New Music: Frank Ocean – Wiseman

Kid Fury December 23, 2012 New Music 19 Comments

Frank Ocean recorded a song for the upcoming western/drama film, Django Unchained, but it was rejected after director, Quentin Tarantino said “there just wasn’t a scene for it.”

Well Frank released the track via Tumblr just moments ago saying “Django was ill without it.” Lyrics for the song were posted shortly after and it seems the track is titled “Wiseman”, a pretty dope ballad. Listen below.

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  • Songbyrd19

    This song brought me to tears!! I fuckin LOVE this man!!

  • Nope

    frank can have it all.
    you own everything. everything is yours.

    • whatevs

      …rolling in the deep…
      /hates self

    • Roman’s Parole Officer


      “looks for Paris is Burning DVD”

  • choclatcherry

    Frank Ocean’s talent is a rare phenom. Love him!

  • Barack Yomomma

    Frank has me going through emotions I didn’t even know exist. 2 snaps and a hand clap for you Frank, you did the damn job.

  • LadyBug

    FRANKLIN PACIFIC OCEAN! sorry to call you by your government like that but boy! You and this music BEAUTIFUL!!

  • cloama

    This sounds like amazing end credits music. Whatever Tarantino picked had better be good. 

    Saw him post the lyrics on tumblr, almost brought me to tears. 
    I love his voice. Perfectly imperfect. 
    I also love his partialness to etherial guitar soundsI hope he never loses what ever it is that keeps him touching my spirit…Give him all the GRAMMYs.

  • Joemoxy1111111

    You gotta be a sad muthafucka to listen to this song.  

    Yeah, I heard it, but I aint listening.  ”Maybe lungs were made for floods”… really?  Real black music is too space aged for most people… real black music enlightens you about your godliness and your experience as a human on this earth… Frank’s bullshit is nothing more than a satanic message of “realness” that concludes that you are simply flesh and bone then you die…  That message is ABSOLUTELY satanic…Only an atheist high on his own shit would come up with such drivel.. These blogs are so “up to date” with industry selected content posing as avant underground that you guys might as well place Frank’s turds up your nostrils and tape them…  who knows… maybe lungs were made for smelling franks turds…. forever… Wise men do speak..  Cowards don’t..

    • Ronan’s Parole Officer

      Now the article said Frank recorded this song for Django. I think the somber lyrics and music go alone with reality of slavery. I’m not sure if Frank personally feels that life is just the here and now. Nor do I know if he personally rejects notions of morality.(good, bad, evil, righteousness)

    • Jon

      You Illuminati, conspiracy theory, bitches kill me. “Real black music”? So black music is monolithic now even though black people aren’t? How does that work? 
      Did we listen to the same song? It could certainly be interpreted as secular given it’s non-biblical interpretation of morality and existence, but satanic? 

      Sis, imma need you to stop reaching. Considering the possibility that there might not be a God and worshiping/upholding Satan are two totally different things, and imma need you to pull critical thinking out of your bag of tricks and acknowledge that. 

      • Nicole

        people will always look at race and believe that it coincides with skin color and a particular aesthetic. people mistakenly seek Frank as being ‘edgy’ or trying to be something that hes ‘not’ because he’s a black man from the south making amazing music. he is talented simply because he contains talent.

        *stares at my invisible watch looking for the time because i, like you, surely dont have any for these conspiracy hoes*

    • Enlightened

       I think you missed the point….Especially if you think cowards close their mouths. To quote Lincoln It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool then to speak out and remove all doubt. Or even better, since you are a religious man, even if a misinformed one, give this one a try: Even a Fool, when he holdeth his peace is counted wise. Proverbs 17:28.
      You have show your foolishness quite thoroughly, be seated.

    • Blckangel200516

      I feel you 100 percent.

  • Smooches

    I don’t understand the hype, never have

  • Boonella

    I don’t understand the hype either…I feel like I am missing something because people are always singing this guys praises and then I listen to one of his songs and I’m not even moved…I don’t get it….

  • Earthshaker1217

    Maybe the song will be an bonus track on the official soudtrack. On another note, Frank Ocean’s music does tend to lean towards the somber/dark/melancholic/chill side of things.

  • EbonyLolita

    Real black music comes from ALL prospectives of Black ppl!! Just b/c you may not feel his pain doesn’t discredit it from being REAL BLACK MUSIC! Sheeeit last I looked he was Black & He’s a man so that’s real enough for me. Ya’ll worried about the Illuminati but ain’t paid up non of ya’lls bills into the NY & don’t mind yu pickney dem. Stop worrying bout di Illuminati & worry bout ya damn self. 
    Frank……… Boo…… keep writing b/c we’re listing !PopStyle!

  • GTrain

    Love it. Thank goodness someone has the interest and ability to produce something beyond the usual bitches ‘n dollaz ish.