Did Monica’s Husband Get Caught Cheating Via Instagram?

Kid Fury January 3, 2013 That's A Damn Shame 28 Comments

Twitter is hot with Shannon Brown stew today. Monica’s NBA star husband has allegedly been having an affair with some busted social media wench and messages have been leaked all over the web.

The Instayamp goes by the name Corie Zenobia, which sounds like a stripper who can roll a blunt with her labia. Zenobia just posted screenshots of a few suspicious Twitter DMs from Shannon back in early 2011. He and Monica have been married since 2010.

Although there really isn’t any indication of a sexual relationship beginning or ever even existing here, it still seems pretty questionable and I hope Monica isn’t setting anything on fire.

Seems like another case of a shady man and an even shadier ho.

Source: Bossip

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  • Operamystic

    She does know that Monica will LITERALLY snatch the hair off her head right……..

  • The Urban Sage

    I have a hard time believing this was after Shannon got married. Shannon Brown’s in a Laker uniform in his avi. He hasn’t played for the Lakers since 2011 and got married in late 2010, but this is posted in 2013. And I’m supposed to believe that Shannon cheated on Monica with this chick? And she’s been sitting on this screen shot for how long? Something is terribly off.

    • Kingphoenix

      The messages confirm that the correspondances were made in 2011, further proof that it is most likely real…

      • @yeaThtsMyBitch

        bitch where you been kingphoenix. you know you’re my fav sister in this here kidfury comment section!! ps, who’s that girl shading your fav azealia banks today on the twitter?!

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          Omg yeah I saw it Angel Haze she’s an underground artist I know her from her Tumblr blog. She was just on a cypher in the Hip Hop awards that beef came out of Left field idk why she came for AB tho, AB never said anything about her, I guess she felt some type of way about AB’s tweet about people who claim NY but aren’t NYers *hit dogs holla*

          • KingofSarcasm_

             Angel Haze had the diss record ready in 2012 and theres proof and the whole monica thing. people act like because they’re famous that it wont happen, guys cheat on pretty women with anybody pussy has no face.

        • King Phoenix

           Sorry Bew, been on my grind. Angel Haze, I am a fan of her’s too( not as much as Banks though)…but both them heauxs acting reckless…sexual tension and career competition never mix well. It has been a sad couple of days for me and my Azealia banks fandom I want her to win, but she keep letting these lessors bait her in.

  • M.J.

    “Kick down ya down and smack ya chick, just to show ya Monica ain’t havin’ that.”

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

       Soooooooooooooooooooooooo Gone.

      Lmfao that was and still IS my song.

  • Luh Scrappuh’s Neck

    “Roll a blunt with her labia”
    Fury, you didn’t even let me get my first paycheck of the new year befor you slayed me good with that mess!

  • Tyeshea Campbell

    *grabs AZ ice tea* You know its hard out here for a trick, when ya tryna get that money for the rent! I hope christophers twin wasn’t cheating on lil ol Monica. But I agree with Urban Sage on this one, seems like a Joselyn Hernadez ploy… She just want to leave the skrip club.

  • FrostByteMe

    Damn…this is the most interesting Tea I’ve seen in Months!  However, I assume this is a teaser and the sidechick has more evidence that this….those DM’s could allude to anything even tho this is EXACTLY how dudes talk when they tryin u.

  • Jazz

    Look kids, ya’ll ain’t about to come for my ideal black couple and shatter my hopes and dreams. I’m not buying it. This wench needs to come back when she can prove a) it was actaully him b) it went further than just messages. 

    Also, I’m not sure what these messages prove other than she’s a yamp ass twitter hoe. I mean, who actually wants to be KNOWN as the side chick? I could be alone on that, though

  • Kingphoenix

    Its so funny how this random ass girl seems to be getting more attention in the matter than Shannon, its ever apparent that the girl is thirsty, but I think the focus of the conversation, comments, and shade should be focused on the person who was married and went out of his way to make contact with Cubic Zirconium. I feel really bad for Monica, then again, didn’t Shannon cheat on his baby’s mom with Monica???? Men have been raised in a society where it is more likely than not “acceptable” for us to cheat, and 90% will…continuously. smh

    • Seats

      Wait he cheated with Monica on some Alicia & Swizzy shit??!

      • King Phoenix

        Thats what I remember reading about when they first got together, but I could be wrong so dont take it for the

      • Diamond

         That’s not true he was no longer with his son’s mother when Monica came along. Don’t try to drag her like that.

        • Seats

          Oh alright because I was like girl what?

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      ……….you called her “Cubic Zirconium” LEAVE NOW! lmao

  • RamenNoodles

    I don’t see how he’s cheating lol them messages prove nothing he could be asking her info for any reason. Its funny how she cut off what she said and just posted the messages of him asking for her info. Well if its true, do this girl know she chose the wrong one? She better go listen to the 3rd verse of “So Gone” the good sis, Monica said she drive to the bitch house, kick down the door, and smack her. And she proud about it LMAOO is their some hoe award for sleeping with someone’s husband? Idhtt. 

  • Kayy

    Lmao, I guess him & Chris BROWN are cut from the same cloth.

  • Lollipops and gum drops

    SMH why I’m listening to Monica-So gone and I see you tweet this.I feel like I made this happen.

  • Lwhall7

    Was this on Instagram?? B/c I don’t think his name is @shannonbrown on Instagram.

  • Bianca

    honestly, i couldn’t read past “roll a blunt with her labia” i almost died and decided not to complete it by reading the rest lol

  • musical enthusiast

    *waits for monica to tweet sideline hoe lyrics*

  • brandonjaye

    All I wanna know is: does coochie juice make the blunt burn slower?

  • Brittany Jackson

    These ho’s stay wining because dumb niggas are determined to lose! I swear! Do better in 2013.

  • Andr3w_Ezz

    I for one am SHOCKED at the prospect of a male athlete cheating on his wife. SHOCKED, I tell you.