Trinidad James Signed To Def Jam Records

Kid Fury December 14, 2012 I Guess, Chile 82 Comments

Georgia’s budding ratchet champion, Jerome Trinidad James, has officially been signed to Def Jam Records after an alleged bidding war between several labels.

It was announced Thursday that the rapper and his Gold Gang Records group will be heading to Def Jam after he’s been leaving his clawprints in the sands of time with the track “All Gold Everything”.

The recording contract is rumored to be worth $2 million. Do you know how many gold teef and puppies and FunYuns this man is about toss in a Sephora bag? Endless amounts, bro!

“Def Jam prides itself as both a cornerstone of hip-hop’s rich tradition, and as a vital, forward-thinking label dedicated to breaking and nurturing emerging artists,” Def Jam President, Joie Manda told MTV News. “Trinidad James represents the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the culture today. We are thrilled to have him at the label, and look forward to growing his already massive buzz.”

Listen, when I get this beat from Mike Will Made It, I’m going to destroy airwaves and snatch all the deals and endorsements my God has to offer, and you will be forced to deal. The Hennessy will never stop pouring, sis!

Source: MTV News

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  • Freshie Mei Lee

    *Throws away all of my Trinidad & Tobago items in the garbage*

    Can i denounce me being Trinidadian at this very moment? 

    • Kadija

      We must continue to have pride in our country. One day someone good will come out of t&t *cries*

      • Shayza20

        heather headley shes an board way star and r&b singer turner gospel singer epic voice she is from Trinidad and tobago

    • Ty

      Our beautiful island of TnT and its descendants have GREAT talent, it’s just these wotless individuals making us look crazy.  Never lose pride in your country, just don’t claim people like this.

  • musicsuckstoday

    How the hell his ass get signed -.- they will sign anyone. That song is trash.

    • Guest

      Don’t forget there was also an alleged bidding war between labels for Kreayshawn the Racially Ambiguous Crayon when she had a buzz. Five dollars to the first person who can tell me what she’s doing at this moment. 

      • Suchalady

         Good point. Thanks for that nugget of info.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Didn’t Def Jam signed her and they ain’t learn yet smdh

      • Sensationaly_Slain

        running the hell out those grilled chickens at someone’s pollo tropical

      • Earthshaker1217

        Working at Hot Topic.

      • bb

        nigga nigga nigga…..

      • Nicole Waldron

         Lmao @ Kreayshawn the Racially Ambiguous Crayon!!

      • Brittany

        Dead at Racially Ambiguous Crayon

    • Barack Yomomma

      How can anyone be here for this dude when he looks like he bought all of his clothes and his lyrics out of the nearest Miami flea market? I’m exiting stage left and walking off the nearest cliff into my casket.

    • commonsenssssse

       Thank you! when I saw this shit I tried my best to find some holy water

  • Let’s throw shade, shall we

    Maaaaan F Def Jam!

    what they meant to say is ” we pride ourselves on capitalizing on the younger generation with no real standards and a large disposable income to spend on whatever Ratchet a$$ artist we decide to use at our disposal…this week that “artist” is Jerome, the original playa from the himalayas”

    • jajay22

       *go in and let have*!!

    • lala

       READ sis READ

    • Suchalady


    • Zan

      This. ALL. OF. THIS. !!!!!!!!!

  • jajay22

    swear to god I thought this was a parody the first time I heard it..”nigga nigga nigga” really?! smh..

    This nigggaaaaaa *Jay from ABG*

    • Earthshaker1217

      I had to raise my nigga shields real quick.

  • lala

    i cant even sit through this video, biggie is rolling in his grave, and tupac cant sleep on his island…..

  • Trouble

    What is the purpose of going to school when niggas can get rich making videos with bicycles, barbecue grills, and puppies? 

    • Chels

      *Throws Psychology books && Final preps against the wall* What’s the point??

      • Earthshaker1217

        Okay. Why I am worrying about paying thousands of dollars when I all I need is a some dreads, a blunt, gold chains and grills, and poor, raggedy sense of style. I’m done.

