Candid Yams: Chris Brown Visits Roxbury Club

Kid Fury January 4, 2013 Candid Yams 52 Comments

Yellow Cake was spotted enjoying a Hollywood night out yesterday and I’m a bit concerned at how frail he looks. These photos were taken last night at Roxbury and for a second I thought Beetlejuice went shopping on Karmaloop and hit the town. Whew, I’m just praying that a normal haircut, tattoo removal and a shave will bring him back to looking like a healthy young man.

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  • FrostByteMe

    It’s like Rhi Rhi bring out the worst in CB. He looks GONE!

    So sad….

    • MissMe

       He started looking like this after he and Karrueche got together, this has nothing to do with Rihanna…

      • Nj

        It has everything to do with Rihanna, she looks like a coke head too.

        • Stans Be Cray

          But I thought you said he is with Kae and that Ri isn’t in the pic, so how does this have anything to do with her?  keep on hatin’

          • serenissima

            Kae Stan’s hate Rih to the point of it being kinda scary

          • Stans Be Cray

            But see that’s what I don’t get…why does she have stans?  what does she do again? 

          • Nj

            Like Rihanna has any talent herself???

          • Stans Be Cray

            She’s cashing major checks off something. Let’s see Kae try to do what Ri does and then we can compare. Until then, stay mad.

          • rihanna’s dealer

             tell em sis.
            i literally sat down yesterday & for the 1st time ever realized that chris brown is a pedophile. karrueche’s body is that of a 10 year old pre pubescent boy & her face has the look of overly kneaded dough when you try to make dumplings. AND then i went on twitter & saw that Klapback had all these followers i’m like wait…why is her meager existence of importance to us? then i realized it wasn’t so i signed out & went to go grab some crown friend chicken.

          • OhagiGaveMetheSamePoem

            Have you seen what Rihanna Navy tweets to Kae and write on every instagram picture of hers.  It’s not like Kae stole Rih’s man so what’s that cruelty all about.

    • Kanyetta

      He started this crack mess with kakaroach…rhianna better call iylana, dr. drew, and Jesus…dealing with crackheads is no joke…..she better watch her jewlery around this nigga

  • Woop

    What the fuck happen to him? I think he’s doing a little bit more than weed. I watched the video of him outside the club I thought it was cute, the papz asked him how does it feel to have his girl back (Rihanna) he said “it just feels good to be me man” awww.

  • FU

    He’s fine….you’re always putting your negative energy on him.  Stop bad mouthing him.  He was out clubbing, drinking. Even on his bad day, you couldn’t come close in comparison to him. Stop acting as if Chris hasn’t always been slender in frame. He may have lost some weight yes, but he also just got done with 2 months of touring. Maybe there’s something you’d like to let the world know about you, and you’re using Chris as your outlet.  Hop off is dick, bitch!

    • Nate

      This comment is just sad. Your unrelenting standom for Yellow Cake is not welcome here. Move along.

      • Mdombrowski_smith

        And the church said “Amen”

        • Drea


      • Ten Ten


    • Sataradburley

      Um no..he’s not bad mouthing him, he’s speaking the truth, Chris does look frail…and as a longtime fan, I’m concerned about him. The last few yrs have tough on him, he went from being a beloved star to one of the most hated celebrities. And at one point he almost lost everything Inc. Rihanna. I looked at the yo(excuse me miss) video the other day and he looks almost like a completely different person and not because of age it He looks as though he’s picked up a few bad had habits over the few yrs.

    • justme

      The irony of you telling anyone to hop off of Chris’ dick…

    • KidFury

      LOL! Girl, he looks like The Walking Dead and you can stay pissed.

      • Mdombrowski_smith

        He’s serving “Thriller Zombie” realness.

    • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

      Listen, that boy is on drugs. There’s no denying that he’s not doing more than drinking and smoking weed. There’s just none.  And all his partying, touring and obvious lack of sleep makes it even worse. Your beloved is on drugs girl let’s just pray and hope he gets it together. 

