Candid Yams: Chris Brown & Rihanna Stop For Slurpees

Kid Fury January 3, 2013 Candid Yams 44 Comments

Here’s your first Chrianna post for the new year, because these redbones and their Jordans ain’t going anywhere. Paparazzi spotted the couple (let’s just call a dimebag a dimebag) on the road in LA picking up Slurpees and other snacks.

Rihanna was sporting one of Christopher’s Black Pyramid sweaters and Chris was dressed like he had DVDs for sale in his jacket. They acknowledged the cameras for a bit, with Rihanna even stopping for a picture with a fan, and drove the hell off.

Next week: Kombucha Tran will either be seen with Yellow Cake or Instagram a picture of his boxer-briefs and the Internet will piss with glee. See you there.

Photos: FameFlyNet

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  • X. D.

    Are they able to ride in evidence like this?

    • Jacqxz

      GET.THE.FUCK.OUT! I caught that police shade bitch! Looooool u think they impounded Chrissy’s lambos after the “incident”

      • serenissima

        looollll thanks for explaining cuz i was so lost x_____X

    • HereForTheSnacks

      Ya know, I kinda cringed in when I first saw this pic…LOL. If they like it, I damn sure love it.

  • mommmmmmmm

    lmao i think we can officially say he’s no longer with Karrueche

    • That girl MEL!

      Doubt it. In 2.7 seconds we’ll see a picture of KurbYourEnthusiasm and Yellow Cake share a Capri Sun in the backseat of a rented Fiat. I mean, really, Chris give zero effs about who we think he’s dipping his pencil in these days.

      • ummm nope…..

        chris ain’t been around that chick like since when? the only time she has been around him is was in paris and she was not alone and nothing like that went down. the only puss he’s been swirling in lately is that bajan puss whereas keepthecameraonmefifteenmoreminutes has been calling blogs and sending stories hoping to prolong her time in the spotlight….

        • serenissima

          Agreed. He hasn’t been spotted with her in months. Chris has now publically spent Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years with Rih. Lets just call a spade a spade here. K and her friends are messy af to keep her relevant but Chris obviously made a choice. Even if he’s still banging K (which I doubt), she got downgraded from shotgun in the Porsche to $20s in the gas station. Sad.

        • Nj

          You Riri Stans are as delusional as she is. He’s with Kae…get over it. I know it must break you heart that your Barbados trash God is just a side chick but damn girls get it together.

          • MissMe

             If you think Rih is the side chick in this situation, YOU my dear, are the delusional one, lol. Kookookachoo, is that you boo???

          • serenissima

            lol right, like…he’s out with rih IN THIS POST and publicly dumped k… but he’s supposedly dating k and rih is the side chick? huh? 

          • Lillian 08

             kookookachoo though?! *real tears*

    • kelis

      I don’t think Chris is done with Koncubine just yet… She was just tweeting pics a couple weeks ago of her in one of his shirts or something. I think Chris has been reading the Steebie J handbook & is trying his best to have a 3 way relationship.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        You do know that was the same day of the Lakers game which he was at with Rih. KanIgetSomeFame also promptly deleted that pic. The shirt looked a little small to be his too.

  • Brandi Binns

    Glad they can hang out like friends do.

  • CS

    I never want to see these two near any type of vehicle. 

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Slurpees and other random snacks to fulfill those munchies I’m sure they had.  

    She sure is promoting the hell out of his clothing line too. 

    Welp….God bless them. *shrugs* 

  • Haha

    Christina, you rich why the fuck are you still dressing/looking like you sell rocks on the corner of 125th street 

  • Kerakee

    Yeaaaa, I got nothing. Lol……My last f*ck to give about these was left in 2012. Happy New Year though!! 

    • Kerakee

      two*….see forgot to eem mention them. lol

    • RamenNoodles

      Same LMAO. I know them Chrianna stans is getting their life from these pictures. No more photoshop for them. 

    • Jazz

      My fuck to give for Chrianna is still hibernating. Perhaps it will come out when Curry Goat gets pregnant. I’m sure it will happen.

    • ZJ

      Yep. The only thing that caught my attention was Slurpees because I haven’t had one since I moved out of Vegas.

