Candid Yams: Ciara Leaving Dance Rehearsal

Kid Fury December 19, 2012 Candid Yams 31 Comments

After performing a ode to Michael Jackson and fighting for breath on VH1 Divas earlier this week, Ciara was back in the dance studio today rehearsing some new moves. Her fifth studio album, One Woman Army, is scheduled for release at Claire’s early next year.

Look at her giving you Justin Bobby realness…like she’s ready to go kitty hunting with Da Brat. I’m so intrigued. Well not really, but I kind of want that jacket. More flicks below.

Photos: FameFlyNet

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  • Miles

    Lets just talk about how her butch ass is twice the size of her security

    • Esha

       You sure that’s her security, almost look like are escorting her ass out

      • Esha


  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    Claire’s though? I can see her selling at Rainbow tbh.

    • Barack Yomomma

      Rainbow? Nah maybe Citi Trends

      • Brandon Dean

        Citi Trends is too national. I think she will be in every Chinese owned sneaker shop east of the Mississippi.

  • FrostByteMuah

    Was Cici always that color?

    Anyways, what do she do besides attend Dance Practice? Talk about drab, sometimes u do need a ratchet friend or 2, lol

    • entertainmeh

      Are you referring to her skin color? Maybe because it’s winter and people tend to lighten up during colder months. I hope we don’t start that ish lol….

      • FrostByteMuah

         Yep that’s exactly what I’m referring to and don’t act like we haven’t seen Nicki Minaj get 5 shades lighter in less time. It was a mild inquiry and seeing as Cici ain’t no stranger to plastic surgery I wouldn’t put it past her either.

        • entertainmeh

          CiCi has always been yellowish brown though. Nicki Minaj has never been a deep color either. It’s called make-up and lighting, it does crazy things to peoples skin. In this day and age of all the info people have about how make up & lighting works you would think people would have more of a clue, clearly you show that folks don’t. That gurl looks the same as 10 years ago, stop reaching.

          • FrostByteMuah

            Hunny have a stadium full of seats. You see any damn lighting crews and softboxes around Nicki all the time?U don’t know a thing about special effects, so simmer down. I’ll give u CiCi, but Nicki IS bleaching and there IS a pill that does this sorta thing. I’m not gonna go into detail tho, too many impressionable minds around. PEACE!

          • ChicBitch

            what pill, doc? 

          • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

             Yellowish Brown?! Send my mother a black dress.

  • Jazz

    Coming soon to Walgreens, next to the tic tacs

  • Kaye

    Ciara should try to do more. I totally forgot about her album. Hate it when people come out strong and just wither away…

    • Brandon Dean

      When did she come out strong? Last time I checked, she considered herself coming out “strong” the last five attempt she made at album releases. Marta Ride, Basic N’ Stank, and everything in between has all been flopulous.

      • Kim’s New Bangs

        lolol at flopulous #G2BR shade

      • Kaye

        LOL oooh yes gawd honey. Im just saying, Goodies and Promise were great songs. People had high hopes after those. She needs to hit up Missy Elliot.

  • ziggy gnarly.

    Cedric Kardashian … smh. But I don’t see Claire’s carrying this album. I definitely see it on the counter of 5-7-9 though.

    • Miss.

      5-7-9 though! I cannot!

  • entertainmeh

    Damn, I didn’t know she was still following through with actually releasing an album. There is not a feminine bone in her body by the way.

  • Beyoncelover56

    Oh yeah!!! I heard she has that Citi Trends parking lot performance coming up.

  • PepperLabeija

    *Paris Dupree Voice*



  • Kayy

    Lmao Fury I caught that ‘The Hills’ shade! Damn, haven’t heard that name in so long.

    • Oh girl no…

      Yass!! I’ve been waiting for somebody to say that lls

  • Brandon Dean

    She dresses like a between albums Janet, on a budget. 

  • Diamond.

    Sooo yall gonna ignore that The Hills Shade,…Lol

    • guest

      Oh no, I caught that LOL

  • Ciara’s Tuck

    Lmaooo Justin Bobby though, The Hills shade!! 

  • Drea_mosley

    Boots after dance rehearsal?? She would be more comfortable in flip flops.

    • Jacqxz

      u trrrrrrrieddd it!!!! This qote is giving me Aretha #G2BR shade!