Kris Jenner Already Soliciting Bids For KimYe Baby Pic

Kid Fury January 2, 2013 Kris Jenner Strikes Again! 45 Comments

Here’s a slice of news that will surely shock the hell out of you. After announcing Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy just two days ago, Kris Jenner: Media Madame is reportedly pitching to several celebrity magazines for bids on Kim’s baby bump photos.

“(It) likely will sell at $300,000, and that’s Kim solo because Kanye always looks so miserable,” a source told NY Daily News. Shade on the panel.

Step right up and grab a ticket to the publicity circus. The madness has already begun and it’s not even Blue Ivy’s birthday yet. I’m still happy for Kanye becoming a father, but I wish the Kris wold calm her tits.

Speaking of which…that dress…

Source: NY Daily News

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  • Brittany

    Kris Jenner is just *deep sigh*

  • Moneyhungrybitch

    You notice how mama love is no longer around her other kids & husband but just her “favorite daughter” & her man. Money hungry bitch. Celebrities discuss me. Having a baby is not a show & tell project. It shouldn’t be breaking news either. I will never understand why they will take millions just to exploit they’re children for some cheap ass magazine cover! Thank god people like Beyonce & a few other celebs ain’t cell they kids out to these crappy ass magazines who spread false rumors about them anyway. Just look at that dervish grin on Kris face. I just wanna smack it off. Just look at her eyes it reads $$. I know Kanye is not gonna want everyone up in his child’s face!

    • kris

      Not to be rude but I think you meant “disgust” and not discuss. I laughed long and hard over that. Woo.

      • Regina Whorge

        also… they’re for their and cell for sell… but point still taken :)

        • Im_nevaeh

          AND…’dervish’, instead of ‘devilish’. Ok I’m playing, I just wanted to join in on the proofing. I mean no harm :-)

    • Wykettaoats

      Lmaooo at the below comments ha-ha!!

  • PrettyNSeddity

    Kris can milk a rock for money but this is just tacky. I’m happy for Kanye & I have no real dislike/like for the Kardashians (I think their gorgeous, fashionable &, on a slow day, entertaining) but this has irritated my soul. God Bless that child, neither parent seems like the parenting type, least of all Kim.

    • peppermint

      The husband and I play a game of “Guess the accessory parents!” in our neighborhood. If a couple looks like they stepped out of an Abercrombie & Fitch ad with their $800 stroller and there is nary a foodstain in sight, then they’re fake parents and you know Paulina is at home cleaning the stove top with a toothbrush. If the parents look like they just rolled out of bed and probably haven’t seen the right side of a deodorant bar in a few days, then they’re real parents.
      These two make me think they’ll be accessory parents, where the child will be an accessory they can dress up.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        DUH! Kim is already Kanye’s My Size Armenian Barbie lol

        ctfu at “haven’t seen the right side of a deodorant bar in a few days” 

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    She is going to be a horrible grandmother to that baby.

  • Kayy

    Let’s just all keep in mind that Kanye being miserable brings forth an amazing album. 

    • Adira-Danique Philyaw

       I honestly feel that Kanye chooses to date these random women (Amber Rose, Kim K, etc.) for inspiration. I swear he gets at least one album or enough ideas to cut a few pieces of clothes for his fashion line and then he dumps them. This couple’s impending child is proof that people should be tested before being able to procreate

    • Donnebelleproductions


  • peppermint

    That bitch Kris ain’t even trying to hide her greediness. It ain’t even her uterus and she already auctioning off the sonogram pictures. I couldn’t with her ass. Kris stay looking like a Disney villain #eattheapplelittlegirl

  • Bianca

    At the end of the day, i need to make Kris my manager. She can sell you a broken dream. Like she just knows how to get money from things you wouldn’t expect *shrugs*

  • Mimi

    With these Kardashians there are two things that should never shock us: Kim’s pancake drenched in chocolate sauce and Mama Kris pimping her kids to the media like Huggy Bear on a Friday night. 

    But I did gag at the comment about Kanye always looking miserable.  Oh, sweet baby, your misery just got magnified ten fold messing around with this pot of fuckery.    

  • Scarf Junkie

    Kris Jenner looks like a hooker from Shady Pines.

    • Mimi

       Shady Pines!!!! I’m calling Sophia and getting the hell outta here now.

    • ZJ

      LMAO! I was just thinking that if she were my mother, I’d be counting down the days until I could put her (and her freakum dress) in a home.