    • FirstNameLast

      You must have graduated from the university of yes men cause that nikka gone boo. You’re the type of enabling ass mofos he has around him talking about “Oh no, it’s not Coke at all. It’s powdered sugar. Chris just LOVES rubbing powdered sugar on his teeth! He’s so funny that way!” If we’re on his dick then you must be gargling them balls cause thats some old bullshit. I’m just saying…

    • Scarf Junkie

      If you’re gonna go in on someone, you could at least get your grammar right. “Hop off is dick, bitch!”? Um, no.

    • Tjfdragon

      I see you KashForGold!!

  • Jamie

    Crack is a helluva drug. Pray for Yellow Cake.

  • Tamiko Kyles

    Where is Ezel going?

    • Rugnisha

      I died!

  • SimplyPut

    Exactly how many drugs is this child on??? It’s not even about comedy-laced criticism any more. This boy looks like he is on the verge of a breakdown of sorts. Seriously, #PrayersforBreezy

  • Drea

    He looks like he stinks…

    I just want him to go to Rehab and get his life together…

  • serenissima

    I think these pics were bad… He looked great in the ones from the Agenda show today

    He def started looking strung out during the ‘Chrae’ era tho, not even gonna lie… I heard that chick ws his drug connect so hopefully Rih gets him clean and pumps some curry goat and junk food in his ass… although Kid Fury calling him Nosferatu in an old post did give me life lol

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Why Chris?? Got Dammit! 

    Let me hurry up and get the psychology degree. I want to be his life coach and all around good friend. The boy needs a good pep talk, hug, vacation,  and a plate full of soul food. 

    • brandonjaye

      Squeeze in a punch to the eye somewhere in all that therapy and you may be on to something.

      • Olivia Pope

        and a bath

  • Uhhuh

    Part of me wants to believe that this is all a plot by Rihanna to pay him back for beating the crap out of her.  Get back in his life, then destroy him from the inside out.  Hell, that’s what I’d do. 

    • Kanyetta


    • YouDontWantNoProblems


      *gets life all over this damn page*

  • Sauce$

    He is giving me post-Jodeci Devante Swing. Not a good look. Get well soon Chris.

    • brandonjaye

      You’re supposed to cover the Jodeci songs, not the lifestyle.

  • Kayy


  • Kanyetta

    I say prayer circle…..let me know when yall ready…..ill bring the oil

  • Lapacquin

    he looks sooo stanky and he looks like something outta of Thriller.

  • Julius Maloney

    Yes. Because a shave, tattoo removal & a better hairdo is all he needs… ;-)

  • Luvleeloner

    If he makes it to 25 y.o I will be shocked. 

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    I just want to know who approved that Hawaiian Fruit Punch T-shirt he’s wearing. The rest I leave to God to figure out.

  • Pepper Anne

    While it’s true he did just finish touring and as a dancer myself I know that dancing for stints of time can cause a lot of weight loss, let’s not act like this nigga ain’t on that readyrock. His eyes tell it all, he is on way more than weed and liquor. He started that shit with Kae and now this nigga just looks strung out. Rihanna girl, pray for your man cuz I see him in a back alley krumping for 20s and a hit on that glass dick smh.  

  • Lapacquin

    Didn’t Kae used to be on drugs to? Because I saw a pic of her a long time sitting on a toilet smoking out of a pipe. That’s probably how Chris got started.

  • chelzyoucray

    Cocaine is a hellofa drug! – Rick James

  • Ladyjolie760

    Me and you both know that Chris has been taking in a big wiff of that monkey dust, and he’s forgetting to munch cause god know he’s been well preoccupied with Rhianna

  • Tjfdragon

    Its either crack or Meth. Coke doesnt have such a serious affect on the facial structure. There is a difference between being skinny & looking gaunt, which is what his face looks like (sunken in eyes & cheekbones) The real tell tale sign is when you see him from the side, the area from the corner of the eye to the ear is protruding. 
    Poor thing someone get him some Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles stat!

  • bb

    *gets out nail file*
    *buffs and waits for Grammy night*

  • CadyHeron

    With this photo confirms the fact I think Chris is on cocaine. Just my opinion. *Sighs*