  • BKKid

    I rather call an 8-ball an 8-ball…

  • RobinTinnicsha

    LOL he looked hella aggravated when she was taking that picture!

  • brooklynarcher

    lmaooo @ let’s call a dimebag a dimebag.
    but….Chris is using her. And it’s a damn shame
    (used up before the age of 25) smh

    • Seats

      Using her for what exactly…..
      At this point getting back with her is the worst possible idea for his career yet here he is. It won’t affect her because we all know she wanted and was willing to take him back and she’s more famous than him. 

      • brooklynarcher

        you’re absolutely right! she is more famous than him that’s why he would benefit from using her for marketing purposes. Strategically, if they were to legit make an announcement that they’re back together, her star power can open more doors for him since her career skyrocketed after the incident whereas his took a couple of steps back. There’s still hesitation to attach his name to any endorsements and even book him for certain performances. Her legit acceptance of the relationship could sway corporations to want to work with him. Also, ever since they’ve been publicly hanging out, she’s been rocking items from his clothing line. That’s not a coincidence IMO.

        • Seats

          Everyone knows that the general public is completely and totally against this reunion. No matter how this goes people will either say Rihanna has forgiven him or its a form of Stockholm Syndrome. Either way she is still not the agressor. He on the other hand is just the overly angry aggressive black man imposing himself. The fact of the matter is people have been wary of him since the incident and being with Rihanna again is a bad idea because everyone and their mama is waiting for him to beat hear again. I highly doubt any corporations will be knocking on his door because of this. I mean wasn’t Rihanna dropped by Nivea because of her bad girl image? This will help? The only thing she is doing for him is wearing his clothes and if I’m not mistaken she was the same person instagraming herself in Trukfit so that’s not exactly a win is it?

  • serenissima

    *shrugs* I’m here for it. I think they look cute.

  • Kayy

    On the other hand, I’m mad cause it’s cold as hell where I am yet it’s hot as shit out there & this negro is overdressed.

  • Shayza20

    the shade will be if we see him with rihanna with the kill hat on!!!! because lets just call a thing a thing

  • Beyanna

    I think we can stop with the mention of Kantgetmynameright, other than the $20 incident & Paris we haven’t seen her and Chris together at all :/ hate it or love it yellow cake chose the Bajan. Is he driving her car????

    • Seats

      No he actually bought that car that day. 

  • King Phoenix

    Rihanna and this hair. Granted she is a bad bitch, lately she has been looking as if she just came out of rehab stemming from a 6 month prostitution and crack binge. Can some one give her a set of flexi rods and some Motions so home girl can attain some body in these lifeless strands?

  • We out here trynna function

    “Rihanna was sporting one of Christopher’s Black Pyramid sweaters and Chris was dressed like he had DVDs for sale in his jacket. They acknowledged the cameras for a bit, with Rihanna even stopping for a picture with a fan, and drove the hell off.”   LMFAO at this whole fucking paragraph though!!!

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    this shit was staged for the gods, the drop top carefully reversed parked, that graffiti on the wall just so happens to be next to rhi who btw is wearing Chris shirt line. and that “fan” was either staged, or she just happend to wear her Saturday night club shirt to church the next morning and just happend to run into them after needed a blunt rap after a heavenly sermon… good fucking bye

  • Nellie1993

    How much you wanna beat she gonna be at this agenda ting on south beach…This girl needs to really get a life

    • Nellie1993

      Long Beach*

  • Bianca

    Hey Guys, i went to get an icee with my mom today. We drove a Honda Accord. Thought that’d be a bit more interesting than this overrated “single” couple.

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    Blue Raspberry Icee’s are the shit though, can you blame them? I want one now, dammit. 

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Damn where is Kookaburra’s ….they ain’t get her one?

  • Theshadeisreal

    lmao @ chris dressed like he has dvds in his jacket to sell..*dead

  • Jaded, But Entertained…

    Call me crazy or call me maybe, IDC. I’m all the way rooting for these high yella “frannnns.” I personally think too much light-skinnededness in a relationship is a recipe for all kinds of disasterous fuckery and mental birth defects, but these two…cheers for these fools.