Fury TV: Top 12 People To Stay In 2012

Kid Fury December 21, 2012 Kid Fury TV 37 Comments

Sorry for the delay. Here’s a shady ass list of twelve people and things that I would like to see stay in 2012. I forgot to say Keri Hilson, but I’m pretty sure y’all know she need not come with us to 2013. Watch below.

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  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I will never understand the hype of One Direction…they can’t even dance and yes that’s who you were talking about Fury every time I see that boy I want to strap him to a barbershop chair and go to work.

    • Barack Yomomma

      Fury couldn’t have said it better. I feel like I’ve seen them working in various Urban Outfitters across the Eastern Seaboard but I guess as long as these little white girls keep throwing their powerpuff girl panties at them they’ll stay relevant

  • SheliShell

    He said “Pop a f-word Ritalin and sit your Jim Henson crafted looking ass down…  **someone pick me up off this floor**

  • Terese

    Who is Keri Hilson?

    • M.J.

      Did you say “carry my bag to the Hilton”? Who said anybody was staying at the Hilt… oh you said Keri Hilson… *Dionne Warwick shrugs* 

      • Earthshaker1217

        Dionne said she was was loser.

      • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

        They’re gonna feel sorry for her!

        • RamenNoodles

          dsfagbtshbasg I hate all of you. Now let me go watch Got2BReal

  • ZJ

    Extra is not even the word to describe Tamar. She’s the reason I stopped watching The Braxtons. I don’t know how anyone can be in a room with her and not smack the shit out of her.  And I can def do without hearing Taylor Swift yodeling about whichever pseudo hipster is breaking her heart this week.

  • pnnylne

    Has anyone ever contemplated that Taylor Swift might be a lesbian and those dudes are bearding for her? It makes no damn sense. She goes through boyfriends like rihanna goes through weed. 

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Right and meanwhile people call Hannah Montanna a hoe but Taylor has checked off every young white male in Hollywood between the ages of 16-21 lol.

      • BlairWaldorf2013

        And let’s not forget about the 30 and older bracket: John Mayer. She is the Country Cunt of Hollywood…I guess Kim couldn’t hold the crown forever.

        • Kyana

          It’s bout time we called a spade a spade! That hoe is the queen of no walls! Keep up Trashbagian!

  • Scarf Junkie

    KF, you mocking Tamar though??

    O-+< (<—-My lifeless body from dying laughing)

  • Jazz

    Yaaaasssss. You just read my whole fucking mind. Kristen Stewart bores me to tears, Basketball flies & their BeBe dresses hurt my eyes. Chrianna’s herpes infested love triangle and Tamar & her bleached skin can dive into a pool of Kim Kardashian’s battery acid pussy juice and disintegrate.

    But wait, did you say Joseline got her dick clipped? Nawl, ima just lay on this here floor…

    • Awkwardfunny_girl

      You have just given life with this!!

  • Beyoncelover56

    Fury why would you want to send Joseline back to the strip club. I love love and hip hop ATL. Now the new york one could stay in 2012 especially now that chrissy isnt on it

    Can we compromise on Tamar though. Her personality could stay in 2012 but her voice can come in 2013

    • Calory

      Either way if you bring Tamar music to ’13 you bringing all of Tamar to ’13 so Tamar and that perfect vocal song can stay in 2012, Joseline needs to go home! Puerto Rica, Mexico, Hispanico w.e she’s from, ‘VH1′ needs to be Cancled (period)! How did you find Fury’s website, with this comment unfortunately we have to leave you in 2012 Boo.

      • Beyoncelover56

        Nah,I am not staying in 2013 I am on stebbie j’s bus with joseline and Mimi.

        • BEOYNCELOVER56

          *Not staying in 2012.

        • Sai

          Tranny, Pimp, and Joseline friend and another one of stevie hoes. Y’all aint gone make to spring, Welp..

  • Dreadenette

    This was a good list, but why was Taylor only runner up?! lol 
    Kristen Stewart was my favorite because I always say she acts like she doesn’t want to act in every movie. She is a mess and as you said, she can stay right in 2012 with the last Twilight movie

  • M.J.

    I agree with this list, although Taylor Swift-in-the-ass and her annoying ass songs should have been number 1. I also know which one of those One Direction guys you’re talking about. They need to sit his ass down and tell him his handlers got him looking like a fool. 

  • pnnylne

    Oh and Nicholas can definitely stay in 2012. She can come into the future when she’s ready to behave like a big girl. 

    • Earthshaker1217

      And leave Roman behind with the lace front.

      • pnnylne

        Girl… that lacefront… and also leave that damn light pink lipstick and contour for her nose. 

  • FrostByteMuah

    Everything U said about Future it true, but I still like him!!

    Have u heard “Loveeee Song” with Rih Rih? It’s so rachetly perfect.

    I petition for us to keep Future for another 3-6 months *hides*


    Man I’m Showing Everybody This Video.. Fury, U Had Me Rolling!!!!!
    U Told No Lies Here, I Agree With EVERYTHING!

  • Calory

    NOPE NOPE! HE DEN SAID “JACKIE LOOK LIKE A ZOO MAT,” Never again will i visit this website, Never. again.!!! I’m telling God on you Kid Fury! No, you are not getting away with this!

    • Michael SuperNintendo Green

      I think he said Zubat

  • cloama

    Tamar’s queerbaiting and jocking can definitely go hang.
    Straight women being extra and taking it too far is just upsetting.

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

     But wait did you say Future sounds like he’s gargling Sensu beans? I cannot.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Everything in this video gave me liifeeee..I don’t even have to add on to anything. When I saw Future at number 12, I knew I wasn’t gonna be disappointed. His underwater ass ruined what coulda been a decent Rihanna song and I always said Taylor Swift’s ass is overated and a bit loose. But that Jim Henson muppet shade made my day.

  • Shellbee

    Kimye was NEVA cute! Not even a little bit.

  • Brittany

    ur Tamar shade was HILARIOUS!! I like her kinda sorta but she really does need to sit her ass down with the dramatics. This woman is 34-35 actin like a 15 year old.

  • Wildcherrywithice

    Fury you forgot to mention Mitt Romney. 

  • LeonaLee

    haha agreed!