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          Look come January when school opens back up I shall go to the registrars office and tell FSU to kick rocks I’m fins to be a rapper Holla!

  • Tjfdragon

    Did he buy all his gold at the kiosk in Lennox Mall that sells it by the inch???  The shit that turns green after about a month.   And if u got so much gold, why HELL u rollin a BMX bike and not a Bentley..Hood rachetness at its finest.

    • NoEffinJoke

      Yes, it turns green afta it done gave ya a rash! That “fashion” jewelry be having a rank smell, too. lol! Ugh. 

  • NoEffinJoke

    I’m sorry, but the gold shopping cart/basket?! Clearly spray painted.  


    And his teef? I rebuke them. 

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    I tried coming up with a witty comment for this fuckshit but I just can’t for this foolishness. If this nigga got signed then clearly anyone can call themselves a rapper and get a record deal.

  • Chels

    My ears are bleeding!! Thank God my J.Cole collection is close!!

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    Lawd they ain’t even tryna had the fact that they’re attempting to destroy our minds anymore.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    He reminds me of a70′s pimp that got lost in 2012 and someone told him this was the way to adapt. 

    But yeah umm..smh..*sighs*…I guess I don’t know what to say. 

  • Badkins83

    What. The. Fuck. I don’t even have words for this bullshit. I can’t…

  • ZJ

    In the words of our great Negro poet Kid Fury: T-rash. Fifty-four seconds of my life completely wasted.

  • Degrading

    why are they just signing any and everybody to these damn labels ! i mean come tf on ! just another video the make the black community look ignorant ! SMH

  • BKkid

    While I don’t think he’s worthy of this kind of deal, am I the only one who think the song knocks?

    • smellsliketeenapathy


    • Tramaine

      Nope. This song is pure trash but I like it lol. I have a mental list of ratchet songs and this is one of them along with a few other “faves” who shall remain nameless….

  • Roman’s parole officer

    He stole Queen Khalifa look. She was wearing leopard print tops before anybody.

  • Scarf Junkie

    He is going to look just like that dude that OG’d (over gold) in “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka”…iCant, iWont, just NO.

  • pnnylne

    I got to :37. I can’t. He has moobies. Mojo Jojo + Jerome = Trinidad James.

    • Misha

      no you didn’t bring the powder puff girl’s, mojo jojo into this!!  LMFATFO!!

      • Misha

        *powerpuff girls*

  • Regina George

    As if accepting Nicki Minaj was one thing we are now forced to accept Trinidad James. Dear Heather Headly, seeing that you’re the only sane Trinidadian artiste we can claim werk that Bodyguard role hunty!! Signed Ashamed Triniadian

  • Nikiblu82

    i just turned 30 -so my tolerance for the fuckshit is QUITE low. This here will not stand ! Hip Hop is flat-lining right now ….

  • entertainmeh

    This nigga looks JUST like Bobby Brown on “Two Can Play That Game” before the makeover….tell me I’m lying. White folks still made about Obama getting re-elected, that’s the only explanation for this.

    • Degrading

      yes ! yes ! lmfaoooo @ two can play that game reference ! hahahahahaha !

  • NOLA_chic

    I’m allergic to this fuck shit! Rap is officially for morons.

  • whatevs

    Oh thank goodness, Lil Wayne finally has someone he can play with

  • Kashala Jarrells

    Looks like its time for me to release all those audio clips of my Aunts and Uncles drunkenly farting during every holiday since I was five.  Shid I might get signed by Def Jam too! 

  • RobinTinnicsha

    This man looks like something they find in the toilets of truck drivers…….

  • ziggy gnarly.

    I was about to be like “YouTube lets people show their nipples now?” but then I realized that those were little Rozays. The fact that his chest looks like a 12 year old who just started with training bras is beyond me.

  • Sammi Lacefront

    He’s like a mix of Jerome and King Beef with a dash of Dragonfly Jones thrown in there 

    • pnnylne


  • Kayy

    Damn, I heard this guy was ugly, but damnnnn! It aint nothin until you see for yourself. & 1000 thanks to those of you who’ve commented, so I wont waste my time watching the clip.

