Frank Ocean’s Father Threatening To Sue Him?

Kid Fury December 19, 2012 That's A Damn Shame 17 Comments

Like a true bitch nigga deadbeat dad, Frank Ocean’s father is allegedly threatening to sue his famous son for one million dollars. The reasons are unclear at this point, but Frank tweeted (and deleted) the news early this morning.

Frank has been very open in his music about the absence of his dad with records like “There Will Be Tears.” I still don’t understand how anyone can create a life and then abandon it, but to have this kind of nerve is ridiculous.

It happens quite a bit with celebs who rise to super-stardom and earn millions. The missing parent all of a sudden wants a relationship or just cash. You couldn’t pry a stick of Trident Layers from my cold dead hands after all those years, but we’ll see what happens.

Source: Rap-Up

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  • Jazz

    A bitch nigga, that’s the shit I don’t like…

    Classic deadbeat piece of trash that wants to cash in for being a sperm donor. My daddy couldn’t get a rusty red cent from me if I struck gold. Pay him dust, Frank!

  • Δtiya

    Awe. That’s sad. 

  • Kayy

    Whats he really gonna sue him for though? Sue him for being a donor? Jesus take hold of the car. 

  • Seats

    This started months ago:

    This doesn’t shock me. And I’ll tell you why. I’m from a single parent home. My mother has raised me and my brother alone and my father walked out on us when we were still in diapers. Believe it or not he has sued and successfully gained rights to my mothers pension. Meaning when she retires the man who never gave her child support and abandoned her with two kids will be taking a portion of her money. People like this exist. And I feel really bad for Frank because I know the struggle to not have a parent and then for them to make it clear that the only worth they see is dollar signs.

    Sidenote: that’s why when people thinks it’s cute to “clock” fatherless children they should think twice about the reality.

    • entertainmeh

      Oh honey, your story just made me realize I ain’t neva eva eva EVA having a baby with a broke bitch nigga no matter how much I love him. His money gotta be long and strong so at least his ass won’t come for me for $$ if we don’t stay together. Whew! That changed my life…

  • Barack Yomomma

    It just goes to show you how greedy and selfish people (especially these deadbeat fathers) are. I bet if Frank wasn’t famous his father would still be hiding somewhere in Africa living his life like he doesn’t have a child

  • Tasha Zondo

    deadbeat dad for the lose, karma’s a fucking thing

  • Kaye

    Crack rock crack rock…. This man just wants some money. Frank should give him a swiss knife after he losses this case.

  • britchick91

    SMH reminds me of my ‘dad’ I didn’t hear from him for years until he heard that I was in university doing well. >_> side fucking eye 

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Every one of my friends was raised by single mothers. I was blessed enough to have two parents who not only remained a valuable part of my life but have stayed together for twenty + years. It saddens me when they tells me stories about their no good daddies and their bull shit. How da fk does the child owe the parent any damn thing when you as the parent chose to walk out on them. I couldn’t imagine abandoning my child only to pop up one day asking for a handout DA FK!

  • Ollie

    I wouldn’t piss in a cup and hand it to my own damn father. Bitch nigga.

  • Brandon Dean

    I had the luxury of having a mom and dad in the home, They were married for 42+ years until my dad passed. 6 kids, a REAL “death do you part” marriage. I cant even begin to wrap my head around a father not only walking out on his child, but having the audacity to think the child upon doing well owes HIM something. 

    If my father ever taught me anything, is that parenting is about giving for your children till there is nothing left. And for this sad negro to think he gave ANYTHING that was deserving of receiving 1 million from his son is laughable. 


  • Scarf Junkie

    I wouldn’t piss on my father if he is on fire. Sad but true. He did some ill shit to my mom but I am so thankful for my stepdad. Keep your head up Frank, karma is on the clock cause I am quite sure if you were an every day working class dude, he wouldn’t have two Sensa shakes worth of fucks to give about him. 

    • Scarf Junkie


  • RamenNoodles

    “Mo’ money mo problems, kid. I guess you never did expect me to blow this big.” – Foxy Brown. I wonder why he suing him though. If its cause he spoke about him not being in his life in his music, he can take a long trip to hell. 

  • Tiff1057

    Ok I know this is a tough pill to swallow but its nothing new. However….. was I the only one that thought his tweet was a verse and tried to harmonize…. no just me … I digress.

  • CadyHeron

    *Sighs* Frankies sperm donor…..get a life. Don’t try to take money out of your sons pockets b/c you were never in his life.