Never Forget: Nala West & Man-Man

Kid Fury January 4, 2013 Finally Some Talent 21 Comments

I just wanted to quickly take a blast to the past and pay homage to the great Nala West and her Youtube classic, “Suck On My Dog’s Balls.” Way back in 2007, we were introduced to this songbird and her remix to the Dreamgirls classic “And I Am Telling You,” via Crunk + Disorderly.

I feel like Nala’s talent has gone unappreciated over the past few years and you all will deal with her return! Eat from her plate and respect her heavy-balled dog, Man-Man! This is true undiscovered power and I demand you to bow down! Come back to us, Nala!

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  • BoomIGotchoBoyfriend

    Man Man was looking like, “I just got fondled by this bald-headed skeezer!” Lmao

  • Grl

    Poor Man-Man…

  • That girl MEL!


  • Onicka’s Grammy Nomination

    Man-Man looking like “If somebody don’t come get this bitch…”

  • LAWL

    I fucking LOST it when she started running through the house with that camera.

  • Jazz

    Man-Man must’ve been thinking “Ugh, this bitch forgot to take her meds…again” 

  • Detlady2000

    OMG, this is hilarious!!! That dog was looking like “Bitch, if you don’t stop touching my balls!!!” LMAO

  • KimLynn

    Now, imagine that that was your damn neighbor. 

  • Beyonces blonde yaki

    I am eating from her plate and getting life from each course she’s serving me. This is magic

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    Let me just clutch these pearls and lay down right here. #DeadInTheWater

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Man-Man was trying his best to hide lol. He was like, “This bitch always be playing too much.” 

  • Nikonoclast

    Sweet Baby Jesus.  *sigh*  Now when is it ever okay to record, let alone post this on Youtube for the whole world to know that A) You’re an Insane and B) You broke into India Arie’s Apt and molested her dog??  I.. Just.. Can’t.

    • Nikonoclast

      *insane person* that is

  • Uhhuh

    I now have 1-800-DENTIST, the ASPCA and PETA on speed dial because of this fuckery.

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat


  • Erockbaby3000

    I feel sorry for Man-Man in that house with her crazy ass all alone I hope somebody save him soon or we’re going be hearing about how he committed suicide to get away from her and all that fuckery, it’s not going be me I wouldn’t go within 200ft of her just incase whatever mental disorder she has is contagious.

  • RihannasBananaBluntWrap

    I don’t have time for this bitch and her shit!!! Why her ass remind me of when Pam cousin escaped the hospital on Martin (just watched that ep – don’t judge me) but the bald-headed edition!! Man-Man’s eyes when she was molesting him spoke to my spirit and requested I send a chariot of fire to swing down and let him ride all while burning the rest of that bitch’s hair off her head!!! I can’t take no mo! Please let her stay in hiding and let the animal rescuers get to Man Man before it’s too late!!!

  • JMoriah MiiMii H

    Damn you FURY! Where is her family & why haven’t they hugged her ?! this shit just blew me north,south , east & west . lmao 

  • Zels_photocom

    What. The. Hell.

  • Scarf Junkie

    No. Hell No.

  • MissDom