New Music: Azealia Banks – No Problems

Kid Fury January 4, 2013 New Music 44 Comments

Well after a pretty ugly Twitter spat with another brand new femcee by the name of Angel Haze, Azealia Banks has dropped a record aimed at her new rival’s head.

The diss “No Problems” is produced by Machinedrum and comes after Angel released her own diss yesterday titled “On The Edge”. I’m not going to explain the entire beef, but let’s just say it started over assumptions. You can get all the tea from Miss Info!

Listen to “No Problems” below and you can hear the Angel Haze diss down there also.

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  • Nate

    Oh dear, Angel Haze is just weak. Her diss track made my skin crawl, because it got way too personal, and it feels like she befriended Azealia just to dig up dirt or something. A transparent effort to get attention.

    The fact remains: Azealia is far more charismatic and talented. And she is refreshing! Last time I checked, the only thing Angel Haze has gotten attention for was a mixtape full of cover songs, whereas Banks has created a critically acclaimed EP full of original music, and an incredible mixtape. 

    And she has a release date, which I doubt Angel Haze will ever receive.

    • RamenNoodles

      You can tell Haze is mad or bitter about something. LMAO its sad how she had this made before this beef even happen and then she posted messages they sent to each other. From the messages it looked like AB considered her to be a BFF and Haze was just plotting. Azealia just need to chill and work on this album. She was doing so good for a few months and now this.

  • Betty

    I’m sorry but I’m not seeing it for Azelia. Not her career in general but this diss made me throw up all over myself. I couldn’t even understand what she was saying.

  • brandonjaye

    I’d rather watch them rip out each others’ weaves.

  • No Problems

    Wonders if Missy will respond tho…

    • NellyV85

      Did you mean mHissy?

      • Werk

         LMAO!! GOD NO!

  • Seats

    Angel Haze has been wack. She went from some “stud” rapper to Aaliyah wannaba after getting signed. All her music sounds like a weird hybrid fusion of Tyler the Creator and an attempt at old Weezy. Her EP like someone said was just other people’s music that she covered. I mean let’s not forget this bitch has been calling herself the best female rapper for a while like we even know who she is? This is blatant shade because not to long ago she was talking about licking Azealia’s twat meanwhile engaged to a model who she claims to be the love of her life. GIRL. It’s clear she only wanted to associate with Azealia for further info to clock later and relevancy. Because we all know Azealia has been wanting female rapper friends. And the song she did about abuse doesn’t seem genuine at all just another ploy for attention. She’s a little girl stuck in a big girl’s body who never did heal or grow up and its sad. What’s even weirder about this diss is now she’s claiming it wasn’t just Twitter shit….then why try to make it seem like it was from the jump??? I’m going to go ahead and offer her a stadium of seats and this is way too long but she REALLY irks me.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Although I’m an avid supporter of responding through the music rather than on social media I don’t think AB owed Angel’s whack ass a response b/c it came from left field and completely was a way to attach her name to a beef for some exposure. AKA she’s trying to be like AB like wasn’t she just goo goo gaga talm bout she wanted to eat AB’s carpet foh!.

  • RamenNoodles

    Azealia had some good punches in that though. “Angels need Jesus. Angles & features.” “What’s a working girl to a boss bitch?” The first bits is kinda meh but when you get to that breakdown this bitch goes in! I pray Machinedrum produces her whole album his production is amazing. One more thing Azealia isn’t really lyrical/rapper like Angel Haze she’s more of an artist. If that makes sense, Angel might can spit but she could never make a jam like this. I wish AB would just shut up and ignore. 

    • King Phoenix

       As well, i think the over-production of the beat distracted from the effectiveness. I think this beef is extremely personal between the girls on some pseudo-relationship type bs and Azealia isn’t as focused as she should have been. I am more disappointed that Angel is acting like a complete stunt kween in orchestrating this. And the amount of misogyny this girl possess within their thinking process is overwhelming as well, like damn do yall have to through the whole female and femme gender binaries under the bus to show your “dominance”?

  • Santia McEntire

    Ok so that was a diss? Come on Angel Haze! Wait that was music? WTH! My God, did you read a section from your diary because thats what it sounded like to me. Beef just ain’t what it used to be! “Sigh!” I feel like this if you gone come at someone on a diss record at least try to bring ya best!

  • Kyana

    Wow, by design, I’m not biased by twitter (cause I ain’t on that shit), so just tuning in to this “beef”, here’s my opinion. A H’s track was better, neither chorus was thoughtful, but I could barely get through A B’s record, while I listened to A H’s twice, it just went down smoother IMO *shrugs*

  • FrostByteMe

    Azealia Banks got it……easily. 
    Co-sign what someone else said abt AZ being more of an artist. Other chick is way too unpolished, not even sure she should be in the game.

  • Kia Lovesbi

    Oh Angel Haze…have a seat and smoke some haze…I ain’t buying it boo

  • WhatsAWerkinGirlToABossBitch?

    I feel like they fucked. 

    S/o to Azealia spilling the Diplo tea on this broad, though. Haze claimed to have written and recorded this in 20 minutes (which we all already knew was a lie), when all actuality she had this shit sitting on her laptop for months waiting to drop it. 

    • whatevs

      I’m also getting some scorned woman vibes + publicity stunt maybe? I dunno. 

  • Relevant

    who is angel haze?

    • YouDontWantNoProblems


  • chelzyoucray

    oh well i like angel haze and azealia banks for the simple fact that they can actually rap. and their name is not nicki minaj. that is all. 

