Beyoncé, Chris Rock, John Legend & More “Demand A Plan” For Gun Control

Kid Fury December 21, 2012 A Little Something Good 34 Comments

MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns) assembled a ton of huge stars for their “Demand A Plan” campaign to end gun violence in America. The coalition of over 600 mayors brought in stars like Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx, Amy Poehler, Ellen Degeneres, Zooey Deschanel, Will Ferrell, John Legend and many more. Watch the clip below and visit to join the campaign.

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  • M.J.

    It’s great to see them use their star power for a good cause.  

  • caseyG101

    I don’t think the real issue is guns, its people. What needs to be recognized, is mental health. There are some crazy fucking people in the world and society just sweeps it under the rug. No “normal” person just wakes up one day and decides to kill their own family and random people, its a lot deeper than that. We live among them and most of us see the signs but ignore them until they snap. And yes, guns do play a small part but folks can find other ways–you have those who know how to make bombs, some like to play with fire. Someone could walk into a building with a chainsaw and then you’ll have America trying to ban those too. Its just like they say, people kill people. Whats gonna be done about the people?

    • My light bill paid.

      That’s true but some people just snap as well.

    • M.J.


    • Seats

      Right. Americans will always point to the surface but dig deeper and the source is staring right at you. And that’s why PSA’s like these and trending topics for a few days after the fact are useless. It will keep happening until someone looks at the source. 

    • ha

      so true but at least i could run from a person with a chainsaw its hard to run from a bullet…and does that mean that people in gangs are mentally ill as well??

      • caseyG101

        That’s not the point Sir Jackass-a-Lot. I wasn’t implying that all people who use guns are crazy. Me bringing up mental health was a reference to the school shooting. The whole point was, that guns are only HALF the problem, its the people who use them–that’s the main focus. Even if there are strict gun laws, that’s not gonna stop people from doing crazy shit. Why? Because PEOPLE are fucking crazy.

        • ha

          guns and mental health need to be addressed but i hate when ppl try to make them synonymous.( not to say that you were making that point).

    • Laila

      This is where I would have to disagree. We are so quick to identify mental illness as the primary culprit of mass murders when, speaking from a psychologist’s perspective, the mental illness primarily results in the person being a victim of violence or suicide rather than a perpetrator. This is why mental illness is so stigmatized, and people are ashamed to seek psychiatric help when they know they need it. The amount of thought and planning that kid put into what he did at Sandy Hook was outside of the mental illness. If it were the illness, IF he had one, he would’ve been too out of touch with reality to be able to plan everything he did in detail before he did it, from destroying the computers as evidence to killing his mom in her sleep to carrying his brother’s wallet on him during the shootings and God knows what else.

      And who’s to say what defines “normal”. Many parents think spanking their kids is abnormal, so would that make a parent who does spank their children mentally ill? Yes, mental illness needs to be addressed, but separately from gun control because guns are the main problem. If dude used a chainsaw or knife or bat, people would have had time to run and nowhere near 26 people would be dead. And what accounts for acts of revenge and accidental shootings? Parents cleaning guns and accidentally shooting someone or kids playing with guns they find and accidentally shooting themselves or someone else. Yes, people kill people and will continue to do so, but guns make it easier and quicker for people to kill numerous people. When is the last time you’ve heard of a mass stabbing?

      • caseyG101

        Some good points… I believe a similar incident happened in China on the same day of the shooting. But a knife was used instead and 22 kids were hurt. That’s why I brought up chainsaws and bombs–yes, the death toll probably would be less but my point was: people will find other ways to harm others, regardless of strict gun laws. But I agree, guns are an easy access. I just think its society we need to be worried about, not just guns.

        • Thomasrcee

          the kids in China survived. 

    • Militant Midget

      JESUS!!! THANK YOU!!! I am a residential counselor at a mental facility.I see  mentally ill people everyday. These families don’t want to admit the child has issues, in the case of Adam, his mother wouldn’t address his issues, she enabled. There are families in this world who would rather have a sense of “normalcy” instead of saying my child is sick, help me please. Americans won’t talk about mental illness, the only one we hear about is autism and there are more intense illnesses we ignore. I need someone to speak on schizophrenia, schizoaffective, etc. People need to address it before someone kills and then we have these “bystanders” saying “oh he was mentally ill”. 

  • Nikiblu82


  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    I’m all here for the demand a plan campaign. but John and Jamie’s artificial hairlines need to be restructured and marked condemned. maybe the person who drew up chateau Sheree needs to fix their lives

    • Guest

      I hate you.

  • Shelleybean18

    I don’t know why but I didn’t like it.  It felt like  more of a scolding session than anything. 

    And bey looked on the verge of tears, when she said, “the children of Sandy Hook.” I couldn’t imagine what is was like for parents to hear something like that. It broke my heart and I don’t even have kids.

  • MissDom

    I love what they are doing, don’t get me wrong, but why didnt people”demand a plan” a long time ago. Kids have been getting killed by guns for years, but they wait until something so tragic happens to decide to change things. Its sad that 28 lives had to be taken before things were changed.

  • causeonlyillegalgunskillppl

    So this is brought to us by mayors against ILLEGAL guns?  I don’t even feel like going on a rant right now.  But I guess you gotta start somewhere.

