The Game Brings Out “Jesus” During LA Concert [Video]

Kid Fury December 12, 2012 Have You Tried My Jesus?! 33 Comments

The Game has been trying all of God’s nerves with his new Jesus Piece album, but these latest shenanigans are a sesame seared ass fool. During the opening of his album release concert at LA’s House of Blues, the rapper had a man dressed as White Jesus Billy Bob Christ appear on stage and place a chain around his neck. Not my Lord! I need Tiffney to get her baby’s daddy.

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  • ryan

    blasphemy! why cant jesus be a black man with long dreads

    • whatevs

      Where is Black Jesus? I don’t think Black Jesus would play this shit. Is this supposed to represent “the man” giving him his riches lmao

  • Really Tho

    This is all types of wrong you just don’t blantantly disrepect the Lord like that! The day I’m with a man and he BOLDLY does this type of stuff is the day we break up. If you disrespect Christ I KNOW you’ll disrespect me.

    • Suchalady

      Church! It’s like disrespecting Christianity is the new “thing” to do and I don’t like it one bit.

      • broolstorybo

        It doesn’t deserve respect,none of the Abrahamic religions do. Look at all the wars,genocides,murders,abuse, censorship etc. that are (& have been) going on for all these centuries because of them.

  • Barack Yomomma

    I just know there’s a verse in the bible referring to this coonery. “Thou shall not be iced by thy lord with a reflection of himself”

    • Erockbaby3000

      Oh My God, take me now black Jesus. This post was Hilarious, and this Tomfoolery is just not the bussiness, what/who the hell told the game to pull this shit. speaking as a Christian myself( I guess that’s the closest way to explain my faith) I know that sometimes some crazy ass hateful/stupid/not knowing Jesus Christians do or say some shit that is just extremely dumb as fuck or  just funny and should be mocked but this shit is not something you should do ever, it’s just disrespectful.

  • Chels

    Smh .. its too bad he’s so ignorant because his body is looking a lil tasty in the pics!!

    • Jazz

      I’ve always been somewhat attracted to The Game. Lord that body…he’s giving me fresh out the pen, ex-convict tease. I’m not mad at it, either.

      • Chels

        Lol Yaaaaaaaaaass .. the keepinq niqqas off yu in the pen workout does wonders!!

    • Michele Lee

      Yes, I did scroll by down his picture in slow motion …twice.

    • That girl MEL!

      I always thought he had a “Build a Bear” face and his tattoos are so randomly placed. But that’s just me.

      • Mimi

        “Build a Bear” face! You are so right! I think it’s those beady ass eyes. But you should know, I nearly scaled myself on this coffee doing a spittake when I read this comment.

  • SimplyPut


    • Deastany_fashion


  • jesus

    lmaooooooo christians smh 

  • TrenaFace

    Hey, I wouldn’t test the Lord but since Jayceon has beaten death numerous times, perhaps that nigga has His approval.

    I am still keeping my mouth off of this
    …now back to this online shopping at work…

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    Jesus take the wheel! *deep heavy sigh* I don’t know why people find the need to drag my sweet Jesus into their coonish shenanigans!! Just Why?!? 

  • M.J.

    And THIS is why his career is in a black hole. God don’t like ugly… or crappy albums and lame reality shows. 

    • Nothing Amigone

      God sure don’t like ugly…

      or butterfly face tattoos…or twitter fuckshit…or appearances on Change of Heart where you get your ass handed to you by, let’s face it, a minimally attractive young woman…or 50 Cent’s former bottom bitches (b/c really, all of them are cautionary tales at this point)…I could go on.

      • Earthshaker1217

        Go ahead. I’ll join you.


        ^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^ is full of such epic shade and hilarity I hollered out loud…
        THANKS so much for the LOLs!!!!

  • Kayy

    Seriously? How disrespectful, his days are numbered Im sure.

  • FreeTutionMakeHerDance

    Jesus is somewhere looking down like, “No this nigga didn’t…We cool but we ain’t that cool.” 

    No but in all seriousness, what happened to the “I want to thank Jesus/ God for my blessings.” speech? 

    Now they want to bring out an imposters?? It’s just too extra. Don’t do the Lord like that. 

  • Michele Lee

    The absolute height of fuckshit.

  • Rosette

    I know he is ignorant as shit…but laawwdd he is sexy. 

  • EbonyLolita

    God nah sleep & this is NOT FUNNY!!! AT ALL!! God does NOT appreciate mockery on any form or level. Mek him gwan yu hear b/c trust & believe God is NOT LOL :(

  • broolstoryco

    If you’re gonna dress as a fictional character, at least put some effort. 

  • Kaye

    Proverbs 14:24The crown of the wise is their riches: but the foolishness of fools is folly. 

    -The Word


  • Earthshaker1217

    I need Jesus to come down and give a Mark 11:15 to The Game. Mary, Joseph, the disciples, apostles, and John the Baptist can join in.

  • bb

    *in my Trina voice*
    Hold on now wait a Gat damn minute
    You mean to tell me that throughout dreams career of struggle bars, beefs with irrelevant negros, and all around moon cricket shenanigans THIS is the moment you decided you can’t fuck with Dream anymore? He has a face tattoo, a “fiancé” of 10+ yrs, and a rap career framed in ignorance and freed slave speech but this is schocking?

  • CrankDatSnackWrap

    This guy could double as a pound puppy!! His on/off again fiancé needs to drag his ass to bingo night at the old folks home with her, to prevent all this bull shiterty.

  • LondonsCalling

    The levels of coonery and bafoonery are just sky high…REAL JESUS take the wheel