  • Breezyshoopnosering

    The mixtape is actually pretty awesome. I like the fact that the beat was absolutely free and he did the mixtape by himself and doesn’t give 2 fucks about people reading him for filth about those teeth and tiger striped getups.

    • Jamie

      Exactly. Fuck eff with James when I wanna get ratchet. *shrugs* 

      • Jamie

        *I eff (I don’t even remember typing the full word lol) 

  • LadyBug

    This young man… I thought The Boondocks made a parody of him years ago with the Gangsterlicious VS. Eat Dirt episode. I swear to God I was just waiting for this nigga to say ‘Reppin’ Lickity Split VA!’ 

    Good for him and his 2 million dollars I’m sure he’ll blow it all on bad bitches and more gold. Thanks for further perpetuating the black stereotype. A+ job! ;-)

    • Young & Pruned

      Not an Eat Dirt reference. You gots to go.

  • RamenNoodles

    Whyyyy, whhyyyy *mariah voice* 

  • Pippie Longstocking

    Pop a molly im sweatin WHOO! (I couldnt resist im sorry lol)

    • Yvette Grimes

      Don’t apologize, sis.  I’ve been saying this in my head all day long!

  • Parker

    R u fucking fa real with this Def Jam ? Like bitch I can’t … Gross

  • PrettyNSeddity

    Pure trash. I have nothing left to say. *throws on Notorious B.I.G. ‘Ready to Die’* Hip hop needs an exorcism.

  • ALongSigh

    this crap makes nicki minaj music look gold ! sigh

  • Nothing Amigone

    The fact that the youtube screen shot is of his breasticles…

    I thought excessive weed smoke giving you man-breasts was just a theory, but the gynecomastia struggle is real, y’all.

    Def Jam just doesn’t want respect at this point. Money is money is money to them.

  • laidlacefronts

    I like it…..

    *dodges old fruit and lacefronts*

    hear me out tho… no he’s not the best lyricist. but the beat goes hard. it belongs in a subgenre of hip-hop ( cuz ratchet def needs its own category) along with artists like Lil B and Waka. its not intellectual hiphop. its shallow party music… wen I think of it that way, the song is actually not that bad

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

       I completely agree. This is Corner Store K-Momo Chic and I appreciate it for that.

  • Jesus

    Martin surely weeps…

  • Jacqueline Atta

    Coonery and Bufoonery.

  • Seiko

    They signed him because they heard the rest of his music… This song is parody Gold but he has a few solid songs. Not to mention hes WILLING to become a better artist and release music with some type of substance.

    • YolaHippie

       hmmmm that was nicely put….i’d be moved if i thought you were serious.

      you should be a politician you have certain….ahem…..characteristics.

      i’ll let you figure them out

      • Seiko

        I am serious. His mixtape is actually pretty dope with the exception of a few songs. But even if All Gold Everything is the wackest song in all of history… YOU’RE still talking about it so whack or not his buzz is undeniable. But you can try that cute shit again if you’d like… It was quiet amusing to me.

  • ThisSeatRightHereNigga

    DEAF Jam is more like it!

  • YolaHippie

    smfh def jam is a joke but they’re smart. yes i’ll get bent & stunt to this shit but in no way shape or form will i buy shit from this lousiana swamp nigga. obviously def jam is the real winner here, they’re gonna ride this buzz wave & when it’s up it’s a rap. james can’t/won’t change into a mainstream thing looking like THAT. & if he does switch it up niggas is gonna clown him. just ask la la loopsie minaj.
    no ratchet music formed against me shall prosper.

  • Breanna Prettybrowneyez

    My nephew had the audacity to tell me that it looks like Shenneneh (idk how to spell that ratchet name), Jerome (both are Martin references) and Gucci Mane had a threesome. I am so done with family

  • Micah

    “Trinidad James represents the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the culture today.” 
    …and that right there ladies and gentleman is the reason we are FCUK’D as a collective whole. 

  • Beyoncelover56

    2Chainzz has competition.

  • Missrob22

     wait, so this isn’t a spoof?