Caption This: K. Michelle & Miley Cyrus At The Drug Store

Kid Fury January 3, 2013 Caption This!, Uncategorized 43 Comments

So apparently while K. Michelle was on her lunch break at Rite Aid last week, she spotted Miley Cyrus and dived in there for an Instagram treasure. I feel like this is a situation begging for your shady captions. What do you think was going through their minds? Draw blood, kids.

Source: VH1

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  • X. D.

    This looks like a female version of Django Unchained.

    • Deda

      Damnit, IT DOES!

    • KidFury

       Get out.

    • Contactcag


    • Zels_photocom

      I. Love. You.

    • Scarf Junkie

      I don’t know you but you are the first muthasucka I hate in 2013!!! LMFAO!!!! 

    • Brittany Jackson

      iHollered, iCried, iEmbarassedmyselfatwork….

      She looks like she just told her for the umpteenth time she doesn’t have that blond Hannah Montana wig anymore…

    • Jacqueline Atta

      I. Am. THROUGH.

  • Tom André Bardwell

    Miley was just leaving when K. Michelle stopped her for the pic. Miley almost told K. Michelle to tag Taylor Swift in the pic but she felt like that would be unnecessarily shady.

  • You’re Welcome

    Kool-Aid to freshen up K. Michelle’s color and Crest Whitestrips for Miley’s buttery brown tooth

  • candyrayne215

    but why is miley looking like eminem? why is k michelle looking like off duty stripper going to pick up tampons and formula for her kids?

  • Bradgelina’s Herpes

    KM-Bitch when we touring….. MC-
    (.. ) Hoe I got enough roadies…..

  • Sherae Renee

    K Michelle: “Ughhh, damn! They caught me on a bad day. Is this my good side?”

    Miley: “Bitch please! No one gives a four times the marinated, juicy, succulent fuck about you, they’re here for me.” ::Poses::

    • Scarf Junkie

      Juicy succulent fuck though? LMFAO!!!! 

  • Haha

    Awww, Draco Malfoy and a life size version of Rihannas pussy


    • Isiah Izzy G. Gentry


    • Lily12321e

       Miley so looks like Malfoy, and that’s not hot

  • Mdombrowski_smith

    K thinking….”How does the Hannah Montana got more street cred than me”

  • Adrienne

    Miley: Damn Keyshia Cole is ugly in person
    K Michelle: Miley Cyrus looks just like Ryan Lochte  o.O

  • Krista Summitt

    Miley thinks to herself *I thought Keisha Cole was taller than this* 

  • IfYouDontLikeBEYIDontLikeYou

    Justin Bieber probably thought he was taking a pic w/ the store clerk for their “Look who’s been here” wall. 

    • Jazz

      Nawl, you gotta go, sis.

    • Kasey Jr.

      Yoooo.. I’m done. *flatlines*

  • RamenNoodles

    Miley probably don’t even who the fuck this is LMAOO she probably think its just a fan.

    • RamenNoodles


  • RobinTinnicsha

    “Hurry up. This bitch is dripping #struggle on me!”

  • Kayy

    Miley’s like well I don’t mind taking pictures with my fans… Even if it’s that time of the month on her head. 

  • King Phoenix

    How much you wanna bet Miley grab that ass and whispered “Damn, I luh dem skrippers.” in K. Michelle ear.


  • Breanna Prettybrowneyez

    They look like ” To wong-foo” rejects.
    K. M is Noxeema
    Mc is a blonde Chi Chi

    • Mimi

       I cannot!  I will not!

  • lisa

    Miley looks like she needs to take a well earned shit

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    Miley: girl you took the last tube of vagisil? you bitch!

    K.Michelle: yea sis, get here faster next time, I’m gearing up for my New Year’s Eve festivities.

  • Yaya Hispaniola

    I wanna know why K. Michelle looks like if she opens her eyes she’ll have a bad case of the mud butt. Miley looks like she just bought a ton of sudafed.

  • Bougie Suzy

    I wonder if Miley even knows who K.Michelle is…

  • Kyana

    Miley: “It ain’t my birt’day and I’m still pulling big booty hoe’s” 
    K. Michelle: *thinking* Miley ain’t have to bust all in my eye like that, but her stap-on game is serious, ima be knock-knee’d for days “Cheese!!!”

  • 2centsofie

    Well I be damned. At first glance I thought this was a still shot from that video where Rihanna’s likes the way it burns and slim shady sets the room on fire, but was disappointed when I put on my glasses, only to find it was k michell, her nipples and eminen. Child, goodnight!

  • Halohello

    Aww look at Miley stopping to take a pic with a homeless person.

  • Beyonce’s #1 Album

    The only thing they have in common:  Prescription drugs and awkward Instagram pics

  • brandonjaye

    To each other: You famous, right?

  • the hotness monster

    Y’all get this is an ad right?

    “Dope– Gatorade of the stars. Just pop the top and the fun don’t stop!” 
    *street name, Green magic*

  • Luvleeloner

    They look like a couple to me. :/

  • EbonyLolita

    Luvleeloner: Me too, LOL
    Sheeeit! Miley looks like she’d tek Michelle home give her the best night of her life & won’t call in the mawnin! HeyHEY

  • Mimi

    Miley’s got the Gatorade ready for that thirsty bitch.