New Music: Nyemiah Supreme – Nothin

Kid Fury December 27, 2012 New Music 15 Comments

It’s been a pretty big year for Nyemiah Supreme — performing at Summer Jam, releasing a new mixtape and recording in Atlanta. The Queens femcee recently appeared on Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia’s Woman On Top female rap mixtape, with the track “Nothin”. Check it out below and look out for Nyemiah’s upcoming project, The Turn Up.

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  • LacefrontinMinaj

    Im getting real tired of these blk girls and blonde hair hats….whats wrong with our hair color?….whats wrong with looking black and classy?….this rachet era must die

  • Gordon Gartrell

    is this coming from a self proclaimed natural girl? sis, stop hiding behind a reference to nicki minajs hair and just deal. 

    • LacefrontinMinaj

      Im not talkin about natural hair…u cant tell me that hair color and her skin tone go together…she looks a mess and so does Nicki thats why I chose my name….whats wrong with blk or drk brown hair…she looks ghetto….. high colored weaves scream I live in section 8….

      • @yeaThtsMyBitch

        I’m no woman, but they say hair is an accessory, so why not change it. just bcuz a person wears colored weave, contacts or what have you doesn’t determine their social class. it’s her image as an artist. it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.. she probably wants something that stands out. in a competitive field like music you do things that’s not ordinary. I’m not here to defend her, and you don’t have to like her image. but as humans we have to learn to accept and respect things that aren’t our norm. alot of the times celebs do, say and wear things for attention purposes that’s what gives them a buzz and how people identify them. I don’t see what your gripe is about

      • Slayherbell

        so blond hair and dark skin don’t together? I guess you don’t know that this is NORMAL & NATURAL occurrence for folks in Melanesia and other indigenous ppl …Enlighten Yourself! 

        • LaceFrontinMinaj

           first of all i have seen what indigenous ppl with dark skin and blond hair look like and i think they look beautiful….dont try to compare bleached weave to those set of ppl because you and i both know the difference..that mess on this girl head is high bleached weave she looks a mess and it seems as though you can’t tell the difference maybe you should be enlighten yourself

          • LaceFrontinMinaj


  • Gordon Gartrell

    i like this song. i like her. your judy is coming up fury! 

  • Girl Bye.

    i never understood how the next female wears her hair could bother somebody so much…nothing is wrong with OUR hair but we also can do whatever the fuck we want if thats what we like…you natural hair broads have GOT to get off these high horses  I cannot deal…PS I’ve been natural for a about a year now

    • LacefrontinMinaj

      Again has nothing to do with natural hair….i never said anything about hair texture…

  • Jamira453

    Really Like this song, FUCK THESE NI$$AS

  • Kyana

    Her Hair Looks Terrible. There I said it, and it’s all I came here to say. She can be bleached, weaved, whatever she wants to be, but stop doin “nothin” to them edges, shiyt.

  • Nicole Shawol

    Why are we talking about her hair when we should be talking about this excellent track?

    • whatevs

      Because people have nothing else to do for the holidays really

  • MsDGAF

    SMH This track is tough & haters are ALWAYS going to find something to talk about..keep making her famous