Candid Yams: Romeo Miller, Shemar Moore, Jaden & Willow Smith

Kid Fury December 21, 2012 Candid Yams 11 Comments

Jaden Smith and his little sis, Willow were spotted departing from LAX all by themselves yesterday. The famous Smith kids were all dressed up like Tumblr and dodging the paparazzi. Fourteen-year old Jaden will be starring in a sci-fi action film with his father next year called After Earth.

I guess Willow laid out Romeo’s clothes before she left Los Angeles. Master P’s boy looked ready to go caroling at The Grove in LA today while the Christmas shopping has been on high. The gloves, the chain…okay sis.

Also strolling The Grove today was Shemar Moore. Although he can be a little nutty and he was used all up by Tyler Perry and that lacefront, 42-year old Shemar is still gorgeous and I’d like him under my Christmas tree.

Photos: FameFlyNet

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  • Diamond.

    I thought those were 2 little boys in that first picture…

    • Earthshaker1217

      I did too. I asked myself which one is Jaden. They both really look like their father.

  • Luh Scrappuh’s Neck

    I can’t tell which one is Jayden and which one is Willow…damn shame…

    Romeo looks like a Christmas bum…can we say uhhhhh!

    Shemar-call me. we can get drunk and forget all about your lace front mistakes

  • pnnylne

    Fury, I had almost forgot about that tragedy of a lacefront. It’s a sad day when you can make Shemar Moore look bad. 

  • Michele Lee

    How come whenever im in L.A at the Grove around Christmas time, the only thing I encounter are hoards ambigulously dressed Californians wearing both Summer and Winter attire ; see Ugg boots, cut off shorts, winter jackets and Tank Tops.

    I never see Shemar Moore types, damn my luck!

    • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

      yesss it’s so disappointing!! lol I never see anyone when I go. 

      but mm Shemar looks all types of good! 

  • Kayy

    Lmao, Lord that lace front was tragic. & even though Shemar seems to make out with nearly anything with a vagina, I can’t hold back the fact that I still want him Christmas too. 

  • Elease

    Shemar was just picking up some equipment to load in his van, He’s out on the prowl. Highway 69 blue pick up truck sittin on 22′s got tinted windows license plate front *you aint gone* back *find me* AD voice. Last seen wearing a rapist look*  

    • sugar and dice


  • ๒∑₮サ∆иㄚ ♥

    i am highly upset that i didn’t see ICDC’s best spokesperson at the grove when i was just there! his outfit definitely scream BUM, what a waste!

  • Jacqueline Atta

    “all dressed up like Tumblr” LOL