    • KidFury


    • King Phoenix

       Dont be like that, lol, Nicki can rap…she just chose cheques over skill and musical integrity.

  • Casmir Patterson

    Well lets just keep more female hip hop talent coming…

    • Seats

      …..uh what?
      No shade but why can’t you do work from the ground up like pretty much all these artist? Why do you need people to give you $8500.00 to chase your dreams? 

      I’m not understanding.

  • Casmir Patterson

    I think they should just collab and squash the beef… its not alot of us to be quarreling over petty nonsense…

  • whatevs

    This whole “feud”… team nobody. Go away Angel & drop a goddamn album Azealia 

  • po dat

    “i’m sorry but she said “you be fucking niggas on a oxygen tank” and i died i have no words for either of them.. 

  • Jacqueline Atta

    This whole thing is funny as fuck. Angel Haze started it up by coming after Azealia for something that was not even directed at her (as far as we can tell, I guess), and the fire with which she came for her means you KNOW she was just WAITING to gun for her. You pressed, boo? Sit, please.

    You can tell Azealia gives not one single fuck. Angel Haze’s diss goes mad personal, but Azealia just comes back with “this bitch is too jealous, I’m over it.”

    So stupid overall, but I’m just curious as to why Angel Haze was so thirsty for a fight?

  • Bieber’s Grammy

    This just seems like a desperate plea for attention on Angel Phase’s side.. 

  • Ugh

    But is everyone catching this shade stunt queen supreme Perez is trying to throw? 

  • Okay

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m over it.

  • Madame

    Miss haze those SEATS are waiting for you girl.

  • Zayia Winslow

    why haze sound just like big sean tho 

  • Nothing Amigone

    Yeah, well all of this is some ol’ bullshit. Neither of these women are the winner here. Azealia’s vague ass track was boring. The production is nice but her bars were lacking. And let’s be real, she keeps trying to recreate the formula of 212 and it hasn’t happened. Her EP was better than her mixtape, and she is forever airing out her personal shit on twitter. Her personal life is more transparent than her bangs. Yawn. Can’t we leave that shit in 2012 with Little Miss #ThugLife and Bucky Beaver?

    Angel Haze’s tracks were superior – kinda like how you would prefer Little Caesar’s to eating pizza straight out of the garbage. Her tracks made me laugh but her attention-seeking is obvious. She clearly jumped the gun and wanted some posts about her: mission accomplished. Azealia Banks must not bend at the waist because I’ve never seen her take a fucking seat. Her Sour Patch Kids personality probably shouldn’t be on trial here but it gets her into so much unnecessary shit. Like, Azealia, if you’re weren’t so busy switching between being Gollum and Smeagol on Twitter, maybe you could’ve had your album out in 2012. You know, when your buzz was the strongest, and your baby hair was the longest. I’m not ingratiated enough in the gay community to get all up in arms about her f-word comment (without sounding like a privileged white straight person)…but I am a woman, and fuck her for using “being female” like it’s an insult.

    And fuck Angel Haze for acting like she ain’t a dark butt herself, or pretty much like a shade lighter than Azealia. She’s leaning on this “but I’m part Native American” shit like she’s a color-struck character in a Toni Morrison book and the shit ain’t cute. This lover’s quarrel-esque bullshit is not beef. It’s just a big ass, ig’nant pot of chitterlings. Damnit, now I’ve typed an essay when I told myself I wasn’t going to say anything.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Angel Haze can have a seat. 

    Azealia Banks still slays. 

  • Young & Pruned

    They takin out they scrunchies and they pullin off they press-ons…

  • Elsatrinidad

    Azalea killed it!!!!

  • InTheLastDays

    Gosh, munch each others carpets already 

  • CaramelHottie

    I like Azealia and all but that record was weak, lyrically at least. If you’re going to take time out your day to make a “diss” record AT LEAST say something that i’ll make the girls gag. I guess I’m in the minority here but I like Angel Haze and her diss was better. She still has some developing to do artistically but she’s a dope lyricist. 

    And another thing, lets not act like Ms. Banks ain’t a shady ass stunt queen her damn self, who likes to be subliminal. I highly doubt Haze just flew off the handle over a tweet. It def seems like there’s more to the story

  • Whoa There

    I like Azealia but Angel killed her, THAT was a diss track. A diss track is supposed to be personal otherwise what’s the point?

    I can’t get with Azealia’s track because I can barely understand what she’s saying the majority of the song. The production was distracting to me. But anyway I’m here for this.

    • CaramelHottie


  • Werk

    In the words for the Honorable Sweet Delberta Brown… “AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT” Azealia needs to be seated until this album is done. I can’t with these late in life lesbians. 

  • YR

    Angel Haze is actually really talented, however this diss track does not showcase her talent at all. I couldn’t even listen to the full song. Listen to her song “Werkin Girls” on YouTube. It’s good, for real for real. 

  • Siku Hamin

    LOL nah to both of their tracks. Azealia’s beat went hard, her bars were cool in her Azealia way. I love her but she was being very subtle, I kinda liked it because she didn’t owe that bum a track anyway. The song just kind of waved her off, that’s the vibe I got and it was put together well for that reason. She kept it classy, throw some shade, don’t look like a crazy bitter bitch like Angel (who no one even fucking knows) and keep it moving. 
    Andgel tried it. Threw some fucked up lines to Azealia but she still loses the battle all together for trying so evidently hard. Like damn relax, have a soda, take a nap before you exhaust yourself