      • Isiah Izzy G. Gentry

        You know she probably used some of her money to buy a youth serum of some sort. No shady pines in her near future.

  • Jazz

    Kris Jenner could sell exclusive photos of a Kardashian yeast infection for a cool milli if times were hard enough, so this shouldn’t shock anyone. Nor should the arranged relationship her married daughter is in. Carry on…

  • Priorities

    I’m really not here to hate..but the kardashian clan is sooo money hungry. They need to realize all that money and shit is gon’ be left right here on gods green earth once their dead and gone.

  • CaramelHottie

    I dont understand how Kim wants anyone to believe this “respectable, changed woman” image she’s been trying to sell since she’s been with Kanye BUT is dressed in a fish net damn near three months pregnant.

    • serenissima


      • Adira-Danique Philyaw


      • Scarf Junkie


      • CaramelHottie

        That dress has a lining underneath so I dont understand your point

      • Jacqueline Atta

        *sigh* sis, you didn’t have to take it there….LOL

  • Onicka’s Grammy Nomination

    I just feel so sorry for this poor child that’s getting caught up in all this bullshit. (S)he has no idea what (s)he’s being born into…and didn’t ask for none of this foolishness.

  • SimplyPut

    Meanwhile, Amber Rose is putting a deposit down at ADT Home Security Systems, hoping that this will finally stop Princess Jasmine and Prince Ali from coming through her wardrobe and stealing her pregnancy debut-red carpet outfits.

    • Jazz

      Go. Just get out.

    • Ten Ten

      LMFAO BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RamenNoodles

    I’m sure Kanye will spill the tea on his next album about Kris. Listening to some of his recent material about Kim, he has no problem doing it. I don’t really care what they do tbh. I’m not upset/disappointed like everyone else about the KimYe baby lol its just amusing to me. I got a few kiiii’s from the meltdowns the day he announced it. One thing you can’t deny is, that he’s happy. Every time their together he’s smiling or all up on her. I wish them luck on their relationship and first child.  

    • Isiah Izzy G. Gentry

      I feel the same way. This pregnancy isn’t paying by tuition or stopping me from doing it myself. I’m happy that Kim and Kanye are pregnant and hope they will give this child a happy home. Now I hope Khloe gets her baby with Lamar because Khloe and Lamar seem like they have successful marriage full of love and bliss.

    • CaramelHottie

      I don’t think he’s genuinely happy. I do think he’s finally happy he got a “bad bitch” to rap about like Jay, as if Kim is some prize.  

  • Shay

    I just don’t believe Kim “Stay on her knees” Kardashian is pregnant her kitty has been through more niggas at a foot locker sale shit I need proof that she’s having lucifers child she just probably had a lot of cum collected on her body that looks like a baby

  • Kim Humphries’ divorce papers

    I’m surprised she didn’t already have this locked down when she was talking about freezing her eggs on KUWTK

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    At this point I’m not even mad. If Kris could find a way for me to make a millions by selling all my possessions and my  dignity I’d probably listen to her. so shit. 

    I  just….*sighs* Ye just need to keep his eyes out for all types of fuckery…OH! but too late for that. 

  • Andr3w_Ezz

     She’s a horrible person but I can’t hate on Kris’ hustle. It is telling, however, just how much more excited she is for this pregnancy vs. either of Kourtney’s. And I really do hope Khloe can get pregnant soon, poor thing.

    That said, I’m already tired of this media circus surrounding the pregnancy. The sooner little Kimajestye is born the better.

  • AH

    That pimp hand is STRONG. Mama Jenner aint nothin to play with.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    smdh… told ya’ll I knew it was just a mater of time before Kris worked that magic she gone get her money worth for this child. I just feel sorry for the baby. Kim needs to rest I hope she doesn’t be all up in the media which she can’t resist stress does not help.

  • pnnylne

    Dear Pimp Mama Kris:

    Why don’t you just shove a camera into Lardassians’ uterus and gives us a blow by blow account of her gestation.



  • I Need Tea For My Thirst

    Well we are going to see Kims real genes take form in this child. Good luck with those stong Armenian features.
    I don’t even remember what this heffa looked like 3 years ago.  

  • Olivia Pope

    I really feel Kanye predicted his own fate years ago with ‘Gold Digger’… lets see if I’m right in 18 years eh?!

  • Wykettaoats

    Smile kayne!!!!! Lol you’s the pappy now