New Music: Luke James – Whispers In The Dark [Digital Album]

Kid Fury December 12, 2012 New Music 9 Comments

Luke James doesn’t even have an official album out yet and he’s already opened for Beyoncé at Revel and recieved a Grammy nomination. Let me know when you’re prepared to eat from his mighty plate.

The New Orleans singer/songwriter is releasing what he calls a “pre-album” titled Whispers In The Dark featuring 8 new tracks. Most of the music was produced by his NARS label chief, Danja.

You can download the free album below. I should be going to see Master Luke perform tonight and after I get home and change my undergarments, maybe I’ll tell y’all about it.

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  • kaysing

    ‘Be Bad’ is my new gettin-ready-to-go-out song. Thx Fury

  • Nicole


  • Barack Yomomma

    I’ve never heard Luke Jame’s music before today, and I must say I need to be slapped by the almighty hands of “Get Into It” for not doing so earlier.

  • Kayy

    Like sex on Christmas morning, Lowd the man is everything. 

  • MAC

    I’m a huge fan of both of you guys so I really hope to see you there tonight!

  • Rosette

    I live for Luke James. Have you heard his other mixtape #luke? I have claimed him as my husband.

  • Josh Sanders

    My mighty fork and knife are poised.  PLEASE post a vid about that concert/smorgasbord/conversion experience.

  • drmsd

    I was thinking about him earlier this week, wondering what he’s up to. I just felt like listening to his mix tape on my way home from work yesterday. Imagine my joy when I saw him with an upload on my YT subscription page AND with more music for me to download!!!!! The radio might not be playing for the next few days (weeks???).

  • Alicia Collins

    Man, I love him. Just a solid singer, damn near flawless. Sounds so good live too!