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    I got my LIFE at the Game of Thrones (Peter Dinklage)cameo-I guess swords, gavels, and armor or just so 17th century these days. Also, we need a campaign for “What the hell is going on with Chris Rock?” He looks like life has taken a couple wrong punchlines.

    Seriously though, this was a SOLID showcase of major entertainment celebs supporting a cause.

  • brandonjaye

    I’m here for this.  What we have been doing isn’t working.  I’m all for trying something new, several somethings new if that’s what it takes.  I really hope that we lose the attitude that “this won’t work” whether it be gun control or more mental health care availability.  We need to do as much as possible to make these nightmares are a distant past chapter.

  • VitaCocoPuffs

    WARNING: LONG ASS POST. This campaign is a positive step, and a great use of celebrity. The pressure on politicians needs to be sustained, but so does an awareness of this issue within the public sphere. Gun control should near the top of the President’s 2013 agenda.

    Moving forward though, my nagging concern is the dialogue I’m seeing emerge around “mental health.” 

    In response to a comment posted above by caseyG101:”There are some crazy fucking people in the world and society just sweeps it under the rug. No “normal” person just wakes up one day and decides to kill their own family and random people, its a lot deeper than that.”

    Without a doubt– perpetrators of these types of heinous crimes display serious psychopathic and sociopathic behavior. 

    However, I believe we need to be careful not to isolate mental health disorders as 1) things “normal” people don’t deal with, and 2) things that somehow “prophecize” whether or not someone will be a threat to society. 

    **The FACTS are that about HALF of Americans will eventually experience some kind of mental health issue, and that people with mental health issues are still MUCH more likely to be the victims of crimes than the perpetrators. Post-partum, anxiety, manic depression are just a few all too common mental disorders that strike “normal” people. However, they often go undiagnosed and unreported because people fear the stigma of “crazy.” 

    I’ll also want to say that as a person who has dealt with a mental disorder, I can only conceive of Adam Lanza as an agent of evil. I believe his horrific actions go far beyond the scope of what any TV psychiatrist or armchair psychoanalyst could conclude. I’m a normal person that sees the faces of the Sandy Hook children that have been plastered all over the news. My heart also breaks, and I TOO have so many questions.
    So as we reflect Lanza’s motives and state of mind, I really hope that we can resist the urge to marginalize all people suffering or who have suffered with disorders as “fucked up,” “crazy,” “dangerous.” I think that is the wrong approach, and one that will prevent many “normal” people from seeking the help they might desperately need. Let’s remember that NO ONE is born thinking they are capable of doing something this horrific.   

    • Earthshaker1217

      I concur with this it is an extremely complicated and sensitive issue, but I’m glad people are asking the questions. That’s the first stop on this long journey.

    • Laila

      AY-MEN!! I just practically said the same thing in a comment to someone else’s post before I even read yours. I’m glad there are others out there who understand that the actions of most killers are outside of mental illness. It isn’t even known if he had a mental illness. All we know so far is that he had Asperger’s. 

    • Chels


  • Delinqua

    Jamie foxx’s hairline is somethin serious! I laugh everytime I see that shit. Lmfao.

  • Soyouthinkyoucanshade

    THE SHADE when they said houses of faith and then had the guy from Harold and Kumar speak next.

    • Nj

      That wasn’t the guy from Harold and Kumar. The guy who spoke in the video is named Aziz Ansari. He’s in shows like Parks and Recreation, movies like 30 Minutes or Less and in The Throne’s Otis video.

    • Guest

       He’s from Chicago. He’s not a terrorist. Calm your tits.

  • The Urban Sage

    Jamie Foxx’s hairline prevents me from taking him any kind of serious. I CANNOT deal.

  • Leroy

    Not why bey bun leaning over to the left, Gun control should have been in full affect when Virginia Tech was shattered and shot in pieces. They need to monitor who they give fire arm license too. Check for any disease, mental illness, anger issues, any records containing violence or jail, They just sell to get money, Nothings going to change if they don’t get laws and restrictions in these gun shops/pawn shops. These caucasian mothers be knowing they sons are delusional and sick, They be trying to calm them down with nice words and things, knowing damn well little tommy don’t wanna hear what she got to say. Put his ass away, No more talking to him, Just put him up! While he’s yelling ‘BLEEP YOU MOM YOU STUPID BLEEP I HATE YOUR BLEEPING GUTS, I HOPE YOU DIE…” Just wave bye him and know you did the right thing. 

  • Chels

    Ive worked in a psych Ward for almost 5 years .. and although guns play a huge role in violence its not the major issue .. i see individuals everyday who have premeditated such plans but not went through with them and as you talk to them you realize their family unit is to blame .. something has happened in the childhood that has scorned these people for life .. that is in no way making excuses for this type of behavior but if parents don’t seek help for these children early in life there is really no use ..

  • Guest

    RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW EMOTION!!!! YAS BEYONCE AND JOHN LEGEND. I know this isnt the point,but who is the guy at :24? Him fine!

    • Lex

      Victor Cruz! now hush child! *Nene Voice*

  • chinaff

    Yea, let the celebs call for an end to gun violence, even though they have been pushing it down our throats with their music, videos, movies, and so on for years. They walk around town with 6ft. tall armed bodyguards, and are telling us “Normal” people to Give up our guns….