Video: 2 Chainz – I’m Different

Kid Fury December 23, 2012 Videos 26 Comments

Tity Boi cruises Miami Beach in a boat for my favorite track off his album — “I’m Different”. This video is randomly ratchet and hilariously confusing, but that is what’s so great about 2 Chainz. He’s…different. Watch the flick below.

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  • Mahniqah Hutchinson

    I love 2 Chainz. And the concept was that everything was reversed or “Different” from the Norm. 

  • Mz_NiqueNique

    It was still weird as hell lol

  • Barack Yomomma

    I guess he wasn’t lying when he said he was different. I actually liked the video because nothing was what you thought it was.

  • Suchalady

    *sigh* He’s gonna have these dumb kids thinking that pulling over a cop car and putting a gun in his face is easy and doable…

    • whatevs

      I don’t wanna give 2 Chainz too much credit, I’m HOPING that if someone’s been on this earth & black long enough they’d know that was a good way to get kilt with no trial lol.

      • Suchalady

         True, here’s hoping.

    • BlairWaldorf2013

      And on top of it being a cop it’s a White cop, yeah if ANY black kids attempt this foolishness.. when black boys are being murdered for having skittles, hoodies, teas, and loud music playing this video is beyond rachet.

  • whatevs

    He spelled “trying too hard” wrong. This video is bizarrely hilarious doe

  • Cliffgreen3

    that fun moment when u notice ur friend in the video #shocked #cheezing #happy ;0)

  • LadyBug

    There is no shade for Tity Boi. The song is delightfully ratchet so I expected the video to match and it did! SUCCESS!!! 

  • Ummwhy

    this song is everything and a murcielago, but him and that cheetah print onesie from the walmart clearance section just isnt doing it for me honey.

    • `{tone}.deaf;

      You said from The Walmart Clearance Section. I lost it. The Gods above now have my soul as it has left my body.

  • Apalacian

    2 chainz but I got me a few on

  • lindzc20

    i love me some 2 chainz but this vid is doing way too damn much. and what is he wearing? lord thank god we don’t visually vibe off music anymore. btw love you fury you’re the best, i never comment on shit but had to let you know you’re a funny one. xo

  • Tmi

    Whyyyy is this grown man prancing around and flipping his dreads in a leapord print onsie? 

    • Missmarchmommy

      and it had a matching purse…. yes he’s different lol

  • ★☆Twan Escobar☆★

    ctfu lovin this video this nigga is clearly different now that hes wit g.o.o.d music .. kayne then got to all these niggas 

  • Jamie

    His hair flip was magical.

  • Awkwardfunny_girl

    Gotta love those moonshine stained pink and black lips. Eww. H
    e still gets this chicas hands in the air with his well marketed brand of rachetry! Kudos to you deuce

  • bb

    I rebuke this video in the name of compotent and articulate black people world wide! I hope dimpling for coins stays in 2012. I’m sick of seeing more ignant nigga rappers than accomplished black men I the media.

    • Olivia Pope


  • EbonyJ

    don’t like him or his music but the video is “different” and i like it. the fuckery is entertaining 

  • Dertyo_0

    he came off very cunty in this video, and he looks like a giant lil wayne

  • Brittany

    Am i the only one that thought the asian chick looked like KantStopTheRain

  • CadyHeron

    Tity boi is serving me some kind of Alien vs. Predator teas.

  • Breanna Prettybrowneyez

    Okay a 50 year old wearing an animal print jump suit and flipping his dreadlocks. Okay huntsy cuntsy