    • Jacqueline

      Sad thing is that Kmart is owned by Sears!  LOL!  They bought Kmart several years ago to keep them from going under.  I wouldn’t buy clothes for my dog at either one of those stores if I even owned a dog.

  • Bskbl3

    Long as my 4 nieces stay away from this fuckshit, by all means do u bew bew!

  • Heaven

    Onigga, there is nothing iconic about K-Mart. K-Mart is the bottom of bargain shopping. You ma’am are stale boots.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    lawdy She couldn’t even get Target to call her back?!?! K-Mart tho it would have at least made more sense to be in stock at Citi Trends, Dots or Rainbow.

    • Kim Humphries’s Divorce papers

      Yeah Romeo would look cute in her stuff while doing Citi trends and ICDC college commercials

  • Kim Humphries’s Divorce papers

    No one would need to put it on layaway cause that shit’s not gonna fly off the shelves

    • Scarf Junkie

      Your name though….lmfao

  • DimpledBeauty

    LMAO boyy I almost choked, laughing at this post. Nicholas minaj tho hahahahajaja

    • Taylormade6130

      I can’t even breath!! Lmfao

  • SoulGlo

    Kmart still exists? If Kmart and their 5 stores are not an indication of a sinking ship…. I don’t know what to tell that girl.

  • PeepThis

    lmao I guess someone is not going to bring up where beyonce’s “house of hereon ” clothes are sold at now.

    • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker

      you have a Forman Mills in your city too?…

  • Brittany

    She should be the LAST person trying to have a clothing line

  • CadyHeron

    I’m not here for this. But I will give my support because she’s a black woman. She could have at least did Wal-Mart *Shrugs* 

    • Lace Frontin Minaj

      that child isnt black she wears a blond wig and blue contacts and she calls herself barbie…if i was you i’d take my 1.99 else were

    • MissMe

       Chile, you are not obligated to support bullshit just because a black person is behind it, lol

      • YouDontWantNoProblems

        Let the church say amen. 

        • Erockbaby3000


          • Jacqueline

            Amen yet agin!

          • Suga

            And tha whole choir *moans* aaaammeennn

  • IfYouDontLikeBEYIDontLikeYou

    This Muppet need to learn how to dress herself before trying to dress other ppl. 

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Oh that’s the shade in all this she has a….. *wait for it* STYLIST! She pays someone to rummage through racks and bins just to dress her up like a court jester from the Jetsons….Lawdy!

    • Adrienne Garr

      A muppet though?

  • Kayy

    Well if this aint the straw that broke the camel’s back. The girl’s career is over. 

  • Brandon Dean

    So whats going to be in the line? 2.99 Big granny cut panties like she wears in all her videos? Chalky lipstick? 

    If you have to go with Kmart, you need to not do it at all. There is a thing called pride after all. There is NOTHING below Kmart, except for flea markets that are built from old Walmarts.

  • brandonjaye

    I’d sooner buy my ratchet clubwear off the backs of Jehovah’s Witnesses going door to door.  Good day, ma’am.

  • The Death of Barbz

    I am so glad I have a son. But ya’ll forget Kmart was bought out by Sears so they are at the bottom as one big fucking company.

  • General Soreness

    Isn’t she too old to design clothes for kids..which leads to question 2.. How old is that chick?

  • Jpgrulz

    Jessica Simpson became a Billionaire selling her crap clothes at Kmart, so there’s that…

    • shitjustgotreal

      No Jessica sells her shoes at Bakers she got her shit together. Boom!

  • NoMaamSirNo

    Well.. Um… Good for her.. I guess (-_-)…

  • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker

    ~NEED INHALER AND DOUBLE DIP OF OXYGEN!!!~yall’s names!…the shade!…yall’s names!…dammit all yall! ~waving finger up down and all around as I Tevin Campbell wallslide into my casket!~

  • mamiof2grls

    Half these people bashin K-Mart are lying, they know damn well they shop there. I don’t buy clothes there, but I definitely go there for my detergents and stuff around my house…

  • TheHostileNegress

    Comin’ after Mariah whilst tag-teamin’ with Kmart. Girl good day – you’re one more shampoo commercial-sounding song away from the front line at Arthur Treachers and Mariah will STILL be livin’ off Fantasy coins.

    That hoe hasn’t even started spending her 1996 money. Meanwhile you couldn’t get into Target. I can’t.

    • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker

      where they still have an Arthur Treachers???…madame i’m sitting on a half a blink away from saying I love you bc that was my faaavorite spot as a chillren!


    i think she looking out for the low and middle class folks…who cant shop at these high budget ass places…. kmart is a good choice to start off wit…i believe she will move up inthe clothing area later down the line

  • GreenEyeBandit

    CRACKIN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why yall callin her Nicholas though????  She don’t need to be dressin NOBODY absolutely NOONE!!!!! & anybody that wants to dress like Nikki Minaj is dyin for attention & needs a hug!!  That aint hot, Nikki ain’t hot & them raggedy clothes ain’t gonna be hot!!!!  Nicki u trippin!!

  • laughing my ass off

    I pretty much pissed myself reading these comments.

  • cookiehead jenkins

    This is messed up she could’ve see if amil hook her up with a deal at target lol 

  • aintnobodygottimefodat!

    OMG!! I am dying poor Nicholas oops i mean nickki lawd jesus!!

  • Wykettaoats

    CTFU who the hell shops at k-mart??? Lmao not even for household items!!!!! I be forgetting they even exist lol a 5 pack of kid’s underwear are $10 a pack i damn sho know i wouldn’t put my niece in no shit nicki got!! Shit i pay cheaper for my draws at Vicky secrets!!!! this hoe crazy she better get on the damn nutri system commercial cause this plan is worse than them played out lace front wings she still wearing

  • Wykettaoats

    I GOT TO comment again………. This ugly bitch is just doing the most k-mart though???? She couldn’t get it at Shit ROSS?? KMART??? Watch my local family dollar gon have her clothes in there selling.. watch

  • Geeky Cub

    Say it with me kids…”Sweat Shop”!