Fury & The City: Love & Hip-Hop Season 3 Premiere Party

Kid Fury January 4, 2013 Fury & The City 19 Comments

So last night I was one of Mona Scott-Young’s chosen few to attend the premiere party for Love & Hip-Hop Season 3 — I’m lying. Mona probably has no clue who I am, but I was in there. So of course, I have to spill all the Brisk tea from the affair.

First of all, the event was supposed to start at 7pm, but the guests weren’t allowed inside from the polar bear pussy ass cold until 7:30pm. Apparently, VH1 was inside filming with the cast when the party should have started. I wasn’t sure if someone was editing out nipples via iMovie, but I was pissed.

Once inside, I pretended to know the layout of the Kiss & Fly nightclub and used my ninth grade drama skills to feign significance. However, once I realized they were serving free Ciroc and cheeseburgers in there, I decided to let go and be trash.

Most of the cast was already seated in the VIP area. I won’t discuss all of them, since Mona gave about 30 NYC/NJ people roles on this show, but I will say that Tahiry José came in there looking like pure sex and temptation! Her ex-boyfriend, rapper Joe Budden, showed up in a crisp suit with his girlfriend Kaylin, who looked like a half-naked genie.

My girl, Jen the Pen was there looking snatched with her man, Consequence, and I fell in love with Rashidah Ali: The Red Haired Homegirl. Erica Mena…tried her best with her alleged fiancé, Rich Dollaz, but from what I witnessed, that all seems like an act. She was hugging him like he was a newly refilled EBT card. Boo, please!

Raqi Thunda looked fabulous as well. Olivia wasn’t even there, but girl…did it matter? I’m sure you have no clue who most of these people are, but you will soon enough.

As for the show itself, they didn’t cover much in the first episode. Without spoiling anything, I will say that Joe Budden is bringing the ratchet. You can expect a big ugly fight between two of the ladies in his life on your first taste of the new season — and neither one of them are his girlfriend.

After they played us the show, I took some quick iPhone photos, said my damn goodbyes and took my black ass home. I had a blast though. You can catch the season premiere of Love & Hip-Hop on Monday, January 7th at 8pm on VH1.

Photos: PacificCoastNews

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  • Iamjaquanna

    Fury! i live for you and the endless shade that you breathe life into. 

  • J.B.

    They all look a f’n mess and thats all I have. T.RASH!

  • BKkid

    Rashidah was on Basketball Wives, the first season. The one who got into it with Jen for calling her bougie.
    She also sliced a bouncer’s face at a club once…

    • KidFury

       Work! I liked her. Jen was there last night too…looking like a fresh stone hooker.

  • Rhianna’smiddlefinger

    Why does Erica look like she has a fix-a-flat slop sided ass???

  • justme

    What the hell is Erica Mena wearing?

  • FrostByteMe

    Nice review!!

  • ZJ

    I get the feeling that Erica is going to milk her time on camera for all it’s worth. I don’t even know what Mona found so compelling about her that she added her to the cast. She got on my nerves during the few appearances she made last season. Here’s hoping she stops groping her own tits.

  • That girl MEL!

    I need Kid Fury to go to every NYC event and report on it just like this post! Sir, you pulled all the ‘supposed’ fancy-ness out of that event and gave us the real deal! Thanks!

    • Earthshaker1217

      Right. They try to make everything upscale, but you know when you are on show like this that glorifies uncouth behavior, that prissy veil gets shredded ever so easily.

  • Jacqueline Atta

    “Ciroc and cheeseburgers”

  • Jazz

    “Once I realized they were serving free Ciroc and cheeseburgers in there, I decided to let go and be trash.” << Goodbye, sir.

    Just let me know which Rainbow in the Bronx they found Erica Mena and I'll be all set

  • Losh

    I was going to ask if it smelled like Taco del Mar in there… but I realized that fish tacos might be a west coast thing.

  • cocofiere

    Does Erica realize we can actually SEE her butt/hip implant? Who does she think she’s fooling?

  • candyrayne215

    Chile…Ericas “dress” tho?

  • Suchalady

    Wth is everyone wearing?! Except the red-haired girl, she looks nice.

    • Earthshaker1217

      Clothing must have been optional. One has on lingerie, another has no shirt on, and one has her neglige showing.

  • Earthshaker1217

    To Joe Budden: That suit is crisp and the ensemble is cool. I see why all these women are fighting over him. Doesn’t mean I’m here for it. I will watch for his story as a recovering addict.

  • entertainmeh

     I hope Fury & The City will be an ongoing series on your blog! Loved it, use that city for all it’s worth hunny!!!